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  1. To be fair, they'd have to call it an Egg McMuffin because I couldn't see anyone buying it if it was just called a Mc. How would you even order that? It would just be weird.
  2. Roxanne

    Firm closing

    Sad news. Nice big place for an ice cream shop with factory behind tho...
  3. No way. That was a sea bass. I'd lay one million pounds on it.
  4. MrsTrellis from North Wales once commented that since I'd gone travelling I'd gone all 'European' because I talked about kilometres instead of miles. 😀 I miss her.
  5. I meant mm. This is why I don't do woodwork.
  6. That's weird. They were here on Tuesday taking a tree down and making good. And they're currently all parked up the road finishing off some work on the river that has to be completed by tomorrow when the river work permit runs out. Should I run along the road and tell them that a man on the internet says they shouldn't have anything to do with it?
  7. I've been made sand bag monitor. Two pallets. I'v never felt so important in my whole life. Glen Road is holding well. The river is extremely full and extreme fast but apart from rainfall, no water on the road - which just goes to show what happens when some doofus doesn't leave a hole in a flood defence when a weather warning is in place. Minorca Hill and Beach Hill has a lot of run off but it's running off exactly where it should - into the drains and back into the river - The Shore hotel must be delighted as it's normally the first place to get hit. There's about 700cm gap between the top of the river and the bottom of the new bridge. High tide is in an hour so we hall see what happens but lets hope it all makes it way through, No debris whatsoever coming down the river which is a huge change from previous heavy rainfalls. So, you can stand down Phantom I think I got this. 564606910_IMG_80102.mov
  8. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m only passing on what I heard. Although I may have imagined some of it. Or even made it up. I do that sometimes. The 1/3rd bit was true tho.
  9. Just reported on radio 4 that U.K. infections are up by 1/3 this week. No one seems to know why.
  10. Let me help. I wear a nice suit and I look clean and tidy but I’m not nearly as smart as I try to project and I haven’t got a bloody clue about any of the stuff I’ve been thrown into. It’s nothing like helping people with lost wheelie bins or dog shit. The LAST thing anyone promoted to an integral post like this is to talk about ‘steep learning curves’. All is does is show the electorate that you’re way in over your depth. And he is. Bless.
  11. I don’t want to be in their gang. I’d rather have the side effects.
  12. Yes, but what were the skirting boards like? Good quality or MDF?
  13. Probably for the best. Leave the canoe at home. It will only end up in Windermere.
  14. Thanks, that's more reassuring. I'd rather it was high during day light. And when it swings west after on Friday it will go over the top and the lower reaches will be more sheltered. Got to be fair to Careys, they've done a lot of work last year and this. Still more to go but what they've done they seem to have done well. The drains all along the Valley and Minorca Hill are mighty.
  15. Thank you. I'm not fan of the 03.15, it has to be said.
  16. Erm.. less of the ‘also’, thanks.
  17. South wind too - so on shore - pushing it nicely to toward the bridge. A lot of work has been done. This is its first outing. Lets hope it all works together. What time is the Saturday morning tide Andy?
  18. Mate. If you’re going to be a dick then just own it.
  19. Nail on the head. Both @Newsdeskand @offshoremanxmanare here for the same reason - to inflame and further devalue Dr Glover. It’s almost as if they’re on the government shill list - or maybe they just hate intelligent woman - or maybe they just hate women. Either way - it’s wrong.
  20. That’s how it goes for most. Be grateful you don’t understand. It means you’ve never been caught up in it. At the same time, try and see it in a compassionate light. Be kind.
  21. She was a victim. A victim of a nasty smear campaign. When victims are in the middle of it and feel unheard, many of them try to explain and explain hoping someone will ‘see’ them. It’s exactly how their abusers want them to behave. It’s so they can say, look, I told you she/ he was bat shit crazy. Most people could see what was going on, but I get that you were not one of them. It takes insight.
  22. They asked for 100% deposit up front well in advance of dates. This is a change from previous practice. Triskel Promotions are too small a venture to be able to commit to that and as a result have announced they are stepping away from promoting music events in the future. Damn shame. Good company, lovely man at the helm and a lot of gigs organised over the years. I guess IOM government prefer larger off island organisations. Where you can.
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