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  1. Dredging doesn’t prevent flooding. Clearing obstructions is useful, but if you dig a deeper channel you deliver a larger quantity of water to flooded area faster. Your point about building on flood plains is correct, but you should also include irrigated grouse moors (which successive U.K. governments have subsided), single crop farming (usually barley to feed the huge whisky export business) and road building. To prevent flooding you need flood plains, with as many layers of vegetation, particularly trees, as possible, to soak up the water and slow down the flow. If your going to concrete over or plough land in one area and prevent the land from soaking up rainfall, then you need to manage and extend flood plains elsewhere. Dredging anywhere except harbour mouths is just creating worse trouble downstream.
  2. You strike me as an entitled self-regarding prick who had his fees paid for all his life (and your scholarship lie is pretty transparent). You’ve gone through life as a winging, frightened and hateful specimen and you know it - your only consolation is to tell yourself you’re special because of your skin colour, height, hair colour, or whatever and communicate it to your only human contact - the posters on here who would prefer to talk about the UK’s future prospects- not your self-loathing.
  3. Says the Public school boy with a plethora of passports.
  4. Poor old Prince Andrew - another of his mates has been charged with running a grooming gang and buggering kids. Such bad luck that his mates who happen to be nonces live in such ‘convenient’ locations with unique environments conducive to non-sweaters. I’m sure Rog will enjoy the bell-ringing for his birthday on the 19th and raise a glass - it’s not like he ate an avocado for breakfast or whatever it was Meghan did to upset the gammon.
  5. Trump has mostly played golf and stuffed his own pockets - which is a vast improvement on Clinton and Bush who mostly did the same plus start wars they couldn’t win.
  6. Still waiting for one law you don’t like and one benefit.
  7. Did you just pluck that ‘fact’ out of your ass?
  8. I really think one reason they voted for Brexit was that they hate the young. Woolley spent his youth on picket lines and that’s what he wants for your kids.
  9. One example of a law you think was imposed by the EU that you don’t like? I’ve been asking for years - the best you came up with was a ban on climate tungsten lamps. Thought of anything new, or is it still hot air?
  10. The airlines are warning that you will have to get a slow lane passport if U.K. doesn’t get a deal even if your red passport isn’t due for renewal - which you’d know if you’d got someone to help you understand what I’d cut and pasted from Flybe’s website.
  11. By your logic all outgoings are losses. No wonder you spent nothing on your education.
  12. I’m fine with that as long as I get free movement and £10 back for every £1 I put in when I do my books at the end of the year. Warning: link with long words and concepts that might confuse Express and Sun readers: https://eu-rope.ideasoneurope.eu/2019/03/03/eu-membership-is-a-bargain/
  13. You’ve said less than 24 hours ago that you “have always had a problem with freedom of movement”, and only see EU nurses, doctors, entrepreneurs, plumbers and fruitpickers as ‘less of a problem’. Are you now denying that you would rather not have fellow Poles living in Norwich? You are full of contradictions, one day you call terrorist scum who blew up British soldiers and civilians ‘bona fide freedom fighters’, the next, you’re claiming to be a patriot. One day you’re insisting Britain will be able to trade ok after Brexit, the next you’re wishing for a cold, hard economy busting Brexit. One day your ‘we’ means Polish, the next day it’s English, then it’s Israeli - but the rest of the world aren’t allowed to move to the next town. I’m not going to put you on ignore. You are a lonely, bitter old man struggling with your memory. I’ll respond to your drivel, even if it’s just as a public service to help you feel you’re not alone in the world.
  14. Every time I have to pay a brexit tax, be it new passport, travel docs, visa, I’ll think of Woolley and ‘his understanding’ of sovereignty, how Rog would rather not have other Poles living in Norwich, and Woody2’s ‘facts’ on world trade. BREXIT notice: UK passport holders New rules mean you may need to renew your passport before travelling to most European countries if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. Please check your passportbefore travel to see if you are affected. Driving in the EU: Please note: If you are travelling to Europe and have purchased a hire car, you will need new documentation when the UK leaves the EU. Click here for further information.
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