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  1. I’m also curious why surplus Bus Vannin vehicles are never offered for sale through the usual DoI auction process. Every six months or so, the DoI auctions off all sorts of surplus stuff; lorries, vans, cranes, wheelbarrows etc but never any buses. They are getting rid of buses with a design life of 15-20 years at 8 or 9 years old, so they have a significant value, and are probably quite sought after, as they are very low mileage and have had an easy life. Looks like another situation where Longworth has managed to circumvent the usual processes, more than likely, for his own benefit?
  2. Curiously, this press release fails to mention that Bus Vannin have already owned a hybrid bus, a Wrightbus integral Steetlite, number 142, which they sold, because it wasn’t very good! It ended it’s days in the IOM as an ‘airside’ Bus, at the Airport.
  3. Nellie

    TT 2018

    I used 'arguably' for a reason. You have one view. Others see it differently. There is already information in the public domain, from the accident investigation, that indicates that some of the riders involved in that incident, had not read the relevant regulations on how to respond in such a situation. As a consequence, they took instruction from someone who was not authorised to give it.
  4. Nellie

    TT 2018

    Although the investigation into this incident, and surrounding events, have not been made public, it seems highly likely that an individual marshal, somewhere between Kerrowmoar, and the scene of Dan's accident, made a unilateral decision to send the riders who were stopped at his point, back the 'wrong way'. They almost certainly did this, based on an announcement made by the CoC, over the grandstand and paddock tannoy, which was picked up, and broadcast, by Manx Radio TT. There was no way that any marshal with an ounce of common sense, would have interpreted that announcement as an instruction. It was simply an indication of the intent, on how they would get stranded riders back to the paddock. There is, arguably, a degree of contributory negligence on the part of the riders, who had already been instructed on what to do in the wake of a red-flag incident, and who then deviated from that instruction by setting-off, without authorisation, and supervision, of a T-M. It is noticeable, that at 2019 TT and FoM, such paddock announcements were not broadcast by MR.
  5. It is well known that a prominent individual within the DoE Motorsport Team is waging a personal campaign end the MGP, for their own reasons. Whilst that person has certainly helped to reinvigorate the TT, since the Centenary, in 2007, he needs to be reminded that his role is to develop Motorsport, on the Island, not just the TT. It's notable that the Manx Rally collapsed, and was banned, on his watch too. Maybe it's time for some fresh faces in that team.
  6. Absolutely, someone should be sacked! Don't forget, in addition to the day to day operational chaos and risk, when pushed to explain why the horse trams are running, a whole succession of DoI Directors/Managers/Minister (Black, Robinson, Longworth and Harmer) all lied about having a contractual obligation to do so.
  7. It seems that from next Monday (2nd) another chunk of the Promenade, from Granville Street to the old Rendezvous Corner will be fenced off and dug up, even though there's no sign of any of the current sections being finished and re-opened. https://www.myprom.im/updates/latest-news/update-re-works-starting-2-september-2019
  8. £1 billion, according to HRH, which sounds like a figure plucked out of the sky, with absolutely nothing to substantiate it. That's around £11,000 for every man, woman and child, which even spread over 30 years sounds like an impossible sum of money.
  9. Jason Roberts works as a freelance reporter, and sells 'newsworthy' reports to both 3FM and Manx Radio. Presumably he sits through a lot of mundane crap, which no-one is interested in, but occasionally, he'll pick up a little gem like this!
  10. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=50126&headline=In this week's Manx Independent%3A Is govt really bound by a contract to run the horse trams this year%3F&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019 So, it seems that Harmer, Black, and Robinson have, between them, lied to Tynwald, the Public, the Tynwald Scrutiny Committee, and the media, about having a "contractual obligation" to run the Horse Trams, in 2019. Well done to IOM Newspapers for asking what was a pretty obvious question, and getting an equally predictable answer. Now, Mr Butt, have you got what it takes to really put the boot in, and force a couple of resignations. Or are we all quite happy to have a bunch of liars running this show? Of course, we all know that the shadow of the odious Ian Longworth is in the background here, no doubt manipulating this feeble trio to lie, on his behalf, so he can carry on playing trains and trams, even though he's supposed to have retired.
  11. But, he's planning to stand for the Legislative Council. There was no mention in the MR interview as to whether he has found two MHK's who will nominate, and second, him. (I think that is the process to get into the ballot). He clearly doesn't fancy standing for the Keys, and the likely humiliation that would bring, so he's not that daft!!
  12. I suspect there may be a large element of truth in this. When the hoteliers were on the radio last week, there was a lot of comment about terrible reviews of Tripadvisor etc. and the long term damage that such reviews could do, in 2020 and beyond. However, when I looked at recent reviews of six or seven hotels (Sefton, Palace, Chesterhouse, Claremont, Regency etc.) there were only two mentions of the work in around two dozen recent reviews (total). There were many more positive reviews and happy punters. There were far more negative comments about the generally run-down and tatty appearance of the Palace. If Treasury do decide to put together some sort of financial package, it should be geared towards attracting tourists, improving occupancy rates, improving the hotel stock generally, to match the lovely new Promenade. This can be done through promotion and advertising support, loans and grants for focused improvements, and (possibly) some financial support geared to getting 'heads on beds' off season. It shouldn't just be about spraying random cash in their direction, to compensate for alleged loss of revenue, which will be impossible to substantiate.
  13. That was the word at the time! In any event, it’s obvious there was no proper credit control process at the airport or Treasury, or they’d never have let a company with virtually no tangible assets, run up a £1.6m debt. If KB wants to embarrass a few folk, getting that aspect investigated might be more effective, even though most of the key players have changed. (Probably only Reynolds still around to take the rap).
  14. Yes, I don't recall that anyone ever explained how the Credit Control processes at the Airport, and/or Treasury, ever allowed a company with virtually no assets to run up a £1.6m bill for airport fees etc. I suspect, that TB and his merry men didn't have the balls to be the ones to pull the plug the moment they exceeded their agreed line of credit, which probably shouldn't have been more than £100k, in the real world.
  15. Nellie


    This whole saga sounds like a typical 'throw money at a problem' IOMG solution, which is unlikely to be properly costed, or evaluated, around the numerous scenarios which may unfold, if only some drivers take it up, therefore only partly solving the problem. Is there any legal, or moral, reason why, in principle, the employer couldn't just give notice to these 50 drivers that the 'old T&C's' and therefore the earnings attached to them, are going to end on (say) 31st December 2021. This would give them notice that if they want to carry in earning at their current level, they may need to find a new job or a promotion, or upskill/retrain. It would protect them for a reasonable time, but create some personal responsibility for their own futures. As someone else said, pay cannot be a continuous one way, upward street, when the labour market shows there plenty of people willing to work on the new Terms and rates of pay. As long as the period of notice is fair and reasonable, is there a reason why they can't do this. I appreciate such a step might trigger issues with absence and discipline, during the transition, but these should be manageable as 'business as usual'.
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