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  1. How do you know that Juan? I'll agree that police forces in the US are militarised and that the US generally has become even more violent since its invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm not sure there are any statistics to support the notion that black people are killed by the police in disproportionate numbers, although the US does have really serious problems with race relations, not helped by a viciously polarising political system. It seems in this case that a man fell asleep in his car in a queue at a drive-thru fast food place. If that had happened here I would imagine he would hav
  2. You have to write to George Soros. He pays you a handsome salary and covers any legal fees incurred. Nice work if you can get it. I'm sure Rog, or Woolley know more.
  3. The Cummings fiasco is a classic dead cat designed to cover up 3 huge moves last week that will profoundly change the UK for decades to come. 1. Customs checkpoints are to be built at Larne, Belfast and Warrenpoint - the border controls between NI and the rest of the UK the brexiters promised would never exist. From now on NI voters will have absolutely no political representation when it comes to the setting of the rules of the market they will be part of. 2. Under emergency legislation the government has committed to bailing out and subsidising large corporations to the tune of £1
  4. Breaking the rules and getting caught wasn't too bright. What makes you think he is clever?
  5. I was no fan of Corbyn, but with hindsight, nevermind what he promised for the NHS - his highspeed broadband for all policy would have been pretty good in a lockdown situation.
  6. When you say "our 'leaders'", do you mean you think that people like Howard Quayle and Boris Johnson oversee YouTube content? I'd guess most people already know who David Icke is. When I was a kid, before the internet, eccentric elderly people would sometimes spout words of wisdom from 'Old Moore's Almanac'. David Icke is just a bit further down the scale of unscientific made-up lunacy that people pay good money to consult. Its all fun and all, but when you start endangering your gullible followers, you have to be shut down.
  7. EU has morphed from a trade group to superstate rumours turn out to completely false non-news.
  8. Where's Sir Nige / Woody2? Still not been heard of since he took that shipment from Italy. I'm getting worried, the poor guy was addicted to trumpist sites like Guido. Starting to think that with him the facist propaganda has reached its inevitable conclusion already.
  9. There's no need to ever mention that scumbag or the malicious rag he lied for.
  10. So there is. In which case; Fillipo, if you don't like it, there's a boat in the morning.
  11. The worst thing about lockdown is not being able to inform the like of Filippo that there is a passenger vessel departing on the morrow.
  12. That's 'Project Fear Mark 2' PK. Criticism of these incompetents is 'talking Britain down'. it must be the fault of Westminster Eurocrats. Just stepped in to cover for Woolley there.
  13. Cue Woolley with an ‘apolitic’ robust defence of de Pfeffer.
  14. Quilp, that is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Thanks.
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