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  1. You seem to know a lot more than is in the public domain. And yet you had to look up Rachel Glover? Hmmm...
  2. Psst... I think we’ve just found our man. Or woman.
  3. Yes, you're right. I have a vested interest. I'm a traffic warden. And so is my wife.
  4. Bollocks. It's a job for men and women who are prepared to take on an arduous job to bring home a salary despite being hated and ridiculed by some people who think it's funny to do so. There's no 'small' about that.
  5. I'm not likening HQ to Trump as that would be a step too far but here we have a microcosm of a situation not so far removed where the leader of a country surrounds himself with those who share the same opinion and anyone who may be able to contribute with an alternative point of view is ignored and ostracised. She's not the only one this has happened to is she? Isn't the object of any major decision that affects the population best achieved after consultation with as many experts as possible? (not including all the ones on here of course - that really would be a step too far)
  6. Does it matter? Perhaps the most important thing is that she is challenging the status quo - and not many do - not publicly and under their own name anyway.
  7. And please don’t forget, she’s a woman.
  8. This is extremely unfair toward the CM. He did actually state that he would listen to her opinion. If it agreed with his.
  9. And commissioners’ houses too don’t forget. Every renovation requires a change over to gas. I think it very naive to believe there isn’t a higher agenda somewhere in all of this.
  10. And, cross referencing to the Mental Health thread, there’s another way in which we’re storing up huge future demands on the mental health service.
  11. I think this is exactly the issue we have today. Yes, we may have lived through these times but we were not subjected to 24 hour news rolling about them. We were not subjected to forums, and social media pages with argument and counter argument. This all has an effect on the human psyche. It’s the reason I gave it all up - for my own mental health. The young are subjected to it in all sides. The pressure of education, the need to ‘succeed’, the never feeling good enough. The pressure of looking good, of looking their best, the competition between them all to have the best, to be the best. That has a cumulative effect on the young and now, thanks to smart phones it’s never ending.
  12. I’m all for helping everyone but with any personality disorder there has to be a huge amount of self awareness in order for any therapy to succeed. These disordered individuals carry so much shame from childhood that it’s almost impossible for them to effect any kind of change as they are unable to look beyond the masks they create in order to function. I’m not surprised many health professionals are questioning the benefits of this. And yes, the whole subject of Cluster B disorders is indeed fascinating and one I have a particular interest in. Fascinating that is, until you find yourself waking up with one.
  13. It’s just that kind of comment that adds to the huge suicide rate in the young. If you don’t understand then educate yourselves. This isn’t a them and us situation, this is about all of us caring for each other. The last thing the world needs is more division.
  14. I disagree. I would say that there is far more stress related and anxiety issues now, especially in the young. The stresses they are under to conform and to perform, in the main due to social media and peer pressure are enormous. They may be more emotionally literate than their elders but they have few mechanisms in place to deal with stressors. I think if you spoke to educational establishments they would tell you that anxiety disorders are far higher than they have ever been.
  15. What? Psychopathy and personality disorders (Cluster B) are not treatable. In some (rare) cases where Cluster B disordered individuals are able to experience some self awareness, it is possible for them to recognise their traits and with a degree of self control moderate themselves, but, as I said, these cases are very rare, even less so with psychopathy. What on earth are they doing to 'treat' them?
  16. The Laxey flood of last year was another. Recommendations from the 2015 flood report were given lip service and little else. The ARUP report of this year had its conclusion redacted. They did mention that lack of maintenance and the big hole in the wall left by the contractors were contributory factors but without a conclusion there were no lessons to be learned from (for once). As with the 2015 flood where, had the bus been full of children the story would have been very different, in the October 2019 flood, there was also a lucky escape. Houses were flooded to a height of 1.8 metres but had there been a full tide at the height of the flood the whole of Lower Laxey would have been cut off and the only way for the water to go was up. There would have been considerable loss of life that day and the government knew it. That’s why the helicopters were sent in. Again, ‘lucky’ for the government and the residents that the tide was on the turn If our tiny Island were run by a professional agency they would be called to book and fired. In any other job where errors of this magnitude were made, people would be fired and would be so ashamed they would find it hard to walk the streets where they live Here we put their faces on swimsuits and give them funny names and say what jolly good chaps they all are. We laugh about their ineptitude but the laugh is on us because our only option is to wait five years and vote in someone else and they come in full of good intentions and soon they get pulled into the huge corrupt mess that is IOM government and so it goes on, and fucking on.
  17. Why not indeed. Something very strange is going on. And it’s not Covid.
  18. Roxanne

    Prog Rock

    I’m loving that video! Nice job Mr Wright. If anyone’s going Saturday night then drop me a message so I can tag along. Thank you.
  19. Not unless you relied on the income generated twice a year by thousands of visiting motorcyclists of course. Then the evidence is mysteriously missing.
  20. Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.
  21. One of my very favourite songs from my very favourite albums. Cheers ATP.
  22. I'm quite reeling from the thought of living somewhere where the people trust their government. I can't even imagine what that must feel like. The Swedish health minister on radio four Sunday afternoon said that it will be impossible to truly evaluate their experiment for at least two years. They have to see how everything pans out. It was a brave move and one the whole world can look upon as an experiment for the future.
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