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  1. Jesus Mary Joseph and the wee donkey. Thank god he’s an expert in everything he turns his hand to. Except accountability, of course.
  2. Be fair mate, they were only appointed two hours ago.
  3. Honestly speaking, there really is nowhere he has the ability to cope with - or them with him.
  4. It’s been a part of culture for millennia. (If you don’t like it fuck off). Luckily they are in the minority - for now.
  5. Ha ha, really? The equipment story came from Manx Radio. Its all a pile of bollocks isn’t it.
  6. I can’t think of a kid in my road who doesn’t have it or has had it. All of them with mild symptoms luckily.
  7. Not covid driven apparently. The official reason is that new equipment was to be installed in operating theatres.
  8. Football fans bring HIV infected syringes to throw at football matches and you are glad they are not politically correct? Kill me now.
  9. Is that what they say at football matches now? I’m going to throw acid over you? And that’s banter is it? Have you considered that is the reason why we have to have these barmy rules and laws now? Because some dickheads think it’s banter? Sheesh.
  10. It is often all about context. It’s one thing saying to a dear friend after a couple of gins “you’re nothing but a dirty fucking faggot”, and quite another for a gang of drunken thugs chasing a single man while shouting, “You’re nothing but a dirty fucking faggot!” I’m not surprised that some people are confused. See above for confirmation ⬆️
  11. I agree with both of you. There’s a female labour MP in the U.K. who today was found guilty of harassment toward her ex female lover who had begun a relationship with another woman. The Mp sent naked pictures to the ex lover’s parents. It was also stated that she threatened to throw acid over her ex lover. Is that a hate crime? Or just old fashioned harassment? The MP hasn’t been sentenced yet but apparently has refused to resign.
  12. Jeez, this is so very depressing. All of it. 😔
  13. You’re a bad woman. I’m not sure the appointment of Cannan is going to be good for the Island. Time will tell but he’s too much like the other one for my liking.
  14. I have a feeling he’ll be keeping his head down too. No farewell speeches or fancy dinners for him. Off to bed early with no supper would be my guess.
  15. Yes yes, but none of that matters when there’s money to be made.
  16. Like I said, people are fickle.
  17. Cant wait to see how he squirms his way out of this.
  18. I would imagine that Dr Allinson being head of MUA during the floods and head of education during a global pandemic had really put his head on the block. Like some his former colleagues, he paid the price for being the front face of two huge institutions. Unlike his former colleagues, he held his own enough to still be elected once more. Treasury minister isn’t quite so visible. Possibly the GMP thought him a good man for making sure we had enough money to get through the pandemic and pay people who weren’t able to work. If he’d headed up both MUA and education then who knows, perhaps his votes may also dropped. Lucky for him he was able to hide away doing sums instead. Only a guess. Who knows. People are very fickle you know.
  19. BO is worse. There’s a young lad works in the local coop and when you go in the whole shop smells of him. It’s bloody awful. Years ago I worked with a woman who also permanently stank. All the usual passive aggressive comments fell on deaf ears and so being the tactful soul that I am, the job was given to me directly. In the end I just handed her a spray deodorant and said, “Use this, you stink.” Sometimes there’s no other way to do it. I use neither perfume or deodorant. I prefer natural. However, I am a fan of soap and water.
  20. I thought the interviewer made some very valid points during Cannan’s monologues. Trying somewhat desperately (granted) to bring him back to the question. To me Cannan sounded like a British MP and hardly ever answered the question that was asked of him Wouldn't you expect a good interviewer to get him to focus on the question rather than a prepared speech about something else?
  21. I think the most important difference between the two candidates (apart from one of them appearing to be bombastic in approach) is that Dr Allison is progressive. He really does want to see parliamentary change. He also has a proven track record in effecting change. Everything on his manifesto for MHK he has delivered on. Has Alf? Mr Cannan is just more of the same old same old. Another Howard Quayle only in black shoes.
  22. Yes, could see why that might make him less appealing as a CM. I listened to most of the debate yesterday on MR and the one huge takeaway was that Dr Allison allowed the interviewer to interject with questions and these questions were listened to and answered. Mr Cannan however barged through every question, raising his voice over the interviewer’s interjections to continue on his trajectory, not once coming back to the supplementary questions. This despite him stating numerous times that what was required in a CM was to be a listener. If that is his common practice then it doesn’t bode well for the future.
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