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  1. Probably the same advisers who told HQ it was a great idea to visit the Hospice.
  2. If re-elected, he needs to role his sleeves up, take on a ministerial role and get stuck in. He's a bright guy with fifteen years in the Keys done. He needs to forget all the dressing up, pagentry and status-seeking, and start making a positive contribution to getting the Island back on track, after the last 18 months.
  3. He knows he's going to lose the Presidential Election tomorrow (I know that sounds ludicrous) and this is some sort of bizarre, last throw of the dice, to fuck things up for CoMin.
  4. There are the people who 'designed' the rail section and are presumably liable for any re-work required. https://www.bsa.co.im/ One wonders if a small organisation, who can't even create a website, will have sufficient professional imdemnity to cover several million pounds of reconstruction.
  5. That must be very many years ago, as there’s a horse tram in the background!
  6. There are numerous hypothetical scenarios such as you have outlined. The IOMG have decided that, on balance, this is a risk they are prepared to accept, for the sake of the economy, and many peoples' sanity. It is up to you, and your family, of you are prepared to accept the 'risk' you have outlined. There is no silver bullet answer. It's your choice.
  7. That's not what he said. A caller came on and said 'a man down the pub told him that he'd been offered two years of work fixing the defects on the Prom.' Obviously Baker said he knew nothing about it and that two years would not be within the contract terms. On this occasion, I believe him!
  8. Two lots of Strategic Board minutes have been added to the website for April and May. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/myprom.im/21-05-07-signed-douglas-promenade-project-board-minutes_redacted.pdf https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/myprom.im/21-04-09-signed-douglas-promenade-project-board-minutes_redacted.pdf A few highlights:- The target date for completion is 28/8, but Black insists it should be 26/8 ahead of the bank holiday weekend. They still don't have an acceptable solution to the cracked concrete. Siemens have given up trying to design a traffic light solution for the trams. There was nothing wrong with the rail lines that were ripped up - the problem was with the welding.
  9. He’s no doubt recognised that there is a huge open goal (in fact two) with the pair of candidates declared, so far, unlikely to appeal to many people.
  10. I’m sure he meant it’s 1p on the Onchan rate, which was 326p this year, rather than 1p per household! Total rates income in 2019/20 was £2.3m so he’s about right.
  11. I had my second jab last Friday (18th). Very smooth and speedy process. By this morning (Tuesday), it had been added to both my Patient Access and NHS Apps. This is a pretty good service, and a big 👏 to all concerned.
  12. No, he did say 'Group 1' which was the incorrect terminology. He's only been looking at that dashboard everyday since January, so it's understandable that he's not on the pace yet!
  13. Nellie


    Presumably Alf's £400m will be to fund the severance package?
  14. I just tried to pay my car tax, a process that normally takes 2-3 minutes. After half an hour of timeouts and slow loading pages, I gave up. Seems that the census overload is dragging the whole Online Services functionality down.......
  15. You do understand that prices rise, as seats are sold, and there are fewer available? They employ small aircraft, and the probability is that the flights you want are almost full. Nothing more sinister, or opportunistic, than that. Anyway, easyJet have loads of seats to Gatwick, around those dates for under £40 each way.
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