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  1. Another expensive fucking catastrophe in the making, then!
  2. If I was a betting man, I’d put money on “It’ll be finished for TT 2021” as the new target date. It’ll be interesting to see what the revised phasing plans say, as the published ones are around two months behind, and slipping by the week.
  3. To drift slightly off topic, does anyone know what qualifications, or relevant experience, Nick Black has to be heading the massive Department of Incompetence. My suspicion is that the answer is 'fuck all' which may explain why he finds himself presiding over one financial and operational disaster, after another:- Airport Finances Cost over-run on Liverpool Docks Richmond Hill fiasco Promenade refurbishment delays lack of progress MER/Snaefell accidents Horse tram deficits Horse tram rebuild fiasco Financially dubious minibus service Endless unnecessary new buses Please feel free to add to this list...................... At what point, do senior Civil Servants start to become genuinely accountable for stuff like this happening on their watch........
  4. The costs that you refer to aren't charged to the Airport, they are charged to the Airlines, as part of their overall ground handling costs.
  5. It was actually 10 years ago! There have been quite a few other 757's over the years, and some did direct flights to the Med. So they can operate, in and out, quite comfortably over their usual range although there may well have been payload, or performance restrictions. They are a dying breed now though, and the very occasional A321 is the largest we are likely to see, in future
  6. A number of years ago I saw a 757 depart after bringing in the Island Games team. As it was positioning empty to a UK airport, it's take-off weight was minimal (no pax, no bags, hardly any fuel) and the crew obviously had a bit of fun trying to get airborne in the shortest time/distance possible. It took about 10 seconds, from brakes off.
  7. I absolutely agree that this is exactly the sort of thing MR news hounds should be pursuing, at the moment, and not settling for Harmer's unconvincing mumbles, that any delays are all to do with poorly recorded Victorian pipework.
  8. I don't think this is necessarily public information, at this stage. The petitioner presents their petition, and we only find out what it's about if they chose to talk to the media. John Moss said more or less this, today, when a listener asked why MR had only featured 5 or 6 in their coverage. According to Mr Moss, some petitioners declined to be interviewed, whilst others just vanished into the crowds before they could be approached. As far as I can see, few, if any, have much credibility.
  9. I've walked the length of the Prom this morning, and the only work being done anywhere, is by Stephen Christian's men and machines, who are rapidly breaking up more and more of the old surface, at both ends. Other than them, there are a handful, I mean four or five blokes, generally just wandering about, but doing nothing constructive, and certainly making no progress to getting any of the closed sections reinstated. There is something badly wrong with this project. It must be slipping further and further behind schedule, each week. Businesses are being disrupted for months longer than envisaged, and we are being told nothing. It is starting to look like the Department of Incompetence's biggest ever cock-up, and that is saying something.
  10. It is well known that Ian Longworth wanted the new tram line to terminate at the Sefton, and apparently he threw his toys around quite a lot, but eventually lost the argument. But, I'm sure that you are wrong about the plans for Loch Prom being changed, for two reasons:- 1. The section from the Sea Terminal to Broadway is subject to Planning Consent, which has been obtained, and so they can't just randomly change the plan, in such a fundamental way, on a whim. 2. The new red/pink concrete area on Loch Promenade, which will eventually be some sort of pedestrian refuge, in the middle of the new carriageway. Its position allows for where the 'middle' will be, when the horse trams are on the seaward side, next to the sunken gardens.
  11. There is definitely something odd going on. All the sections they are currently working on (Victoria Street to Howard Street; Castle Mona to Switzerland Road; Strathallan Crescent seaward side) should have been finished by 24th May, as per their own phasing plan, only published in March. https://www.myprom.im/plans/phasing-plans#cont Since TT Week, there has been minimal progress on the tram line section, as where there was an army of men there before TT, there are now only five or six. At the current rate of progress, it is difficult to see these sections being finished by (say) end August, which will put them a clear three months behind schedule. Meanwhile, Harmer was on the radio this evening (and probably will be again tomorrow morning) mumbling about 'progress' in his usual unconvincing way, and declaring himself satisfied with 'progress', and generally treating the public with contempt.
  12. Fenton's have moved in the last few days, to a new shop just around the corner in Victoria Street, so the developers now have vacant possession of the whole block.
  13. In which case, the entire "Road Safety Strategy" is a complete and utter waste of time.
  14. I'm not sure that they would! A few weeks ago, I reported a near head-on, on the Ramsey to Laxey coast road, caused by a dickhead in an English registered van overtaking three vehicle, including me, at high speed while approaching the blind bend, after Bulgham and before the Ever-lasting Bend. Cops took all the details, including English reg of the offending vehicle and the other two cars in the overtake. Unfortunately, it all happened too fast to get the number of the innocent oncoming vehicle who was nearly wiped out. They did call me back, to say that despite the English reg, they'd found it was insured to an address in Ramsey. The female cop asked "What do you want us to do about it? Will it be OK if I track him down and tell him not to drive like a prick?" I said "No". I heard no more about it. They're not interested, until someone dies.
  15. That's because there are no advertising opportunities for local business because the DfE have 'sold'** the advert time to their own major TT sponsors (RL 360, SES, etc), and because MR are apparently only allowed to promote DfE endorsed events. So no xxxx are playing at the British, yyyy are playing at the Sam Webb's and so on. Remember, this is the arm of Government that is supposed to be helping local businesses to flourish. You couldn't make it up. ** I'd be pretty sure that 'sold' is DfE speak for 'given away'.
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