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  1. I thought that came from Bolivia? 😀
  2. Why would you use language of ‘fools’? Why are you so judgemental and scathing about something you don’t have to join in with? Let them get on with it and you get in with your wholesome retirement. You may talk the talk but you’re not walking the walk. You sound like a righteous angry person right now. Eat more bread FFS.
  3. Did you just come on here to vent PK? You seem to be very angry about issues that no one is forcing you to support. You must be knackered mate.
  4. If I was his boss and wanted to give him a chance to show what he’s made of, I’d give him the DOI. It’s the only thing he doesn’t talk about so the whole concept obviously terrifies him. I’d like to see him walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.
  5. And she’d ROCK the suits! Best publicity/tourist/world market opportunity ever. Has she got it tho? Who’s heard her speak? Does she hold command?
  6. Yes. Indeed. I didn’t want you to get in Stu. I wanted SuperHans. But now you’re in can see how, if in a suitable roll, that this could bring out the best in you - and you have a lot of energy to give. I just hope that’s it’s the positive energy that you share with the GMP and that you don’t create ‘grumpy old man I can say what I like when I like’ negative energy. One’s good for you (and us) and the other, not so much. Its good luck from me.
  7. This is something that I believe Stu would be really good at.
  8. On a point or order Sir, just because I said Rushen had had a lucky escape with one candidate doesn't mean I think the other is a lucky catch.
  9. Roxanne

    Manx Care

    This sounds very Trumpish.
  10. He didn't. Did he? Really? Oh gawd.
  11. Harsh or realistic? Being a politician requires a thick skin. Look at the amount of personal criticism and abuse thrown at Tim Baker (for example). Could you imagine him writing a piece like this? No. You take it on the chin and move on. Foot stamping, sarcastic comments, insulting the electorate and playing victim is kept for indoors while outside a calm professional demeanour is required.
  12. No. he's standing for one of the highest positions on the Island. He should remain professional at all times, even in defeat. His diatribe smacks of 'poor me' and shows exactly what sort of moral fibre he's made up of. Rushen has had lucky escape.
  13. Well yes, that was always on the cards...
  14. Have you had some life changing event that you haven't shared with us? I've agreed with every post you've made today and it feels somewhat unsettling.
  15. It's poor reflection on Howard Quayle as Chief Minister that so many of his team failed abysmally at the polls. He was the head man and it was up to him to cultivate a cohesive and supported team but instead it felt more like every man for themselves - with the chief protagonist being the Chief Minister himself. What an appalling legacy as a leader.
  16. No, they were too busy oiling the virgin.
  17. He tried his best last time. If only it hasn’t been for those pesky commissioners…
  18. It just substantiated how poorly qualified he was to be elected in the first place. His gender has bugger all to do with it. And ever single candidate was knackered so that is also a poor excuse.
  19. At least he didn't cry. Unlike someone else I could mention...
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