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  1. I wouldn’t include Martin. I was thinking of ones that direct banks, insurance companies, hedge-funds, property investment firms, brokerages, payment system companies, mines, chemical companies, media groups, etc.
  2. That’s the very least of my concerns, I think I can afford EU health insurance for short trips. I’m worried about the financial elite getting out of paying their share of tax to fund social commitments like state pensions, social services, schools, roads and the NHS. I don’t think they’re genuine xenophobes as most, if not all of them are very cosmopolitan and have dual nationality, overseas companies, properties and bank accounts - but they’re smart enough to know that they can play the bigots to get what they want. Farage for instance clearly laughs his socks off every time he meets salt of the earth brexit loons.
  3. The problem with any trade agreement, even one that does not require membership of a trading bloc is that it will nearly always require the U.K. to legislate in accordance with the agreement. If the U.K. were to be in the situation of having to accept an FTA with the US then there would be an avalanche of legislation to rush through on everything from privatising medicine to lowering food standards. We have some idea of how a US trade deal would impact on sovereignty, and that’s why we’d like to know what particular bits of EU derived legislation (or, even just one bit) it is that you don’t like and think brexit would allow the U.K. to change.
  4. So it was all an EU plot - they planted those people who are angry about him using them, their businesses and careers and those of their colleagues as bargaining chips? I suppose the evil EUSSR banned the legions of brexit supporting Brits working in Europe from showing Johnson their support?
  5. Typical Woody whataboutery. No one is saying that Johnson doesn’t look fractionally less pathetic when you consider what a whopper Nick Clegg was, what a vainglorious, godbothering psychopath Tony Blair was, what a miserable chump Gordon Brown was and what an absolute roaster Jeremy Corbyn is. Johnson is still a huge embarrassment. Of all the duffers to lead Britain I can’t think of one sadder than this current buffoon- one minute acting the hard man as if he was facing down a nine year old on the rugby pitch and the next hiding from a handful of protesters.
  6. Anyone remember that time the Incredible Hulk got booed by people pissed off with his mendacious behaviour so he hid inside and refused to come out?
  7. Woody, you’re just avoiding the question- understandable as you can’t answer it, but ok, let’s revisit your gibberish then; What is my “first on the list ...”? I didn’t have a first, second or third on the yellowhammer research. What on Earth were you trying to say?
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/iain-duncan-smith-caught-commons-19428464.amp
  9. It’s a Daily Mail article. Authenticity isn’t a concern, just selling copy to the credulous. Here’s a link with some of their dafter stories over the years (you and Woody will probably recognise some of them): https://blogs.ec.europa.eu/ECintheUK/euromyths-a-z-index/
  10. Fair point, but then again, the U.K. inflation is about 2% and people are getting paid in a currency worth 20% less against major currencies compared to before the vote. The U.K. is in a great position to export now - it has a weakened currency because of the basket case politics and the assumption that the nonsense isn’t going to end anytime soon, and on the other hand it’s still in the Single Market and benefiting from all the EU trade deals.
  11. If the normals defect to the LibDems it will be interesting.
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