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  1. My understanding is that from Monday, Regent St is re-opening on monday 11th Jan as self-service only.
  2. Thanks Teapot. Thanks slinkydevil.
  3. Any suggestions as to who to PM about this? Anyone?
  4. So you can't have principles about anything unless you are 100% correct in everything you do, at any time? It's very, very easy to belittle climate change activists by suggesting that they can never drive anywhere or they're hypocrites. Neatly sidesteps you from having to consider their message by just focusing on slating the message-bringer. Wood is a renewable resource and mahogany can be sustainable depending on where it is sourced, managed plantations do exist. However if there is a genuine concern about mahogany sourced from rainforests and other non-sustainable sources, it should be banned by Governments to import it. It should not be down to people making their own moral choices as one woman's morals are another woman's chains.
  5. I am hopeful the TT will return in 2021. We can't pause life forever. But IF it is cancelled it will return in 2022.
  6. Another vote for "The Park is terrible" here. Stayed there for a week last month. Got up one morning and went down for breakfast and they hadn't even got it ready. I went to ask a member of staff to be met with a "Don't even talk to me. I'm not in the mood". Terrible service, horrible staff.
  7. My daughter has been trying to join up this this site for a while but keeps getting the following error, she has tried with 3 different usernames and email addresses. have registrations been turned off? Sorry, there is a problem You are not permitted to register a user account with this site. Error code: 2S129/1
  8. Ok ok dont lose your blob! So cyclists going straight on use the right lane as normal? Gotcha.
  9. So what are we supposed to do?? If using the cycle lane for going straight, then the lights change???
  10. I second it. Anecdotal as well I know, but not a dicky bird of any learning given from school to my kids. If the teachers or government really gave the smallest of fucks about the children or their parents they would cancel the summer holidays. How will any parent will manage to take yet more time off a few short weeks after going back to work?? The kids could make the learning theyve missed up if the holidays were cancelled. But we all know the teachers would never agree
  11. It's not their decision though. Nor should they even be voicing an opinion.
  12. The amount of money I have saved by not going pubbing and clubbing. I don't think I'll go back to it. Much better having some pals in the yard and a night 'in" costs about 10 quid instead of 100 on a night "out". Dream on h&b. This is the new normal. People without yards are drinking in groups in parks, beaches etc. Its really nice, the place looks more alive than ever. People having fun outside everywhere
  13. St marks road was closed yesterday due to an RTC, with emergency services on scene.
  14. The last 2 that I can remember (not on mountain, just fatal) involved 4 older people in Laxey (30 limit), 2 teens in Santon (50 limit). If national speeds limits exist, vehicles should be limited to those speeds by inhibitors, no car should even be capable of going over the limit. Until that happens, it seems like pointless revenue gathering. We all see boy racers daily dashing through residential 20 limits at 40+, which is far worse than them doing 80 in wild quiet uninhabited areas. Sort the existing problems before making changes.
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