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  1. To get out of it. I thought you’d be a man of principles. Don’t you believe in Justice? Don’t you think the top man should tell the truth to the House and the Nation and don’t you think there should be consequences if he doesn’t? And won’t everyone start behaving badly and blaming the Prime Minister’s example of there are no consequences?
  2. Could be many reasons. Maybe their government health briefings weren’t run by incompetents. We ended up having to organise ourselves. We had an advantage
  3. Oh yes. See, there was so much that we almost became normalised to it - but looking back…
  4. That’s exactly what Boris and his toadies are saying.
  5. No. Which is why Keir Starmer has said he will stand down if it is found he has mislead the House.
  6. The two things are separate. The police do the party stuff The House do the other stuff.
  7. It’s your memory that is short. The whole things was a catalogue of disasters from start to finish -and that was before we knew just a little about what was going on behind the scenes It was the people that got us through. Community and a need to ‘do the right thing’. And the sea around us The Health minister had silenced the top medical person and was taking advice from someone who used to run a bank And then there’s your mate Rachel - oh - Dr Glover to you Do you remember one time when the island was in a panic and the government ‘disappeared’ for a few days? And the announcements at 11.45pm? And the governor mysteriously being at the ‘one of our own’ broadcasts on the same day as the woman being given full publicity about the appalling lack of planning and equipment at Nobles was protesting Just a few ‘incidentals’ about our glorious leaders’ performance, but, no doubt, others will be able to remember more.
  8. He mislead (lied to) the House. This has nothing to do with the Police.
  9. “At the time of the photos only 2 people were allowed to meet indoors - it was the second full lockdown. Boris Johnson told Parliament on 1st Dec 2021, "all guidance was followed completely in No 10." Questions now are: 1) did he mislead MPs? 2) Why didn't police fine him?”
  10. Roxanne

    TT 2022 ??

    Don’t tell him Pike.
  11. I have to nail my colours to the mast here and say that I actually preferred it back then.
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