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  1. I can't let this go. You really are so very rude sometimes Dilli. Rude and judgemental. Gawd knows we are all judgemental at one level or another, but you are off the scale. You do know that every time you judge someone you are being judged yourself, right? By making up your mind on the spot about anything or anybody just by the way it looks, or talks or dresses you are putting huge limits on yourself ever learning more in order to grow. I know it's driven by fear but truly, what is it you're frightened of. Really? It's OK to change your mind, it's OK to discover things you nev
  2. That would have been us. We used to go to the Villiers if we got finished early (3am) and Collum in the cocktail bar would serve us and then at 4am we'd all trip round to Razzles. Is Steve Paramour Dave's dad?
  3. I was riding my bike to the casino one night and totally missed the stop sign on Somerset Road and drove right over it into the side of Carlo's car. I hit it between the front and back seats it the whole thing spilt completely in two down the middle. Carlo went absolutely berserk shouting and screaming that I'd, "Broken ma fuckin' car!" I was terrified, but when I took my helmet off, and he saw i was a woman he calmed right down, asked did I have insurance, and when I said yes, he said, "It’s only a fuckin car," He rang the caz, told them I wasn't coming in, took me to the sea terminal and f
  4. I used to work at the Casino a million years ago, and we all used to pile into Razzles at 5am for a steak and a bottle of Mateus Rose.
  5. Oh, I think you'll find he did.
  6. The licences will onl be granted to those who can demonstrate their ability to keep your pals well out of the way. Soz.
  7. We’ve already had six months to prepare for another outbreak. It hit us on 31st December.
  8. Wash our hands and get on with it seems to be the only other plan that keeps getting mooted. Like the UK are doing.
  9. Roxanne

    Progress !

    No. When Crooks was open Heather's baps were no more than a tiny nipple.
  10. Yes, but to be fair, it's probably not shagging its girlfriend round her house.
  11. I think he said not on his watch to recreational. This is coming in now. The fields are all ready, and they're ready to go. That it's all for export is a blow for the people who live here who really need it. No doubt we'll have to buy it back at top price,
  12. Roxanne

    Progress !

    There's a Co-op in Glen Vine? I really must work up the courage to leave the house one day.
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