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  1. I'm not sure anyone who stood and did badly should be considered - especially not an incumbent- I'd rather see someone like Langan-Newton, Kemp or Cowin than Cregeen or Harmer. Last time they packed Legco with women and that has probably encouraged more women to stand for the Keys. Maybe this time they could think about a couple of non-white members?
  2. Or get a green in - 1964 votes between the only 2 candidates they had - both constituencies with runaway winners.
  3. Stu, does Middle far fewer voters than poorer areas, or a more apathetic electorate? Genuine question, not having a dig - as a percentage of the vote you did well.
  4. How hard can it be to count the votes. They've had five hours in Garff & Ramsey - that is 600 minutes, for what? about 6,000 votes? That is a speed of 10 votes per minute. Time this was done online. People don't have the skills to count paper anymore. That - and the national broadcaster deliberately trying to make the whole process as mind-numbingly boring as possible - is not going to encourage more people to vote.
  5. That was some light relief in what has been really tedious Manx Radio coverage. Definitely missing people like Roger Watterson & David Callister. Brown, Robertshaw, Ramsey and Manx Care woman - they could not have found any more smug and tediously boring people if they'd scoured the entire Island.
  6. Cregeen for Legco? What is Robertshaw thinking? Cregeen just came last by a long way.
  7. Strong showing by the Greens in Rushen - is this encouraging for them in the West?
  8. Listening to the Manx Care lady should carry a health warning - could lead to losing the will to live.
  9. I came to like Boot and his beard dye - not my choice for MHK though. Tim is also a likeable man, but I hope we haven't replaced one lightweight with another.
  10. Almost exactly my thoughts on the Ramsey candidates, except the doc has achieved a lot more than just the (very brave) abortion reform. I could admire Hooper's loyalty to LV if their other candidates were only mediocre - but they aren't, they are bloody awful. Shame because he's a hard working snd good guy - but that shows bad judgement. Erica just comes across as a bit half-hearted, the royalist chippy man looks out of his depth, Singer & Mann will struggle to pick up votes from the under 70s, and over 70s, Kinrade is probably too low profile. I'm hoping the green man in Rushen gets in, and DJ Gammon doesn't.
  11. That Scotland with 8% of the UK population and 90% of the UK's fresh water? The Scotland with already 25% of the UK's renewable energy production (meeting its own needs entirely), and the potential to harness 25% of both Europe's tidal and wind power? The Scotland that exports more manufactured goods worldwide than it does to the UK? The Scotland that paid more per head into the UK tax coffers almost every year since 1980 except during the years between the price of oil collapsing and growth of the renewable sector? (And yes public spending was proportionally higher too, but most of the £9B of UK tax income the UK shells out on servicing debt PER MONTH is because the rest of the UK couldn't pay its way and because of the profligate spending of Conservative governments elected by England). Scotland has a higher national income per capita than Italy, New Zealand and Japan. There are many good cultural and emotional arguments in favour of the Union (the chief one being the fractious and self-loathing nature of the Scots themselves and a close second being their addiction to moaning about the English) - but the economic argument, particularly after Brexit, just doesn't shape up - particularly when considering the future of energy production. In light of the economic realities, which Scots are well aware of, repeating the wildly inaccurate slights and jibes about Scottish economic prospects from the pages of the Daily Express really would be the most counterproductive thing you could do.
  12. Apologies for the pedantry, but if you're going to claim intellectual superiority (lol) ...
  13. Brexiters don't know what they've won, or at least they can't articulate what they've won, because they haven't won anything beyond the right to shift denial of projections into denial of reality by telling themselves that Johnson's partial access deal is better than any full-access deal. I still suspect some of them still think they were voting for breakfast. I know I'm not allowed to hurt their feelings, but I prefer to think of them as confused breakfast lovers than stupid, zenophobic S*n readers.
  14. Yes, there is no point in debating brexit. Honda has closed, having already lost 7,500 jobs the City is just holding on until the euro-clearing extension ends next year, farming & fishing are screwed, Great Britain has a trade border with Northern Ireland, there's a food shortage, a parts shortage and a power shortage, a possibility of a return to the 1970s three-day week, unprocessed sewage is being pumped into the rivers, poorer areas like Cornwall have lost their EU regional funding, small traders have lost access to the EU market, pubs, retailers, restaurants & hotels can't find staff, there is a huge shortage of lorry drivers, dentists and other healthcare professionals, airlines and other international companies have moved their HQs out of the UK, etc., etc. But to hardcore believers none of that matters because the UK is out. It's going to take a little longer and a lot more pain I'm afraid.
  15. Problem is, you're assuming all markets are equal, and they are not. The UK, as one of the larger voices in the EU benefited from membership of the most powerful market on earth. It now has to share sovereignty with every nation on earth, most of whom are members of powerful trade unions already and will shaft the UK's relatively unimportant market every time - so far less sovereignty and far worse trade deals for the UK. It's going to take a while to truly understand the scale of the Brexit disaster, but as the billionaires are doing well out of it we will have to put up with it and accept the shortages, the costs & the loss of freedoms for a good few more years yet.
  16. Brexit whoppers complaining that the EU has staff, when the UK Department of trade alone employs nearly 5,000 and can't even negotiate a good deal between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Farage should have done his job in Brussels and he would have understood the fishing situation, instead of spending his time selling selfies to the gammon.
  17. Newsflash: The government has not made the vaccine mandatory. There's no need to protest or hold your imaginary courts - just don't get vaccinated. Most of society are sad at what they think is anti-vaxxer gullibility, but I suppose the feeling is mutual. How about we make a deal, anti-vaxxers - you stop your protests - and pro-vaxxers - you stop your protests (ok, I know that isn't happening, but for balance, lets just imagine pro-vaxxers are also mentally ill attention seeking weirdos). Anti-vaxxers who get ill should get full treatment from the NHS - same as anyone else who is suicidal and / or reckless. What they can't demand is the same rights to travel or enter premises if they are deemed to be putting others at risk.
  18. It's not just Russian money & disaster capitalists promoting the anti-vax / brexit / trump / climate-science sceptic / crypto-currency line anymore. It's become a moronic cottage industry of its own. I think I preferred it when these types were just bigoted religious loons.
  19. Roaming charges for UK phone users in the EU return from next month.
  20. The whole charade, complete with Morgan flouncing off the set, is tedious crap, in my humble opinion. They were upset by the kid not getting a new nickname and the unapologetically facist English press were allowed to be as close to openly racist as possible without any sympathy from the senior weirdos. Pathetic behaviour all round - in the news to keep the realities of brexit, government grift and incompetence and THE BEAST out of it.
  21. You can't deny it's true though. Trump, despite everything else, was not a warmonger - think Uncle Joe will manage to stay out of a war. I hope so, but I dunno.
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