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  1. Indeed. I don't think it is possible that Dr G made up, lied, embellished, invented any single part of her evidence. As she stated on here she is on the spectrum and individuals with Asperger find it almost impossible to lie - it's just not in their psyche. They tell it like it is, often even when they shouldn't. A spectrum exists of many opposites. At one is the Asperger truth teller who is concerned only with facts, and at the opposite sits the lying, ass-covering, duplicitous, conniving, manipulating, gaslighting, disordered, ego driven individual. I'm not a betting man but
  2. That smile at the end almost makes me want to cry, And then I remember how much money he's getting for doing what he does, badly.
  3. Hat trick! Or not. Who knows.
  4. Wasn't it also Rob C who sent a letter of congratulations to the parents of Dan Kneen a few days after he was killed? There are so many blunders we just become used to them.
  5. Freedom? You seem to spend most of your life posting on MF so I’m delighted to know you’re going to be enjoying your freedom. Will this mean you’ll be posting a lot more infrequently from Monday?
  6. That spot in the road only dries out for two weeks in August, you know.
  7. What a bloody farce. I have no idea who died, who didn’t die, whether it was one or two people who died or didn’t die. No idea who out of the two had an anaphylactic shock either straight away or after and then died or didn’t die. This is not one the finest of days of the Boy Vampire. In fact, recently, his days seem to be going from bad to worse.
  8. That whole interview was insensitive. The entire conversation seemed to be a many pronged effort to distance themselves and the vaccine being the reason for death. There comes a time when evidence should be given. Now is not the time. Maybe he’s just got so used to arse covering with every statement that he just can’t stop. Whatever the reason, I would have preferred 90% sympathy and 10% arse covering - not the other way round.
  9. That’s big of you. Of course I shall answer, but only after you answer mine. It’s only polite.
  10. May I just ask. Are you actually paid by the government to spend a huge portion of your day on MF supporting the government? Or are you just a contrary twat? Either way, you’re consistently consistent.
  11. Doesn't the word, 'emergency' give an indication of, 'urgency'? Aren't we now, hopefully at the end of lockdown and with the acceleration of vaccinations, some way away from the emergency stage? Why are we doing this a year after when we really needed it?
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