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  1. Not to mention their grass habit...
  2. There’s not one person who has worked in government who doesn’t know his name - and for all the wrong reasons too.
  3. I think I preferred with the bubble wrap on.
  4. He’s got one of my votes. We had a lovely chat this morning and there’s nothing about him that worries me with regard to him doing a good job. He’s also not a fan of arseholes. Which is nice.
  5. And yet, you just couldn’t help yourself, could you.
  6. The 'bulge' might indicate a saxophone so you could be right.
  7. My god that was a good read. 100% on the button there RM.
  8. But then - look at Julie Edge and Rob Callister - it’s an embarrassment.
  9. This may end very badly for him. Someone is pulling his strings and they have both perhaps misjudged that things are different now. I too, would like him to consolidate his legacy but I fear he may end up a laughing stock. I do hope not.
  10. I'm imagining JPW and Uncle Stu getting in. It will be like Hyacinth and Winslow.
  11. Do you think you could forge a good working relationship with her K?
  12. Why shouldn't you? You've paid tax toward places you seldom visit haven't you? Lots of it I would imagine. This would be just the same. You're not one of those that goes out for a meal with a large group and calculates their own bill are you? That might explain it.
  13. With him and a few others,- Willers included - this is probably one of the most 'interesting' elections to come along for quite some time and or a variety of reasons. PS. I don't know who writes Fear and Loathing - but I'm loving it.
  14. That doesn't mean he's not a victim of "Stockholm syndrome". Mr Willers does appear to be able to get people do some rather bizarre things on his behalf.
  15. I think you'll find that the majority of them manage just fine all on their own.
  16. Same in the 'Village Square" in Laxey. Looks as though the painters have been in and forgotten to clean up after. Nasty, horrible stuff and a disgrace to import it from China when our whole Island is built on a bedrock of superior, hard wearing stone.
  17. Yeah. Genuinely nice people often do.
  18. Naa. That’s Karl, all on his own. He’s a good fella doing his best and doing better than a lot of them are.
  19. Roxanne

    Manx Care

    So, you think he's a liar then?
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