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  1. I bet the poor saps that sent Sir Nige’s company £100 are feeling a bit like the half-wits that paid to march with him. Got to love chutzpah of the man. If he was American he’d be Trump’s spiritual advisor.
  2. I often think I do too, and then I remember all the gullible folk who only pay attention to whatever accords with their narrow understanding of the world.
  3. The lie above was such an obvious #woodyfact my only comment was ‘horseshit’. Sad to say, Woolley seems to believe anything anyone agrees with him says. I’ll post a link to prove the above #woodyfact as pure horseshit, then no doubt you’ll both ignore this post and carry on believing, because blind faith is the financial elite is all you have: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/firefighters-cry-as-10-london-stations-including-clerkenwell-close-due-to-cuts-9050079.html%3famp
  4. Woody is the only leaver left. Even Sir Nige is a remoaner now.
  5. 1. Ask someone who knows English to explain what Grease Mogg says in the interview. 2. Whataboutery. Post something in the ‘Labour’ thread. 3. Horseshit.
  6. You must have serious problems with your moral compass to think for a minute that the responsibility for the tragedy of Grenfell Tower is not a political matter. The U.K. fire service is mostly funded and organised by central government and partly by local government. de Pfeffer cut the contribution from the mayor’s office and flogged off fire stations and spaffed the money away on his garden bridge, water cannons and airport fiascos. Grenfell Tower is owned by a tory controlled London Borough. The fire regs, the fire service and the building itself were all the responsibility of feckless politicians. Do you really think shifting the blame for deaths onto the victims is acceptable behaviour?
  7. That Britain will be weaker economically and politically is a given. How much of a rule taker it becomes is harder to predict. It’s a shame that the only way the U.K. can actually leave the EU is for NI to leave the U.K. first, and that there will be no progress until that reality is understood. (I wonder how much the U.K. should pay in compensation for isolating the six most affluent counties of Ireland from the rest and making them just about the poorest in less than a century.) Once NI has gone, there’s a fair chance Scotland won’t be far behind. All very sad for unionists when you consider who this sad venture is being driven by. I’m still hoping someone can come forward and explain the benefits, but I haven’t seen any that aren’t illusory buzzwords.
  8. What’s the point of joining a thread and then ignoring the most prolific poster? I know he just makes stuff up, but it does give you an insight into the incel mindset.
  9. The U.K. not only chose to form a free movement trading block including the majority of the world’s Muslim population, it recruited those Muslim populations for its armies during countless colonial wars and two world wars. I suppose you think Muslims are incapable of fitting in with British traditions like regular bathing, shampoo, pyjamas, cricket, tea, curry, kebabs and hashish?
  10. Tonga aren’t shit at rugby. They have a population of 108,000. They beat the USA and and kept France to within 2 points last month in the RWC, but because you don’t earn much playing for such a small country 9 Tonga-born players also played for other countries at the World Cup (including 2 All Blacks). In the same month their Rugby League team beat Great Britain 14 - 6.
  11. https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/jill-hughes-claims-to-be-from-sirius-1-6356375
  12. Yeah stop trolling PK. Everyone knows Dick Braine and Bold Sir Nigel are bestest most winningest leaders ever.
  13. https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/trump-accuses-whistle-blower-of-working-for-united-states
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