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  1. To achieve the target of all over 50’s given two doses by end May, they need to do 4500 per week from now (that includes a mix of first and second doses) so they are not far off that pace today, assuming a seven day week. Although, it’s a bit like a game of cricket. The target looks easy until you get behind the required run rate. Once you do, it goes up really quickly.
  2. Agreed. All CEO’s on three (or possibly five) year fixed term contracts, with robust measures of success, independently assessed and evaluated. No compensation or parachute payments for non-renewal. Would focus the minds of useless chancers like Nick Black.
  3. Charles Guard is a Director of Radio Manx Ltd, so he’s probably signed off all the changes you refer to!!
  4. I guess that after almost a year of doing fuck all, Ann Reynolds just had to get in on the act, somehow.
  5. I've been crtical of the vaccination programme, so far, especially the pedestrian pace and lack of any obvious urgency. So to add a bit of balance, a family member 80+, who got a letter last week and on calling 111 was told there were no appointments available, has now had a phone call offering a slot next Tuesday (26th Jan) with a second one on (16th Feb). Assuming that they are not a 'one-off', that does seem to suggest that they have opened up near term slots which weren't available a few days ago. Hopefully this reflects a bit more urgency being injected into the process (pun int
  6. Nellie

    Rob Mercer

    This man epitomises all that is wrong with our politics. No one has heard of him. No one knows what skills, experience or qualities he has. No one knows what he stands for. No one in the general public has ever voted for him. Yet, through our system of cronyism and patronage, he'll be picking up a cool five grand a month for the next three years (balance of his term) Next question - Who is Peter Greenhill MLC? Our system is seriously broken.
  7. Frankly, this log jam was totally predictable. Anyone with an O-level in process design would have foreseen this. As I said dozens of pages ago, these idiots will end up overwhelmed by numerous letters, phone calls, post-it notes and complaints for every single vaccine administered. There are three outputs required here; Jab 1, Jab 2, An update to your patient record. Anything else is waste, potential points of failure or error, and unnecessary. Ashford brags how it's all going to 'ramp up' in a few weeks. It is clear that if you have a crap systems (which they clearly have) your pro
  8. On Monday, they need to have the Director/Head of/Chief Executive of Vaccines on the podium to answer some of these questions. That presser today showed us that Ashford is not keeping up to date on what is happening on the ground, and is swallowing all the bullshit he's being fed
  9. You’ll never, ever find out who is actually in charge of this. It’d be pretty sure it’s being run by a committee or ad hoc group, with no focus on anything, except having loads of zoom meetings and generating reports, papers and minutes.
  10. The letter requires you to ring 111 and then select option 2. Presumably that is a filter for vaccination appointment callers.
  11. Who knows! One for Ashford to explain. You'd obviously expect the number of available slots and the number of letters sent, to be closely aligned.
  12. Over 80 family member received their letter today. Six A4 pages of text!!. Rang the number specified, within 15 minutes. Got cut off. Rang again. No appointments available. It's a complete fucking fiasco.
  13. I’d expect Quayle and Ashford to get a rough ride in Tynwald next week on this, and related matters.
  14. Well, see my note above about hitting the May target. If that is to happen, they'll have to have picked up the pace by mid-February, so maybe there will be more slots open, by then. You're probably right about the alphabet, although it might have been better by postcode. Call IM1, IM2 and IM3 first, as there's a better chance they can make it to Noble's, so take up would be higher, and booking calls simpler to handle. Writing to lots of elderly people in Bride and Dalby will just generate a lot of long conversations about 'how I can't get to Nobles'. Those folk could then be offered
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