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  1. Woody’s been busy: https://youtu.be/9DdisOalDrE
  2. What’s the brekshit-loon spin on the Chagos Islands? Is that the EU’s fault too? Or would they rather not talk right now? No doubt they’ll be back when Sir Nigel Fraud gets back on the gravy train. Talking of Sir Nigel Fraud, why was he absent from work in November when the EU Parliament was voting on tariffs to protect European steel manufacturers from Chinese dumping? I know he couldn’t give a shit about the interests of British Steel workers (or fishermen for that matter), that’s why he’s almost never at work, but what shifty business was he up to instead? Meeting Assange? Campaigning for some paedo American judge? Planning to stiff UTHIK? Flogging selfies to the gullible? Moonlighting on the radio?
  3. Industries like steel (and agriculture) are strategically as well as economically important. The rest of the EU wanted tariffs on steel but Osbourne and Cameron were so in awe of China they vetoed it. With very poor chances of the U.K. demanding protection for its steel industry if it leaves the EU, and finds itself weak, lonely and scratching round looking for deals, it was quite predictable that British Steel would fold. The brekshit loons will no doubt be along soon to tell us it’s ‘project fear’, ‘a punishment from the EU’ or some Muslim conspiracy though. While the real info-warriors are working out some outlandish explanation, why not enjoy a ‘based’ economist outsmarting Bernie ‘King of the Snowflakes’ Sanders:
  4. What’s the brexshit-loon spin on British Steel? Who are they blaming; the EU, the BBC, muslims, or someone new?
  5. Got to say, in this age of politicians where a brexit nut eggs fellow brexit nut Corbyn and gets 28 days, or thinking of the reactions of the various nazis and fellow travellers who’ve been egged and shaked recently, you’ve got to tip your hat to dignified Arnie who got drop-kicked whilst attending a charity event: Update: A lot of you have asked, but I’m not pressing charges. I hope this was a wake-up call, and he gets his life on the right track. But I’m moving on and I’d rather focus on the thousands of great athletes I met at @ArnoldSports Africa.
  6. Thinking of the 80s, I think one or two places might have required a one day ‘club membership’, which usually cost you a signature (never your real name, just in case there was fisticuffs - which there often was back then) and an extra quid. A few hotel basement clubs were like that, and maybe Whispers?
  7. If you ever go to Belgium, especially Brussels, you are in for a treat. Forget the sprouts. The various beers (Trappist, Lambic, wheat beers, lagers, red ales & stouts) waffles, mussels, steak-frites, white sausage, black pudding, grey shrimps, waterzooi, stoemp, rabbit & prunes, meatballs & cherries, eels, and of course their chocolate and pastries will be a real education for you.
  8. I’m neither saying that everyone who shares anti 5G posts is mental, nor am I expecting them to have functioning brains. I’m simply asking if anyone on mf has an informed opinion on 5G.
  9. I said 90% based on a ‘cursory look’. I was hoping to find out if there were other voices, eg; scientific evidence or even non-conclusive information on the concerns of reputable NGOs. I’m not of the opinion that anyone with concerns about 5G is mental -just that most of those on fb who I have seen going on about it seem to know very little about it beyond pushing dodgy science from alt-right conspiracy bots.
  10. Seen a bit of anti-5G info on fb with links to various anti-5G groups. Cursory look at the profiles of members reveals 90% are also anti-vaxxers who believe cannabis cures everything, the EU is run by the illuminati, the moon-landings were faked, 9/11 was an inside job, etc, etc. Are there any sane, non-drug-addled voices raising serious concerns about 5G?
  11. Rog hates Britain. Ask him what he thinks of the perpetrators of this hotel bombing: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_David_Hotel_bombing
  12. Éire means ‘Ireland’. It’s usage dates from when the Republic’s constitution didn’t recognise the right of Northern Ireland to exist. The Republic of Ireland’s constitution dropped the claim over NI as part of the GFA. Rog defends the terrorist murder of British soldiers again and again, and hates the peace process in Ireland. He is an ignorant, anti-British troll.
  13. On other threads you defend terrorist murders of British soldiers and claim the Middle East as your homeland, and now you’re lying through your teeth to claim your obvious ignorance of spelling carried some subtle point. You really are a thick and nasty troll.
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