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  1. Hi Guys, If anyone is interested...please take a listen to my most recent musical creativities with BERLIN BLACK. For fans of: The Cure / Siouxsie Sioux / Adam Ant / Joy Division / Flock of Seagulls / New Order / David Bowie / Psychadelic Furs etc... http://www.reverbnation.com/berlinblack http://www.berlinblack.co.uk Hope you like
  2. neon


    Lets take a walk, Down that memory lane, Where the trees they talk, Crying for the rain, But when the clouds, they come... They'll be silver lined, Cuz this is still my home, This place of mine, I won't forget the scent, of this morning's catch, Or the sound of ropes, Upon the harbour's back, Near the castle isle, Where the seagulls bay, My friends, they laugh and cheer, Here on new year's day, ---------------------------- So we'll raise a glass, To the young and free, Set sail from land, And live out at sea, Cuz the waves will sing, And the castle cry, That they lived their lives, Before they died, ---------------------------- From the headlands down, To the cavern mines, Over the streets, And up the hill we climb, And when the clouds, they come... They'll be silver lined, Cuz this is still my home, This place of mine, ---------------------------- So we'll raise a glass, To the young and free, Set sail from land, And live out at sea, Cuz the waves will sing, And the castle cry, That they lived their lives, Before they died, ----------------------------
  3. Oh and P.s...I bought my Laptop DJ controller from my local DJ EQUIPMENT STORE in Leeds thanks...not Maplin
  4. WOW...just seen the replies to this thread... I didn't actually end up bringing my gear back with me in the end....but am now back in England getting a lot DJ work I really think it's quite sad when people say "Laptop DJ's aren't real DJ's"...how is that even remotely the case?! It's not the skill of picking up a vinyl record or a CD and pressing play that defines a good DJ...or a DJ at all... Similarly...neither is it the skill of pressing play with your mouse on your laptop that defines being a good DJ... As far as I'm concerned, It is the skill or being able to: 1. Beat match and flow songs into each other fluidly 2. Make and create new mixes 3. Have an extensive yet acute knowledge of the music you are playing for the audiences that are in front of you... It's all well and good being a world class DJ that can scratch vinyl and what not...but at the end of the day, if no one is enjoying what you are playing and the general atmosphere that you have created (either at a clubnight, or a party...or whatever..) is one of dissapointment, low energy and a lack of interest...then THAT is what makes you a crap DJ...not the fact that you are triggering songs via a laptop instead of pressing play on a CD deck or placing a record player needle onto a viynl record. As well as that...I personally don't want to have to carry around a tonne of records and get bad back lugging them back and forth...when I can simply take them all with me on one handy, easy to carry...laptop.
  5. SO...who's off to the Queenie Festival this weekend?!! LOTS going on...including local food stalls, sea life touch tanks, two stages of live local music (traditional and modern), a whole host of water sports/activities...and much more! Has anyone been doing the 'Golden Queenie Conundrum' this year?? How's everyone getting on with it? Where are you up to?
  6. No it isn't, it is a cottage behind it that belongs to him as well I know the cottage was up for sale some weeks ago, dunno if it was sold or not, but the current "for sale" sign is pinned to the front of his house with no mention of the cottage? Yes, as far as I am aware it is his house which is for sale. I would strongly suggest everyone to give this book a read! Yes, he is very opinionated and sometimes can come off as a bit brash, but he is a throughly nice man who has a lifetime of amazing stories to tell which he does so in an extremely humourous and compelling way. And I'm totally not biased or anything, despite my family (the McLeans) being mentioned and praised in the book
  7. My family will be holding a big clearout garage sale THIS WEEKEND (25th/26th June) in our front lawn! LOTS and LOTS to be sold! Please feel free to drop in between 11-4 on both Saturday and Sunday! There is also a big carboot sale at the House of Mannanin on the Saturday, so why not come down for both and pop by us on your way down! Our address is: Ballawattleworth House Tynwald Road Peel Isle of Man IM5 1JP (Our house is on the same road as QE2 HighSchool, at the other end of the street, just before the cross roads) Any queries, please contact us on: 845146 or 495128 Thanks! Hope to see some of you there!
  8. What an incredible arrogant and awful thing to say. You clearly have NO idea of what these poor people are going through when they make such a devestatingly tragic decision. To say that they are simply weak and take the easy cowardly route by taking their lives gives NO consideration to the utter desperation that is often felt and the incredible overwhelming emotions blinding them from seeing any other option. More often than not it's not that these poor people see two options...and decide to take the "cowardly" one...they are SO overwhelmed by emotion, desperation and difficult circumstances that taking their own lives seems like THE ONLY OPTION. Maybe you should spend less of your Christian time and love in labelling these poor people as cowards (which by the way is ONLY going to make people feel worse), and spend more time trying to LISTEN to them. It's people like you with your ridiculous 'God Fearing' preaching that turn many away from religion...when in fact it *could* be something which could greatly enrich peoples lives.
  9. Nothing wrong with chart music! And the 80s/90s stuff always seems to fill the dancefloor and make for a great fun party atmosphere! As for dance music, yeh I have a reasonable amount of dance music...and am certainly more than capable of beat matching and mixing etc
  10. Cheers Not yet as my uni course is extremely time consuming so am currently only DJing other peoples music...mainly chart music and 80s/90s stuff... As soon as I finish my uni course I'm definitely going to be focussing a lot of my time on making my own mixes...both remixes of existing songs and my own new music. I'll be sure to post on here when I've got some stuff together
  11. If its the same book as I'm thinking, I believe my dad (Dave McLean)'s band 'Ny Jinnin' play a lot of songs from that book
  12. I am currently a student studying a Masters in Law at the University of Leeds and will be back on the Island for June before embarking on my Legal Practice Course at the College of Law and 2 year Training Contract with a Leeds based law firm. So I'm not looking for a job just now thanks Just a bit of extra income and fun DJing while I'm back on the Island
  13. Hello there fellow Manxforum members! I am a mobile DJ looking to book events for 6th June - 3rd July on the Island. I am originally from the Island, have 5 years DJing experience and have DJ'd on the Island and throughout England. I have all my own equipment which includes: - Full PA - Fully adjustable lighting rig (up to roughly 4 metres by 3 metres) - LED Scanner lights/Traffic DJ Lights/Lazers/Strobes/UV lights - Smoke Machine And to DJ I use a Numark Mixtrack Pro controller along with Virtual DJ on my laptop. I can DJ for any type of event you require: Club partys/Weddings/Birthdays/Corporate Events etc For bookings or more information please email Thomas at: neon-black@hotmail.co.uk
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