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  1. They’re going to launch the Manx version on the day the Prom opens.
  2. Joney Faragher is NO-ONE's puppet.
  3. On a side note, that's my son's nickname for me. 'Yeh fucking wankstain." He's a lovely boy.
  4. I know it feels that way to you now, but that's only because you're looking in the wrong place. The majority of people are good at heart and only want the best for themselves and others. Maybe you've just become immersed in the dark stuff and are having trouble seeing the light. Your mental health is your responsibly, Chief and if things are getting to you so much that you want to move then seriously, stop watching the news, reading the papers, going on social media. I promise you it's possible to live in a world of your own creation (with pink fluffy bunny rabbits if that's what turns you on). Give yourself a break from it all before you dip down into that rabbit hole of hopelessness. Nothing is worth that. And, seriously, if you think things are bad here then good luck with a move because these people are everywhere. If your mindset is fixed on seeing them, then trust me, you'll attract just that. See the good. It's out there in spadefuls. You and Boris could do with going on a small retreat.
  5. Yes, I’m aware of that but in this case my friend insists that it’s affecting the cycle of the unvaccinated.
  6. Roxanne

    Good News

    I spent ten minutes on the doorstep telling the Hermes man that I deffo hadn’t ordered them and then the penny dropped.
  7. It’s happening the world over. Heartbreaking tales from USA with patients begging for the vaccine and being told it’s too late. Perhaps the more testimonials from the unvaccinated who are now seriously ill and in hospital will help to turn people’s heads. I have a dear friend who is one of the anti group. She tells me with all seriousness about the magnetism and how, due to the amount of women vaccinated, that the menstrual cycle of the unvaccinated is now all over the place. I don’t challenge her. It’s not worth it. We have however, agreed to talk about anything else in the world except covid so we can carry on being friends. She really believes it all tho. Truly.
  8. Roxanne

    Good News

    I bloody love Manx Forums. Some anonymous lurker who obviously knows who I am IRL, must have seen my post about the coop running out of loo rolls, has sent me this. 48 rolls of EXTRA LONG bamboo toilet paper and every single one will go with my bathroom decor perfectly! You can stick your £10 a roll, bog roll @thommo2010😄
  9. I didn’t think it would be that bad. That was really bad.
  10. Aye. You’re right. Damned your voice of reason. But still…
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