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  1. As someone once involved in this bollocks I can tell you that 85% of it is made up. It’s an appalling way to award salaries. No. We’re going with Observer on this one. 😃
  2. You make a good point. If this were adopted the salary for MHK would drop significantly. So low that only people who could afford the drop would put themselves forward. People with (mainly) altruistic reasons. Doing it for the real good. Not for the ego growth. The best MHK’s in right now are the ones who TRULY want to make changes and have plans to achieve them. I think we’ve got a damn good few in that bunch this time round.
  3. Please don’t do this. Removing Greenhow is a huge action for IOMG. Yes, there’s a long way to go, but please can we just bask in the knowledge for a little while longer, that two people with far too much power have been removed from office. You can’t say it will achieve nothing. It’s already achieved a lot.
  4. It was one of the first actions of Minister Crookall - removing the crossing and arranging for signage and new gates. Say what you like but that man inherited a sack full of incompetencies - this was just one of them.
  5. Remarkable but overdue. One thing’s for certain. This would never have happened under Quayle’s watch. Tribunal or no tribunal.
  6. Playing the victim is exactly the sort of behaviour to be expected after their fall from grace. It will be pity party all the way from now on.
  7. I’m not on Facebook but the last time I heard, the GMP seemed to be fully behind him. Did this change after the results of the tribunal were presented?
  8. If that is an accurate representation of his post then that’s highly unprofessional - and crass.
  9. I think my family, friends and MF have already gone through enough.
  10. He can’t apologise Roger. Individuals like Ashford are unable to say sorry. You know that. He’s never been able to take accountability for anything. It was always the big boys and girls what did it.
  11. Thank you. I’d also like to thank my family, my friends and MF, all of whom have been (almost) unstinting in their support. 😊
  12. I walked past there yesterday. It’s now knee high. It looks absolutely bloody awful. I had no idea it was like that on purpose. I just assumed it was the same slackness like the rest of the prom. If it’s a ‘wild meadow’ then it’s not working and a wild meadow has no place in a city centre. Anyone coming off the boat is going to wonder what uncared for hell hole they’ve arrived in. Get it cut FFS.
  13. The best thing about this news is that it didn’t happen under David Christian’s watch. Dirty Stinking City of Douglas.
  14. Roxanne

    Firm closing

    He was indeed. I can still feel his fingers in my palm as he gave me my change.
  15. Roxanne

    Firm closing

    I do hope it reopens as a nightclub. I can just see Cleveland taking the young ladies coats and giving them a ticket in exchange. While smiling.
  16. Perhaps that is what the police were investigating? Perhaps their response was about that very thing? You know, a smear campaign can be terribly damaging, mainly because the perpetrators are so good at targeting any weakness in the victim. On the face of it, any retaliation seems a madness, a fantasy, to those looking on That’s why smear campaigns are so insidious. Everyone else does the dirty work for them. I prefer to look outside the box and frankly, nothing would surprise me after what has happened over the last two years. So I keep an open mind.
  17. Because I can’t believe that someone in her position would lie about something like that. It would be personal and professional suicide to do so.
  18. Just remind me again who was in charge of this absolute attempted cover up? He’s going to go. It’s just a question of when. Like Trump, his fingers will have to be prised off the door handles, but he’s going to go. Same modus operandi. Same tactics. Same personality. Same delusion.
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