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  1. D’y’reckon? 😂
  2. And yet he voted for him. He did not, stand by his opinion at the time and he did not, as others did, decline to endorse his appointment. It appears that’s it’s only now, having been passed over that he speaks his mind. Add sour grapes to my previous list. I mean, I know he’s absolutely raging about Julie getting a Ministership but, he’s really gone way beyond today. This is not the behaviour expected of a senior statesperson. I should think Mr Cannan is feeling quite vindicated over the stance he chose.
  3. And, as if by magic, should a hint of investigative journalism take place, the journalist is swiftly made an offer he/she cannot understand and disappears - in a puff! Now, THAT’s magic!
  4. Hugely cringeworthy. Highly unprofessional. Horribly duplicitous I truly can’t see why he was passed over for one of the top roles. It’s a mystery.
  5. Ah. Beyond my knowledge. As you were. 😊
  6. I’m awfully interested to know… Are you delighted that your colleague Ms Julie Edge has been given a Ministerial position in education and are you dreadfully disappointed that you haven’t?
  7. He needs flushing out. There’s no government job for managing wheelie bins and dog shit. Give him something to really get his teeth into and let the electorate see him at his ‘best’.
  8. Is he still going and grumbling? His visage reminded me of Deputy Dawg.
  9. Did it tho? Did it really? The letter shredder is now in charge of more bits of paper than he’ll know what to do with.
  10. As much as I would like to see a genuine, objective enquiry, my mind is cast back to the advocate brought in to give advice on class action following the floods in 2019. I paraphrase but you’ll get the gist. “There hasn’t been one single inquiry commissioned by the government that hasn’t been a whitewash.” I have no reason to believe that this would result in any other decision.
  11. I used to love ‘playing the market’ with mine when I was in a permanent state of travel. I’m all grown up now and play with Crypto. 😅
  12. A dinner party at 5.30? In Peel we call that ‘tea’. See you later for crabbiness and exclamation marks aplenty!
  13. Check out Revolute. You can load it up before you go and also while your away by using their app. Cards are accepted just about everywhere.
  14. You told Vader he was wrong? Some cojones on you gal. 😂
  15. I should think that, for Mr Callister, any job that requires more effort, intelligence and accountability than talking with Onchan residents about wheelie bins and dog shit would have him quaking in his boots.
  16. Says someone who’s about to leave on a boat in the morning and who has an extremely crabby attitude.
  17. I have to ask… what on earth did you do to get banned?
  18. I agree. They way they walked in together at yesterday’s briefing long before anyone else was both cringeworthy, and slightly creepy (in a Bella Lugosi kind of way)
  19. I don’t think so. I think he was chosen to sort out the mess that is hemp growing, CBD regulation, medicinal cannabis and decriminalisation of cannabis. All of which are worth a fortune to the Island.
  20. I think you’re being very unfair. A cheap shot even.
  21. Tim Crookall - after slight hesitation - “Do you think you’ll do a better job than your predecessor in DOI?” - “Yes.” 😊
  22. I’m surprised you don’t already know.
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