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  1. Just ignore him man. It’s not worth it.
  2. I would respectfully suggest that the one who is actually worthy of pity is the poster who falls for the same bait from the same sweet shit floundering failed troll, time and time again.
  3. I was more thinking about the burnt bodies than the religious connection...
  4. Ever had a drink at Bar George?
  5. Thanks for that. I have to admit that I don’t know the definition of ‘woke’. I’ve seen it used here as an insult. I’m guessing it means people who have woken up to the truth. It seems funny to me that being woke to the truth is used as a term of insult. If I’m right then I guess I’m one of the woke. I might not know the complete truth but I do know that it’s not the bullshit that the population are being fed on a daily basis.
  6. That’s why I live in a little bubble mate. This forum is the only place I get my news and even this is too much for me sometimes. It’s why I hardly comment because by doing so I’m buying into the whole barrel of shite. I look after me, my family, my friends and anyone else that needs looking after and who I have the energy for. By keeping myself away from it all I’m giving myself and others the best chance of being able to help others. I’ve not read a paper for years or watched tv and I’ve got rid of all the radios now too so no news for me. Deluded? Possibly but I’m happy and healthy and grateful for what I’ve got and mentally better than I’ve ever been now I’m away from the whole media circus.
  7. Fair point and it deserves an explanation. In my opinion (and this is based on a life time’s work) both leaders exhibit all the signs and traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). As non disordered individuals we are hard wired to see the best in everyone. This is our natural state. The majority of people don’t see the gaslighting, the word salad, the projection, the normalisation and many other of their NPD traits. Don’t you ever wonder why half the population in the USA can’t see the madness of the man they idolise? They are caught up in a huge Stockholm Syndrome situation where the hostages fall in love with their hostage takers. They can see no wrong, he can do no wrong. Boris may not exhibit the same wild traits as his American counterpart but that’s possibly because the U.K. population are not quite as stoopid as their American counterparts and so the Stockholm Syndrome has not, as yet, occurred. That doesn’t mean however that he’s not a lying cheating incompetent bumbling asshole - and an individual who exhibits every sign and trait of being an abuser. Is that someone you’d like to lead you?
  8. Without wishing to over egg the pudding, they’re miserable. Many of them are isolating in tiny rooms and, as before are in huge halls where, if the others get it could be confined to that room for months. That they have to use communal bathrooms and kitchens means it’s almost certain that others will be infected. That they’ve paid for tuition that now is only going to happen online and the recognition that they could have stayed home and done it from there is another blow and yes, as you’ve pointed out they are also away from their parents, family and friends. Not all of them are boozy party goers. In fact, the majority aren’t. The majority just wanted to move onto the next step of their studies, get their heads down and move on. I don’t know about the situation in England but I can tell you that there are a lot of angry and worried parents in Scotland right now.
  9. Just to point out that by making your observation you are guilty of exactly the same behaviour. Blaming a section of the population (the old people this time) in a somewhat hysterical way for making the rest of us starve. i would wager that very few if any of the old people or the general public are behaving in a way to injure others. In as unique situation such as this no-one actually knows how this whole thing will transpire but there’s always the sneaking suspicion and possibility that it may end very badly indeed. With that, the majority of people are following the rules, following the government, whether they know what they’re doing or not because that’s what we do. For now there is no alternative Be careful with your words. Seriously. This pandemic was an opportunity for the whole world to come together but instead it’s brought about more division than ever. Not just division over Covid but division over just about everything. Setting people against people to, as you have said, to deter them from looking at where the real issue lies i agree entirely with what you say about Johnson. I would extend your diagnosis across the pond too. These characters become the hostage takers (see Stockholm Syndrome in NPD abuse settings) and you may see that a huge percentage of voters are caught up in this ‘hostage’ situation. They are not to be blamed - they are to be educated and supported. Don’t fall into the trap of blaming whole sections of the population. This is exactly what governments and their leaders want. See it for what it is and support your fellow humans, don’t compartmentalise then all. The absolute majority are doing their best - they - like us - just don’t know what the real truth actually is. I wish you a good day.
  10. So they've been used. In both cases as stated by Wrighty and Roger - to build up immunity and to generate income. What a dirty rotten trick. I had a feeling that was the case but couldn't quite let myself believe it. And worse, after being used (manipulated) they're now getting the rough end of the stick from the baying masses.
  11. I wonder if you're right. There was me thinking that all they were doing was making a quick buck. Either way, it's poor.
  12. You're right. There are a lot of worried parents and a lot of worried students too. They're cross as well and I can see why.
  13. There are 600 students across Glasgow, St. Andrews, Dundee and Aberdeen who have currently tested positive (so not quite as low risk as previously thought) and are attempting to isolate in student accommodations of 6/12 other students sharing kitchens and bathrooms. Some of those other students are also testing positive which, in effect, could mean isolation of twenty four weeks for them all. That’s quite something to have to get used to. I spoke with one student today who pays £9200 for tuition over the year and £500 per month for accommodation. There have been no parties for him or for many of the others and his lectures for the foreseeable future are all online. It does rather make you wonder why the U.K. government was so keen to get them all back.
  14. Depending on how high that leg goes up, there should be less chance of flooding in Laxey again, so I'm all for it.
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