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  1. Is there something in the water in Onchan that confers extra gullibility?
  2. I read this and it made me angry. What sort of piece of crap beats up a man in a mobility scooter?
  3. People, sadly, know who TJ is. He has surpassed being a fictional character. That is why I was advocating a level of caution. He unfortunately believes he is TJ. Just like other fictional characters on here believe that they are their forum characters as they spend fsr too much time on here.
  4. I’m not a shrink at all. I’m merely pointing out that the people on this forum are not real. They’re basically made up cartoon characters, but the significance of what they say to other people (if it’s unkind things about their mental health which they might know about them from their real life) clearly could have real life repercussions. That’s all.
  5. I think you may be far too obsessed with analyzing the psychological state of other forum characters to be frank, which might perhaps conceivably prompt you to analyze your own psychology if you are narcissistic enough to believe there are people out there who are literally seething because they can’t interact with fictional characters on an anonymous Isle of Man Internet forum.
  6. Dilli if you think this forum is real you need to stop posting, I am concerned about the TJ legacy issues he may be having. That’s just being a concerned human being isn’t it? I just dont think it’s good practice to goad someone about their alleged mental health issues when they look like they’ve had a rough time. That’s all. .
  7. I would agree with you on TJ being a convenient scape goat I didn’t say you said he was mental either. I was addressing others. You do seem to have a very strange view of people seething though (didn’t notwell say something like that too)? I’m struggling to be honest as to why anyone would possibly care enough to seeth about not being able to post rubbish on Manx Forums. I would imagine anyone on the outside of what is going on now would be laughing rather than seething as the main agenda would appear to me to close Manx Forums and posting rates have been really low all week. As I said to not well above I wouldn’t discount people trolling themselves on here in order to grab attention and create a fuss rather than narcissistically believe anyone might care enough to be bothered with them. Let alone that anyone might be ‘seething’ about it as really everyone here is just an anonymous internet poster and a total nobody.
  8. So with that experience what would your professional view be on forum members still bullying a former forum poster about being mental etc etc etc in posts in here whilst that forum member is effectively banned from the forums and may be having personal issues in real life and reading that stuff? What sort of risks would you think might be around that sort of thing for things that might happen IRL? I’m just curious as to whether I’m over thinking or over analyzing things I’ve posted elsewhere.
  9. Must have got away with “the dog ate my homework” in a previous life perhaps?
  10. I stood up for TJ for no other reason than the same as James Hampton. I feel quite sorry for him and I don’t think goading him about being mental is going I help. However I note your other comment and to be honest I also notice that you’re not a Mod so whose business is it of yours who should and shouldn’t be allowed to post here? I’m not quite sure where you’re coming from.
  11. You seem to make a lot of assumptions about a lot of things. All these claims and counter claims about who (in your opinion, or Tarnes opinion) is mental and who isn’t is boring. It’s just repetitive bullying behaviour which might create events IRL. I think it’s probably more likely that you’re being prodded as you’re a wind up merchant to be honest, or maybe your trolling yourself for forum sympathy, rather than buying into the belief that there are serial nutcases who are obsessed with you. Sounds pretty narcissistic to me. As I said I’ve said my piece that people should just draw a line under it as constantly goading TJ has the potential to not end well.
  12. I agree with that 100% which is why I also believe that other posters on here should just draw a line under it. Not sit here relentlessly taunting him about being mental etc etc etc when he has no immediate right of reply and when they have no idea how he might be handling it IRL. Its just trying to goad him into making a move for their own amusement by constantly posting that they think he’s mental when he’s probably reading it all. I just wanted to say my piece. It’s not my issue and I can look at myself in the mirror if anything happens from now on having said what I think. It’s also odd when some of the posters saying the above are also admitting this in other threads (which I agree with)
  13. Oh come on it’s pretty vile what you (and others) are doing. Taunting him to come on here and have a complete meltdown by constantly harping on about how mental he is and how various people on here have mental problems etc, etc, etc. Its boring now to be honest and you really don’t know how he might take it IRL. If he does something stupid and you can still look in the mirror then fine crack on. That was all. It’s just a pack now trying to pick on him and I doubt he’s the most robust person at dealing with such taunting so I’m guessing there are risks.
  14. I agree. Poisoning is a bit extreme but when I’ve had nuisance dogs hanging round I’ve certainly put stuff down in the past that gives the dog a massive dose of the shits. Hopefully in the owners front room.
  15. localyokel

    New Rules

    Don’t lick the sherbet apparently (although I’m not sure whether that is a Rhumsaa euphemism)
  16. To be honest the obsession with other peoples mental health is getting a bit boring and more than a bit sinister now. Especially against TJ who I am guessing probably does get treatment from time to time. Bullying someone like that over claimed mental health issues on a public forum isn’t big and it isn’t clever. He doesn’t strike me as the sort of person who would deal with it that well either so if he does bring himself to any harm as a result of what now looks like relentless taunting just to provoke a response from him I hope some of the people on here will be able to look in the mirror. That is all. Please now carry on abusing whoever you want.
  17. I’ve just done a purchase this afternoon no issues.
  18. Lib Van are disappointing. They’ve become the Manx Tory party in disguise.
  19. Might I facetiously suggest that this may be because their other accounts don’t work anymore? I’m not sure pinning it all in one direction provides any answers to be honest as if it’s as bad as it’s being suggested by you and others surely the mental health services would have been involved by now? However it has been very quiet on here last few days.
  20. localyokel

    New Rules

    Very true and clearly there are far too many people living their entire days on social media getting totally absorbed by things that do not matter at all. If someone has been hassling the mods IRL then I hope they have gone down the appropriate routes with outside agencies - but that said I’m not sure I agree with James that the problem here is simply down to one nutter who has big issues. TJ has been a convenient excuse for a lot of the problems leveled at Manx Forums and has been a constant spectre haunting these forums for years and I have to say that if it really is just him and not loads of other posters whose accounts have got banned as well the level of posting here since Monday does suggest that very few people do actually post here regularly. I was rather hoping that wouldn’t be the case as it would prove Geoff Corkish right.
  21. localyokel

    New Rules

    I can’t imagine why anyone would want to contact a mod outside of here? Surely that’s just being obsessive and basically stalking? Do people really take any of this rubbish that seriously at all?
  22. Oh yes that other well known gravy trainer trick - government jobs that are only available to people who already have government jobs.
  23. I still get confused when they make reference to May and Hammond’s first budget as I can’t help thinking that they’re referring to James May and Richard Hammond and were in for some sort of joke Top Gear budget. So what do we think will be announced today and is anything likely to adversely affect the IOM?
  24. So Flinty has been supping a lot more gravy than he’s claiming then. Even the job appears to have been made up.
  25. Oh right, I didn’t realize he used social media. Thanks for posting that.
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