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  1. In that case, I can give you many, many million reasons more that say facism is a concern for all humanity, not just one particular group of victims. I could give you a list of horrific war deaths, injuries and privations from my family too, for example.
  2. Do you believe in supranational agreements on climate change, OECD international tax information exchange agreements, NATO and its defence commitments, WTO trade regs etc, etc? Or is it just EU regulations to enhance the fair working of its single market that upsets you?
  3. Just one and only one directive that you think should not apply to the U.K. Go ahead, pick one - you must have some to choose from, but I’m only asking for one. Again.
  4. Interesting points. I’m a bit concerned about this ‘mission creep’ - concerned that you might have been reading Boris Johnson kipper tales. Care to share your concerns. As ever, one example will do.
  5. I am not comfortable with having taxation laws set anywhere but in a sovereign state, with a couple of provisos: 1. For the purpose of fair competition the members of a single market or parties to a trade deal can make a collective decision on sales tax / VAT, with individual states able to have reasonable opt-outs (such as children’s clothes and books). 2. Members of a socially responsible single market can work together to close loopholes and prevent new loopholes opening that allow the financial elite of a sovereign state to avoid paying fair contributions towards the costs of governing the state and maintaining services.
  6. Imagine if the financial elite had to pay their taxes. That’s the real issue here.
  7. So Johnson is pointing out that a country outside the EU has to abide by the EU’s rules, which that country has no say in, if it wants to export to the EU, and that’s his reason for why the U.K. should leave the EU.
  8. I think you’re wrong, as you usually are. I think the root cause of most drug addiction is misery. Hedonistic users tend to be more able to give up and move on. Users who use because they can’t cope with reality tend to give up one escape mechanism only to find another. I’m sure you’ve had more than your fair share of hard drugs given your medical history, and I’m sure you wouldn’t take them if your weren’t in pain. I’d guess that bad parenting, bad social situations, lack of confidence etc. are behind a lot of non-prescribed drug use, and it is of course a vicious circle, and the only possible ways out I can see are really strong policing and punishment or really well organised social interventions. At the moment, it’s a very mixed response. One thing we might agree on is that whilst recreational narcotics are illegal, politicians should be regularly tested and any who are found to have taken an illegal drug they have not tried to legalise should be banged up for the rest of their natural lives.
  9. Doc.fixit suspects that climate change is not man made and speculates on whether he’ll live long enough to see the experts say that it isn’t. He later clarifies that he has no idea if climate change is man made, but points out that he is old and in his opinion scientists are sometimes wrong. You, on the other hand, seem more convinced of his speculation, so you add that it is ‘more of a statement than a joke’. Doc.fixit then presumes that I am ‘absolutely certain’ that the experts are correct. I am not. I’ll repeat; I’m not a climate scientist, so I don’t have an informed opinion on this. I’ll go further than that, I really haven’t a clue if the science is correct. How could I? I neither work for NASA nor have the resources of NASA. In the absence of the ability, brains or resources to conduct my own research I cannot base my own opinion on science, so, I have to go with my gut feeling about who is more likely to be correct - NASA and the vast majority (97%) of international scientific opinion, or maverick scientists like Jeremy Corbyn’s brother and anti-science nationalist politicians and media commentators. I know that occasionally the majority of scientific opinion gets proved wrong, but if you didn’t trust science because humans are fallible you would never go to the doctor, or fly in a plane.
  10. I’m not a climate scientist, so I don’t have an informed opinion on this. I wonder where the eminent professors Neil Down and doc.fixit do their research?
  11. That ranks high in my all time moronic statements by politicians list. Comparing the membership of the Single Market with being auctioned off in a slave market betrays a deep and wilful ignorance of the realities of the slave trade. What must most Germans, who have mostly come to terms with their own history, think of cretins like Widdecombe trivialising people’s suffering in such a crass way? Her inhumanity is sickening and a huge embarrassment to the U.K.
  12. If only you’d been leading the negotiations, eh?
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