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  1. I wonder if Gef will be making new swimsuits…
  2. I’m don’t think the new ones would vote for it. The old boys’ club, maybe.
  3. Is this what it’s like over there? Bloody hell.
  4. I still blame the shoes. They were the equivalent of pot being a gateway drug.
  5. I feel like I just got the runner up prize. 😭
  6. As soon as any mother says, “My poor son”, you just know he’s a wrong ‘un.
  7. Nice. It’s a beautiful day for a trip home in your lovely new car. Enjoy.
  8. Was it the yellow shoes that gave it away?
  9. He was in charge of it you doofus.
  10. Anywhere else but here, yes, I think it would make perfect sense.
  11. I can’t believe you two are fighting over prayers and I’m talking about drugs and extortion.
  12. Decriminalise it. We’re short of money. Not enough tourists come here Decriminalise it and put the money saved into tourism and leisure so everyone wins. I’m not saying I’d like it to happen but, as a business woman, I can see an extremely lucrative money making opportunity. ”Not on my watch”. He’s not in charge now. 😊
  13. Call me cynical but he’s never mentioned it before. Not once. It’s made me wonder if the new flurry of the elected,whose manifestos have paid great attention to the housing crisis has stimulated him somewhat and perhaps he wants to ride on their coat tails and perhaps take more of the credit than he deserves. But no, I’m sure he wouldn’t do something like that, would he?
  14. I wonder, were they escorted there under guard of a police escort? Or is that delight only reserved for bona fide residents returning home?
  15. Fuck off. Do your own dirty work, slacker.
  16. You didn’t google very far. Top answer..
  17. Roxanne

    Prog Rock

    We said we would never speak of that again Bees.
  18. I think she’s make a good CM. My only reservation is that she’s had quite an easy life and has never experienced life from the perspective of those who struggle (or cut holes in their floorboards to let the heat go upstairs). Lets see what happens
  19. Roxanne

    Prog Rock

    Nice. I missed the last one but will make it to this. I shall be the one throwing knickers at you.
  20. Circular metal staircase mate. I burnt the wooden stairs years ago. 😀
  21. One of the happiest moments of my life was finding out that Facebook, WhatsApp and IG was down yesterday and I didn’t know anything about it.
  22. I’m not looking forward to the price hike. I’m lucky and live in a very small house. In summer my bills are no more than £27 and in winter they can be as high as £140. As it’s the central hearing that’s costing the most I’m spending from now on making the house as draught free as possible. My plan is to make up whatever percentage rise it ends up being by dropping the thermostat and reducing the hours the heating is on. I’ve got an old Coalbrookedale burner that keeps most of downstairs toastie warm and I’ve cut some holes in the ceiling (proper like) to allow the heat to go upstairs into the bedroom. Fuck ‘em. Fuck ‘em all.
  23. On a point of order. I think Sawbones are on their third recording. I’ve already got two.
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