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  1. I’m hearing the judge In ‘Not the Nine O’clock News’. A Digital Watch?
  2. Roxanne

    Sure vs MT

    Is it truly unlimited with Sure? MT say theirs is but it has a monthly cap on it. Your get around sounds like a great idea and more enticing than the £56 a month I now pay with MT for WiFi. Can you watch videos and stuff at those speeds?
  3. I had absolutely no idea about this! Thanks both. I shall investigate this immediately.
  4. I think I know the answer to this but is there anywhere I can pay in a cheque today at IOM bank? Did they still open Saturday morning? TIA.
  5. I think the deeper possibility is should that ever happen, a new, more virulent mutation, or another after that, there may be no life to go back to. Should the vaccines become ineffective against a mutation, and with the only other avenue being permanent lockdown, it won’t be soon before society falls apart. It’s the question no-one wants to discuss - although I do remember @wrighty giving a very good explanation of why this wouldn’t be possible - but really, none of us know what’s ahead. It’s the elephant in the room. I’m not saying I believe this will happen and I agree whol
  6. I can’t listen. I just can’t. When it happened, within twelve hours he’d ‘perfected’ his story to make it sound almost plausible even though everyone knew it was bollocks. Make no mistake, this is a very skilled man at his craft (which is rising to the top in any way possible), regardless of who gets battered along the way Yesterday, or the day before, we listened as he gave evidence to the PAC. Evidence that was untrue, on many levels, and one particular level potentially dangerous. for a Minister, who’s job is to oversee, not to play to the gallery and pretend he has enoug
  7. Off topic, but are you my brother? He’s just bloody like you. 😂
  8. I think because the works began with no consultation, announcement or planning permission. When heavy machinery moves in on your road and starts removing hedges without explanation anyone is bound to get a bit twitchy. As it happens, they didn't need planning permission but a local announcement might have helped them in their PR. Anyhoo, it seems to be going ahead and anything SC does to protect the valley is good in my bewk.
  9. Stewart Clague is Ballannette Trust. Take some wildflower seeds when you go Doc. He's hoping people will come with seeds to fill up the meadow.
  10. It seems that with every inquiry the recurrent theme is the utter frustration felt by those trying to get information from the government and having to wait while it goes from one channel to another with endless time wasted waiting for some kind of reply from anyone anywhere. This is our government system. It's the system that lets us all down.
  11. I remember the days when he posted on here and was totally ripped to pieces with every post he made. Everything he shouldn't have said he did say and he made it worse for himself every single time. A bit like Dilli (where is Dilli?) Now he's in the Cabinet. I hope he's learned a bit more since those old MF days. It's terrifying when you think about it.
  12. Do you think calling COMIN, COMEN was a mistake? I bet it wasn't.
  13. That’s the fella, and yes, there was a reason for that.
  14. There was also an ex teacher as Minister of Education. I can’t remember his name. Tall chap, but of a Munster look about him. It was thought that as an ex teacher he would have a good handle on things but frankly, it didn’t go so well. He was good at his job but the background he brought with him worked more against than for. It seemed that after that they had a change of heart re previous experience and Ministerial positions.
  15. And if anyone has any ideas, any knowledge, or wisdom, then please pass it on. To make matters worse, her father is ill and is going to hospital in the U.K. She needs to come home.
  16. My friend, who went out to India, with her young daughter late 2019 to teach English for a few months, is still stuck there. Every flight she books is cancelled and many other U.K. citizens are having to travel back via Mexico, an expense she cannot afford given that she will also have to isolate in a U.K. hotel when and if she finally gets there at a cost of 2k for them both. I spoke to her yesterday and things are pretty bleak. They are isolating all day in tremendous heat but can go out at night for exercise. She just doesn’t know what to do and thinks she may just have to sit it out
  17. I’m planning an awesome summer anyway. With or without pulling fingers out.
  18. I know this isn’t the place but I have mislaid my appt for my 2nd appt. would someone give me a heads up of who to call? Thank you.
  19. During the flood he saw me struggling back from the coop with supplies, and he offered to carry them the last twenty metres back to my home.
  20. That’s about the only way to do it. With the rhizomes going 3 metres down and 7 metres across and with it only needing 1mm of rhizome to make a new plant, digging it through is pretty pointless. Even the strongest weed killer won’t go far enough down to kill it. If it’s rampant, then use a blowtorch to take it down the ground level and then after that, as @NoTailsays, regularly pinching it all out is the only way. It grows 10 cm a day so you’ve got to be diligent. (and determined!)
  21. I’m only hanging around to see if Grenaby comes up.
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