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  1. From today’s stats Sweden, has 899 deaths. It has a slightly smaller population than Norway and Denmark combined, who have a combined death rate of 401. Still a proportionately far lower rate than the U.K., but they were able to test and trace very early on and limit the initial spread. Once community transmission occurred they switched focus to protecting and testing the most vulnerable and, of course, their healthcare system is still far from being overrun as it is in some regions of the U.K.
  2. The government were listening to their own scientists, but not the broader scientific community and didn’t compare notes with other European countries, which they were repeatedly invited to do. Consequently, as the scale of the problem became apparent, Ireland, Germany, et al, who had been in the meetings with Italy, France and Spain, were able to move a week or so earlier. It’s pointless pointing fingers now though. Brexit got done, the people who believed in it won a referendum and were well prepared to suffer all sorts of consequences if it meant there would be no further cooperation with the neighbours. I think it’s a lesson learned, ie the EU are ok, we play footy and drink beer with them, they like the U.K., and we like them, and it’s the weird religious folk in US we really need to avoid having to deal with.
  3. “ On the evening of January 31, Boris Johnson sat before a fireplace in 10 Downing Street and told the nation, in a televised address: “This is the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act in our great national drama.” He was talking of finally delivering Brexit, or what he called “this recaptured sovereignty.” Until that moment, Johnson’s premiership had been utterly absorbed by delivering on that challenge. With Brexit done, Johnson had the chance to focus on other matters the following month, among them the emerging virus threat. But leaving the European Union had a consequence. Between February 13 and March 30, Britain missed a total of eight conference calls or meetings about the coronavirus between EU heads of state or health ministers – meetings that Britain was still entitled to join. Although Britain did later make an arrangement to attend lower-level meetings of officials, it had missed a deadline to participate in a common purchase scheme for ventilators, to which it was invited. Ventilators, vitally important to treating the direst cases of COVID-19, have fallen into short supply globally. Johnson’s spokesman blamed an administrative error.” https://nationalpost.com/pmn/health-pmn/johnson-listened-to-his-scientists-about-coronavirus-but-they-were-slow-to-sound-the-alarm-2
  4. Isolation has not been kind to him, poor loon.
  5. Nothing’s been proved about the origin of the virus. It seems to infect domestic cats, so could have originated by a cat eating a dead bat, in Africa, or India, or who knows where? Certainly not some extreme right-wing ‘think-tank’! Hubei might just have been the first conurbation with a decent health service to spot it. In any case, seeking reparations for an infectious disease that didn’t originate in a lab is a really stupid move, not least because it would politicise research. Yes, China was in denial about the virus for at least a couple weeks after they knew what it was. Except for the most advanced East Asian neighbours and other democratic countries with highly educated electorates in the Pacific, such as Australia and New Zealand, the rest of the world stayed in denial long after the Chinese and the WHO had warned them of what was coming. Trump, is still partly in denial now. The CCP are monsters. Their occupation of Tibet and their treatment of anyone who might challenge their power, be they followers of a different political philosophy or religion, is brutal in the extreme. Their territorial claims in Asia, their ridiculous version of history, their environmental and human rights abuses should be challenged by the West, and it has sickened me for years that since Nixon and Heath right wingers in the US and U.K. have preferred to ignore the reality of the CCP. It was only weeks ago that brexiteers were touting free trade with China as preferable to a deal with the EU. This sudden change of heart is a blatant attempt to shift the blame for not been prepared, or prepared to act in time, against the virus.
  6. So lack of PPE is the fault of NHS staff? What’s wrong with English politicians? Why can’t they ever be self-critical?
  7. Rog, Sir Nige, and all the other wierdos are not going to like me saying this, but so many in the Muslim community are bloody heroes, we’re so lucky to have them: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/09/consultant-who-pleaded-for-more-nhs-hospital-ppe-dies-of-coronavirus
  8. Some good news: The Bundeswehr (German land defence army) has donated 60 top of the range ventilators to the U.K. free of charge. No need for PK to wax political about it. It speaks for itself.
  9. So why not ask for donations? I was hospitalised a few years ago due to an injury that required reconstructive surgery and the treatment I got was world class - and I’ve been hospitalised in two other G7 countries for similar, whilst heavily insured, and though I required slightly less severe treatment I’d prefer the NHS over both. I would have happily chipped in a grand towards treatment, but you’re not even asked.
  10. That’s a good final point. I think perhaps you should have to pay towards initial consultations with GPS. Even a fiver per initial consultation would be a big help. In my experience, big PLCs are the most wasteful institutions. The U.K. pays less towards healthcare than most countries, but that is because most other countries’ systems have involve diverting huge sums to insurance companies, banks, investors, advertisers, and political lobbyists. We have a brilliant system, it just needs politicians that truly believe in it and are immune from the persuasions of profiteer lobbyists.
  11. Sorry for following PK down the rabbit hole. It’s bloody important now that Johnson pulls through - for morale and to get back to leading the UK through this awful situation. As I’m not religious I can’t say prayers for his speedy recovery, but I’ll wish it.
  12. It’s all well and good banging on about ventilators and ICU places - but when you’re that far down the line your chances aren’t great. Much more important is the PPE, testing, tracing and effective, early lockdown measures.
  13. People also smoke less, transport is safer, industrial pollution is far better managed, people have better access to healthy food, health and safety regs have been brought in protect workers and consumers, homes are safer and house fires are far less common. I could go on. Some newer medical treatments are very expensive, and there have been some shortages and some short-cuts taken, but in my experience, the NHS is exceptionally good at what it does, and what it does is hardly matched by any other health system in the world. It could always do with more, of course it could. You’ll never have a government that can provide for all what most countries can only provide for a tiny elite. Having said that, there should have been mechanisms in place to defend us better from the virus. I think we’ll handle the next one better, and maybe people will start to realise that more money and praise should be directed to the NHS.
  14. Russian state media (and let’s face it, they’d know) say he’s on a ventilator- so it really is bleak. ☹️
  15. Varadkar heading to the frontline: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/coronavirus-leo-varadkar-doctor-help-ireland-premier-a9448486.html
  16. I didn’t watch the Queen of England’s speech. Did she say the firm will be chipping in?
  17. At this stage in London, you have to be pretty dire to be admitted to hospital. ‘Routine tests’ my arse - he must be in a very bad way, poor man.
  18. Cummings’s uncle gone today with Covid too. Awful news.
  19. Your prime minister. Except he’s not specifically your anything as you keep reminding us that you are Polish and your homeland is Israel.
  20. How ridiculous, Queen Elizabeth isn’t going to announce her abdication, she’s going to say we’re all in it together and obviously she’ll then announce that she and the firm will be loaning the country a few palaces, castle and country estates for use as fever wards and temporary accommodation for stranded travellers and the homeless, no doubt she’ll then tell us that Andrew has a chipped in a few million for tests, masks and medical kit that’ll she’ll match if we agree to let bygones be bygones.
  21. This woman is a hero. Lions led by donkeys. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/03/nhs-nurse-dies-coronavirus-hospital-where-she-worked-areema-nasreen-walsall What is interesting now is that people are able to see clearly who the important people in society are.
  22. I think you’ll find that unless you could grow a crop of bungalows the government has preferred to deliver bales of cash to landowners for having land rather than support actual farmers. A fair amount of our land is unsuitable for plowing but perfect for livestock - problem is, we have too many people who’d rather eat flavoured palm oil than lamb, would rather buy whatever the supermarket could make the biggest margin on than local produce, or a plastic wrapped version of something they ate on holiday than in-season fresh food that requires a bit of prep.
  23. Hancock is an odious specimen, but he has been in that job less than two years, and that time will have been mostly spent on brexit, debating and scrutinising laws, fighting elections, constituency matters, a short-lived leadership campaign, official functions and media engagements. PK, all that is normal and as it should be. You really wouldn’t want politicians overseeing day to day operations, or worse, trying to direct policy - Gove tried that in his early days at education and made a right cock-up. The minister should question major decisions though - like not distributing PPE promptly, but who knows how well he was at the time.
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