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  1. Ok ok dont lose your blob! So cyclists going straight on use the right lane as normal? Gotcha.
  2. So what are we supposed to do?? If using the cycle lane for going straight, then the lights change???
  3. I second it. Anecdotal as well I know, but not a dicky bird of any learning given from school to my kids. If the teachers or government really gave the smallest of fucks about the children or their parents they would cancel the summer holidays. How will any parent will manage to take yet more time off a few short weeks after going back to work?? The kids could make the learning theyve missed up if the holidays were cancelled. But we all know the teachers would never agree
  4. It's not their decision though. Nor should they even be voicing an opinion.
  5. The amount of money I have saved by not going pubbing and clubbing. I don't think I'll go back to it. Much better having some pals in the yard and a night 'in" costs about 10 quid instead of 100 on a night "out". Dream on h&b. This is the new normal. People without yards are drinking in groups in parks, beaches etc. Its really nice, the place looks more alive than ever. People having fun outside everywhere
  6. St marks road was closed yesterday due to an RTC, with emergency services on scene.
  7. The last 2 that I can remember (not on mountain, just fatal) involved 4 older people in Laxey (30 limit), 2 teens in Santon (50 limit). If national speeds limits exist, vehicles should be limited to those speeds by inhibitors, no car should even be capable of going over the limit. Until that happens, it seems like pointless revenue gathering. We all see boy racers daily dashing through residential 20 limits at 40+, which is far worse than them doing 80 in wild quiet uninhabited areas. Sort the existing problems before making changes.
  8. Dont think social distancing is a law is it? Guidance only. So the answer will be 'none', Government Guidance is not enforceable by the police.
  9. That will be because we're allowed to have people round in the garden now. Although howard Quayle said "only 2 people" and "only from the same household" it seems that bit was guidance only as it is not mentioned in any of the legislation.
  10. I agree the restrictions are a mess now. They are saying everything that makes money (work) is fine, but you cant see your parents! I can go to work with 7 other people for 40 hours a week, but can't see my parents for half an hour. Many people have no respect anymore because all they care about is making sure we still make money and pay tax! Anything else is low priority and sod our mental health. So people start to see who they like, where they like, under the radar. This business about dropping your kids off to be minded whilst at work (but not if you're home working!) for example.They add a caveat that it should be home care, not an opportunity for the grandparents to take the kids to the park or beach, what?? Why? Petty and pointless. And once people start thinking that, they start ignoring the rules.
  11. For the Nation's station" to stop broadcasting half of the update (questions and answers) on FM beggars belief. Who has AM radio?? I have to use my phone which is crap and hard to hear. This stuff about him trying get extra listeners has a ring of truth, but his jovial manner is very off putting on the back of such a serious conference. The biggest and most important event in our lifetimes and our national broadcaster CBA giving it proper coverage!
  12. Haven't you heard Golfer? It's "Manx solutions for Manx problems"
  13. You can go out, but you should ideally keep 2 metres away from your wife at all times and even sleep apart and use separate towels etc (or bathrooms, if you can) to protect her. Easier said than done of course!
  14. It should be though. Those with very low salaries should pay less, those with higher should pay more. NI should not be capped.
  15. Might have? stunning plan there though Trumpy. Stunning.
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