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  1. This makes no sense. So until the whole world stops emitting carbon, you CBA? Thankfully there are other people around who can see that everyone has a part to play. Individually we are small but together we are stronger. GD4XXX, planting trees to reduce carbon is something that is being pushed. Not by our CM though. Not yet anyway. Adding a requirements for tree planting into the free money for rich landowners (AKA countryside care) scheme is a very good idea. suggest people emails their MHKs if they agree.
  2. Here is an article examining the Best arguments from climate science skeptics. doesn't mention a scruffy pamphlet from 1914 at all. Can't think why! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/climate-consensus-97-per-cent/2016/jul/25/these-are-the-best-arguments-from-the-3-of-climate-scientist-skeptics-really
  3. More absolute tosh from GD4XXX. Yes I'm sure you know more than 90+% of climate experts. As Declan so elegant puts it, those making vast sums of money have been trying to bury this problem for years because they are making SO MUCH money out of what is irreparably damaging the planet. Still I'm sure some scruffy pamphlet you've saved from 1962 has all the real answers as for someone with 10 kids, disgusting. Any more than 2 should be banned. No child benefit should be paid to anyone for more than one and people should be incentivised to be sterilized after their first .
  4. What a load of tosh. Perhaps read NASA's opinion or Skeptical Science's opinion : "Expert consensus is a powerful thing. People know we don’t have the time or capacity to learn about everything, and so we frequently defer to the conclusions of experts. It’s why we visit doctors when we’re ill. The same is true of climate change: most people defer to the expert consensus of climate scientists. Crucially, as we note in our paper: That’s why those who oppose taking action to curb climate change have engaged in a misinformation campaign to deny the existence of the expert consensus. They’ve been largely successful, as the public badly underestimate the expert consensus, in what we call the “consensus gap.” Only 16% of Americans realize that the consensus is above 90%." Or even wikipedia on the scientific consensus It suits people to deny it so they don't have to feel guilty about doing nothing, do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or consider denying themselves of the pleasure they currently feel from indulging in wasteful, harmful practices the con trick is the deniers and you may as well be a flat-earther as to deny climate change.
  5. Lxxx Sending 6 cars to a stabbing and arresting anyone who moved nearby to an unexplained death probably doesn't help on the resource stakes either. Funny how other countries manage to inform the public what is happening, it is as clear as day that someone senior is getting a little stiffie about keeping the public in the dark, and this will no doubt change one day when the current lot are gold-plated pensioned off after 2.5 years of service or whatever ludicrously short period they have to be employed for these days
  6. Our local "news" outlets haven't even confirmed that he fell. But BBC have : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-47884853 Also no-one reporting on the farce of the old bill arresting a load of people with SFA to do with it, then having to release them all without charge. Embarrassing, "just-in-case" arrests. No wonder the rumourmill goes mental when no information is given. As others have commented here, if this was in the UK we would know what had happened, look at this example. Just A few hours later and the public are given all the facts. Who died and gave our old bill so much power to keep us all in the dark? Or are we in North Korea?
  7. I find it surprising that people describe "human life" almost in hushed tones, as if human life were somehow special or extraordinary. Have you noticed how many of us there are? We're like a bacteria on the world, multiplying and killing off our host and everything else. But that kind of killing is fine, billions and billions of other species killed every year because nothing else is "human life"? Not to me. Banning abortion also smacks a little of banning contraception when viewed as wasting "human life". The vast majority of terminations are not "human life" only the potential, just like every sperm or egg. The whole argument is like Trump's. He is anti-abortion because of his regard for "human life" but views the migrants in the caravan as practically worthless and has literally no compassion or concern for their lives. Same story for the hypocrites Maynragh identifies. Anti-abortion whilst giving zero concerns about the suffering and death around the world due to basic lack of food or clean water.
  8. This is very very stupid comment. Foot the bill? How do you think the costs for abortion (pills usually) compare to the cost of looking after pregnant women, medical staff for scans, midwives & doctors for birth, post-natal aftercare and then 18 years of schooling Abortion is by far the cheapest option. It's win win really.
  9. Guilty until proven innocent? That is exactly what these seizures are.
  10. Really? According to this link, the UK Government spend over £10,000 a year per child, not including healthcare. In what world is it economically viable to attract people likely to start having children soon? Proper little drains on the economy, especially when Mum & Dad are minimum wage earners imported from typically low salary countries. Older people aren't the problem - parents and children are.
  11. LOL. And humans ALL fucking bite too because they all have teeth And men all punch women because they all have fists. You're dumber than woody.
  12. Considering the Govt are whining about increasing the population I'm surprised they haven't considered an equal footing for employees. Just the extra statutory holidays in the UK are worth over £1000 on the average salary. It also makes for much happier workers and more satisfied residents. Maternity pay should also be the same as the UK, if not more given the higher costs of living.
  13. Never had any of my dogs on leads, always have them under my control though. do you think that all sheepdogs are out of control when they running around the countryside rounding up sheep to whistled instructions?
  14. The IOM employment law must need a massive overhaul, from the basic entitlement to paid annual leave (20 days/4 weeks on IOM and 28 days/5.6 weeks in the UK) to the differences in maternity pay. IOM employers do not have to pay statutory maternity pay whereas UK employers must pay maternity pay for 39 weeks. New mothers are entitled to up to 26 weeks off (unpaid) on IOM whereas they can take up to 52 weeks in the UK. There must be many more examples. Why are we lagging so far behind on these basic social provisions when we seem to import all sorts of other laws wholesale by blindly copying whatever right wing nonsense the UK comes up with in many cases?
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