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  1. Don't believe these are travel related, dashboard states linked cases, Manx Radio have got it wrong!
  2. Looking at the dashboard now, they need to do 27610, to get all Phase One done, so if we take 15th April, as Ashford's mid-April target, they need to do 1200 a day, every day, from here on. Probably, 'all' is an unrealistic target, but 90% would still require 977 a day.
  3. https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/covid-19-vaccination-statistics/ You need to use the date slider to select specific dates, or ranges. You can also use the drop down to filter by age groups etc. Enjoy!!
  4. It clearly is deliberate. There were Zero first doses actually scheduled for yesterday, and the same for today. Not sure how that turned into 3 actually done. They currently have 800 for tomorrow and 1000+ for Thursday and Friday. But like you, I don't understand the strategy of having blank days.
  5. Doesn't this business of 40+ bus drivers self-isolating, plus no statement from BV or DoI, suggest another failure of the Co-Vid protocols within another Government transport undertaking? Driving a bus, behind a perspex screen, is quite a solitary job, so how have so many suddenly tested positive, probably picking it up from a single index case? And then , how have so many then been categorised as 'close contacts'. How, where and why have they been mixing? What are the protocols, and have they been observed?
  6. They also passed 50% of Phase One (all over 50’s plus various vulnerable and priority groups) given the first dose. It has taken around 10 weeks. Hopefully the next 49.95% will be done in around half that time.
  7. @Albert TatlockYou are wrong about this. @Roger Mexicoand I tried to spell it out yesterday, but I'll try again. The big number on the dashboard "Awaiting Result Notification" means that the tests have been processed, and included in the cases figures already declared. But, they haven't notified the person who was tested. David Ashford explained this at the end of last week, but it seems that you misunderstood.
  8. I agree, that the 'awaiting' figure is building, and not contacting more people must be a capacity thing. But, the definition is clear, and it does not appear to be a cause for alarm. Perhaps the priority is only to contact positives results and manage the fallout from those.
  9. Just to clarify '1000 awaiting results' is actually '1014 awaiting result notification' (see page 7 of the Dashboard). This means a lot of people waiting to be told the outcome of their test, not that test is still being processed. So, those 1014 results are already in the headline figures. It isn't going to influence tomorrow's figures. The number of tests completed shows that the positive test rate is now 9%, down from a steady 13-14% for the last week, which looks like a move in the right direction.
  10. I've been watching the figures closely over the last couple of days. If you aspire to do 1000 jabs each day, you have to send 1000 letters each day, register 1000 customers, and book 1000 appointments - it's simple process and pipeline management. Yesterday, they booked 460 new appointment, and today (so far) 360. So unless they massively pick up the pace tomorrow, they will run out of people to jab, early next week. There are lots of positive comments around about the people doing the jabs, but there's a definite impression that the people running the back office haven't got a grip
  11. Well, the sycophants in the cabal that surround him probably told him it was great. In wider population, view seem to vary from indifference (at best) to despair and derision, at the other end of the spectrum. Hopefully, Tynwald will reject it this week, and will demand something better.
  12. Because we started late, and at a slow pace. We then took much longer to change to the extended intervals between 1st and 2nd doses. It the cumulative impact of those three decisions. You could call them ‘errors’. The good news, is that we now have around 15000 doses in stock, and they’ve shown that 1300 jabs a day is doable, so it should be possible to narrow that gap.
  13. You would certainly think so. But currently only around 2400 booked in for 1st doses between today and Monday (15th) nothing beyond that. Hopefully we'll see lots of appointments being set up, over the weekend, and 1000 a day again, right through next week.
  14. She'll need to stand for the Keys first!!
  15. I don't believe we have actually had Sundays figures,everything published yesterday referred to those numbers being from Saturday. Is what is to come today going to be 1 day or 2 days cases? Its an absolute shambles!
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