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  1. He’s on their every day with his usual mien
  2. Howard’s got a bit of a temper on him at times. If it was me I’d have thrown the whiny little cunt out of the press call and told him to go home. Then ran his boss and told him that’s the last time that little cunt was welcome in Government Office if he didn’t buck his ideas up and apologise for being such a prick.
  3. Neither is TJ. Anyone who has spent 5 mins on that Facebook Group can spot exactly who the similar sounding carpet bombing conspiracy bullshit talking wankshaft is after 30 seconds.
  4. I bet you did. I bet its now a burned out shell on wasteland so that the rozzers can’t track you down for crime of the century.
  5. Yes I’ve squashed a pheasant and hedgehog in the last few months alone. According to llap I’m obviously a serial killer who should be imprisoned before I go on a rampage of serial killing just like this kid who some busy body claims mowed down a duck. Now we have to have the Facebook police out looking for another non-crime.
  6. I doubt he’s the next Ted Bundy just because some busy body on Facebook claims that he killed a duck.
  7. In your world maybe. But not in the real one.
  8. I’m not sure I’m that bothered about a kid who killed a duck. Looks like a load of wasted Police time to me following up a report from some mad old bag on Facebook who I’m sure can’t back up any of her claims of this alleged duck murder. They have to prove intent for any thing and not just because some busy body on Facebook says he did it.
  9. The Manx goat-shagging community has been in a noticeable decline for quite some time now.
  10. He's certainly put a lot more cunt into cuntry and western !
  11. Why is it "stupid" to be a volunteer? People volunteer for many reasons and volunteering is very satisfying. I was one of the stupid marshals for many years, including doing early morning practices and booking my annual leave around the TT & MGP. I don't know any marshals who give even a moments thought to the "corporate trough". However I can guarantee that David Cretney (MHK) will be sitting on a wall at Ballaugh Bridge, doing his bit as a 'stupid volunteer' to keep the races going. That said, I do agree that the biggest threat to the TT & MGP is a lack of marshals and there is a need to recruit more young people. I don't agree that there are "very few young folk wanting to do things for free these days". I've got a much more positive view of young people than that. However, they do have a great many other interests nowadays which compete for their time. Also, there are many more marshals required to stage the event now than there ever used to be, so I believe this is the biggest threat to the future of road racing on the Isle of Man. Mr Cretney has done very nicely out of the public purse for decades. More than enough to afford to do some free standing around at Ballaugh Bridge for a week. In fact on the £1.6m his department gave away on the marketing contract a few years ago he can stand around for free until he's 99 years old and still not be in credit on the taxes we've paid in that have been paid out to the shower of leeches who profit from all public money 'invested' in the TT. I'm not suggesting the marshalls are stupid. Just that without volunteers and amateurs this event wouldn't go ahead. Yet at the same time everyone else is completely fearless in sticking their noses in the public trough for their own financial benefit - standing on the backs and shoulders of all that free goodwill & volunteerism with their wallets flapping in the breeze.
  12. It always amazes me why the marshals and others are still stupid enough to turn up for free now every last person and government dept is full on ragging the ass out of this event for cash. The TT is a race kept going by amateurs and volunteers so that every other pig can stick his face in the corporate trough and get a bigger cut!
  13. You're the predictable one - starting an argument with yourself 5 posts into a thread. Knock yourself out on this. Most of us have better things to do today. But you don't do you? You can sit here and argue with yourself here all day as you have bugger all else to do with your life. Which of the usual suspects will you be conjuring up over the next few hours to perpetuate your nonsensical arguments today? I think we know them all by now.
  14. Usually stupid snidy comments that you yourself are the source of, and which you perpetuate.
  15. Most of the poor quality of life been brought down in the last 15 years by either deadbeat imported civil servants who want this place to be exactly like the UK, or beatbeat financial sector workers who have turned parts of the place into a third-rate UK expat enclave (but without any money so we now have dead shops, pubs or resturants). Its a desperate state of affairs in a lot of areas, and now the money has run out building an alien place that a lot of Manx people don't even recognise or enjoy anymore.
  16. Four wheel groupies and VIPs? I'd suggest this has more to do with a Manxman wanting to achieve something unique on his home turf. Its not like this has been a set up for any old F1 or rally ace to promote Subaru. I think given the strong Manx connection to an established Manx event that you should stop moaning about mythical things that it won't do to either the TT or TT supporters.
  17. I agree with the first part of your reply. This is a Motorcycle Road Race on public roads. If, God forbid, one of these cars were to lose it in an area where there are a large amount of fans. Well , it does not pay to think about. As I said this is a Bike Meeting. The only reason these people are here is publicity of the back of a World famous Bike Race. It has nothing to do with cars, and I hope none of the Bike events will be affected by the running of a pointless publicity stunt. To suggest a ' Lap Record ' is ridiculous. How many laps have benn done to achieve this. Attempts amount to about 4 Laps I think. The publicity gained will all be to Subarus, how could it benefit the TT Motorcycle Races. Oh yes it will benefit IOM PLC. The TT is definitely useful for some things, to hell with the genuine Bike fans who have spent a fortune to get here and are ripped of from the moment they step ashore. They who have supported theTT for well over 100 years now. But to hell with them bring on the Cars and endless VIP areas, who cares about the 'real' bikers.The IOM TT started in 1904 as a Car race, quit your whining.Not wringing just stating facts. The Car Races ( for a few Landed Gentry ) lasted for three years, I think , since then it has been all Bikes. The fame of the TT has nothing whatsoever to do with cars. Fact, not whining. The Isle of Man TT is aMotorcycle Road Race,Not an opportunity for a few VIP to parade themselves and their love of cars. It's pure jealousy , as cars have never been able to create any thing like the TT. Silverstone = cars racing round a car park, boring, boring, boring. Ignoring the point that Higgins is a Manxman who is doing this as its a long held personal goal he's managed to get Subaru to back. This doesn't seem to be a corporate motorsport wankfest on behalf of the 4 wheel brigade.
  18. I agree with the first part of your reply. This is a Motorcycle Road Race on public roads. If, God forbid, one of these cars were to lose it in an area where there are a large amount of fans. Well , it does not pay to think about. Bollocks. If you go on YouTube I'm sure Marks 150mph tank-slapper at Ago's leap is still on there. The control was quite impressive. Yes there are risks but just like the bikers these are professionals taking calculated risks. I'll be watching for one as I think its a brilliant idea and I hope he breaks the record and that the Island and Subaru gets loads of publicity.
  19. Give up you're just completely full of shit - as usual. To try to prove yourself right you're now going to say that to be Manx you need to have a proper and acknowledged 'Manx' surname aren't you? Or that you aren't Manx until 10 generations have lived here. Clown.
  20. Removed due to changed/deleted report links. Not that anyone named has been found guilty of anything as yet anyway
  21. Stick it up your arse. If you think that's slander run off to the mods and act like a big baby like you always do if you have a problem with what I said (and with what Amadeus & others also said having read the same post). You can also do a bit of bleating to the Mods about being bullied whilst your at it (you're usually really good at that too) you sad sack of shit.
  22. What a walter!!! You accuse me of racism, then you get exposed as a flat out LIAR, and then you resort to childish name-calling. Oh just fuck off. You're message board cancer you are. A hideous cancerous internet growth whose only purpose is to constantly irritate, debilitate, and strangle anything it comes into contact with. You're a gargantuan self-important intellectual turd wallowing in the toilet bowl of your own meaningless existence.
  23. Local means someone from the Isle of Man. I know you good old Manx racists would dearly love to pin this on any non-indigenous new resident (because they're either benefit scroungers, here to nick your job, or obviously all illegal immigrants and plain trouble) but the odds of this being a local homegrown shite-arse are pretty high. Nevermind you can go back to your irrational racism now TJ. I was just stating a fact but don't let that get in the way of a good excuse to post racist lies about Manx people. At no point did my post mention any of the things you brought up. At no point did I say the culprit was Manx or not Manx. There are criminals in every group of people, just as there are MORONS on every thread on here. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Fuck off you whinging little prick. Always the first to play the poor and innocent card when found out posting shite.
  24. Really? Ross Noble mentioned the violinists were turning blue with the cold, and the wind was clearly quite blustery. It wasn't really that wonderful, but then again the One Show isn't really that wonderful. Add to that she got all the Manx phrases wrong, they couldn't pronounce Peter Kennaughs surname, and all the Manx place names sounded nothing like the real place names. 'Pete' Colley did some great stunts though.
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