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  1. I laughed, but then I didn’t. This is just bizarre beyond belief.
  2. You have to point it out. If it’s allowed to go unchecked it becomes the norm and they don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. You’re right of course, it should be one of the fundamental parts of any induction course but apparently it’s isn’t. I’m not your ‘love’ or your ‘hon’ or your ‘darlin’, I’m your customer. We’re all becoming so damned passive aggressive that we can’t dare to call people out on stuff or we convince ourselves that we don’t care or it’s not important. We do, and it is. Challenge it. It’s you caring enough about yourself to make a boundary to be addressed the way you want to be. Self care innit
  3. Roxanne

    Legco 2021

    And apart from that, he’s been grounded.
  4. You’re probably the only person who has offered to kneel before him.
  5. I’m not afraid to turn my heating on. I’m just bloody minded and am going to use the wood burner until I find someone to put in a back boiler (why on EARTH we’re we all persuaded to take them out?) and an immersion tank. The day my gas boiler gets taken out I’m going to throw a huge party and you will all be invited. BYOL (logs)
  6. Roxanne

    Legco 2021

    Yes, but we’re not talking about him, we’re talking about Ramseyboi. Again.
  7. Apparently they will lower the prices as soon as the market drops. Apparently it’s already dropped.
  8. That was his modus operandi in being elected wasn’t it? No surprise really.
  9. And, hasn’t he just been in DOI for the last two years? What exactly was his contribution whilst there?
  10. Some people clearly can’t respect the views of others if it doesn’t meet their own. Respect. Use it.
  11. I just wish he wouldn’t take to social media to explain the ins and outs of it all. Its just so damn unprofessional and would have been completely unnecessary if he hadn’t set it all off himself in his ‘unforgivable’ post. Can you imagine Alf Cannon taking to social media to give his personal thoughts - or any of the others? Thank god he didn’t get a senior role - we’d never be done.
  12. And yet he voted for him. He did not, stand by his opinion at the time and he did not, as others did, decline to endorse his appointment. It appears that’s it’s only now, having been passed over that he speaks his mind. Add sour grapes to my previous list. I mean, I know he’s absolutely raging about Julie getting a Ministership but, he’s really gone way beyond today. This is not the behaviour expected of a senior statesperson. I should think Mr Cannan is feeling quite vindicated over the stance he chose.
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