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  1. Russian state media (and let’s face it, they’d know) say he’s on a ventilator- so it really is bleak. ☹️
  2. Varadkar heading to the frontline: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/coronavirus-leo-varadkar-doctor-help-ireland-premier-a9448486.html
  3. I didn’t watch the Queen of England’s speech. Did she say the firm will be chipping in?
  4. At this stage in London, you have to be pretty dire to be admitted to hospital. ‘Routine tests’ my arse - he must be in a very bad way, poor man.
  5. Cummings’s uncle gone today with Covid too. Awful news.
  6. Your prime minister. Except he’s not specifically your anything as you keep reminding us that you are Polish and your homeland is Israel.
  7. How ridiculous, Queen Elizabeth isn’t going to announce her abdication, she’s going to say we’re all in it together and obviously she’ll then announce that she and the firm will be loaning the country a few palaces, castle and country estates for use as fever wards and temporary accommodation for stranded travellers and the homeless, no doubt she’ll then tell us that Andrew has a chipped in a few million for tests, masks and medical kit that’ll she’ll match if we agree to let bygones be bygones.
  8. This woman is a hero. Lions led by donkeys. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/03/nhs-nurse-dies-coronavirus-hospital-where-she-worked-areema-nasreen-walsall What is interesting now is that people are able to see clearly who the important people in society are.
  9. I think you’ll find that unless you could grow a crop of bungalows the government has preferred to deliver bales of cash to landowners for having land rather than support actual farmers. A fair amount of our land is unsuitable for plowing but perfect for livestock - problem is, we have too many people who’d rather eat flavoured palm oil than lamb, would rather buy whatever the supermarket could make the biggest margin on than local produce, or a plastic wrapped version of something they ate on holiday than in-season fresh food that requires a bit of prep.
  10. Hancock is an odious specimen, but he has been in that job less than two years, and that time will have been mostly spent on brexit, debating and scrutinising laws, fighting elections, constituency matters, a short-lived leadership campaign, official functions and media engagements. PK, all that is normal and as it should be. You really wouldn’t want politicians overseeing day to day operations, or worse, trying to direct policy - Gove tried that in his early days at education and made a right cock-up. The minister should question major decisions though - like not distributing PPE promptly, but who knows how well he was at the time.
  11. It works like this. 1. You listen to trump and agree he is right because he is a genius. 2 . You mouth off on social media about how he is right and how anyone who disagrees is traitor. 3. You completely right off anything that reflects badly on Donald as fake news. 4. You realise something isn’t right; they’re jailing children, polluting the water, not acting on environmental or health emergencies, or something else that endangers you or pricks your conscience. 1. You listen to trump and agree he is right because he is a genius. Repeat.
  12. Nothing like a war to win an election, and right now his disastrous handling of the trump virus means he’d struggle to win against Joe Biden and ordinarily it would be very hard to believe anyone could struggle to beat Joe Biden.
  13. Always whattabouts with Woolley. I’m doing my bit, small as it is. Seriously though, wouldn’t you think at least jobless Farage would have volunteered? Maybe he’s retraining as fruit picker?
  14. Talking of the likes of flag wavers Martin, Farage, Tice, Rees-Mogg, François, etc, I wonder if any of them have volunteered for the front line? I bet they’re all bunkered up with their nannies going out to do the shopping for them.
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