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  1. Yes, he’s made a total prick of himself. He seems to think that a plane is like a rental car, and you just jump in and drive. No idea about the concept of type ratings, conversion courses and simulator costs which would be involved, as Flybe operated different planes to Loganair or Stobart.
  2. There seems to be an implant in the brains of twats like Black, Robinson, Reynolds (I know she’s not directly involved in this spending orgy, but she has Form), that tells them Capital isn’t real money, and you can fritter it away, without consequences. Sadly, the Treasury seem to agree. As we’ve already seen, Baker is far too weak to stand up to them.
  3. You mean the newish restaurant in Onchan? I doubt they can afford it.
  4. I see that Mauritius, who are next door to us in the CoVid 'league table', are now free of any active cases. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries Can we have an air bridge, please.
  5. Yes, I've seen that too. Looks like it's intended to last until the Walkway is rebuilt in 2021/2. Has no-one realised what happens to sand in rain and wind?
  6. Hopefully, on the end of a spike!
  7. I notice that the Irish paving company (Gibsons) are back on the Promenade, for the first time since March, laying the granite blocks. I have no problem with doctors, other health professionals, people who maintain the power station, vital hospital equipment etc. etc. being treated as Key Workers, but this is just taking the piss. Why have the DoI been given permission to bring these people in. Their skills can't be that specialised. There must be loads of local firms, or individuals, who can lay a few block, to the required standard.
  8. There's got to be a reasonable chance we'll be at 'Level 2' by then, so it won't be an issue.
  9. The first hat has been thrown into the ring. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/claire-christian-announces-douglas-south-candidacy/?fbclid=IwAR0kvLwT2dlnpGu67E6a31VoK4m6ADU6u_2RVtmEXJx26mpaoWyH3-WzOwI Although in view of the candidate, it's probably, strictly speaking, a very expensive fascinator, rather than a hat.
  10. Two opportunities to get elected will, doubtless, bring out all sorts of chancers and has-beens, so expect a field of 6 plus candidates......
  11. You're not wrong.
  12. Well, just suppose you were quite a high profile local sportswoman, who has been to the Island Games, the Commonwealth Youth Games, the World Youth Athletics Championships, and been on an all expenses paid scholarship at an American University. Manx Radio have supported, and reported, your career, over a long period, and have often given you a platform to promote yourself, and your achievements. Now you accuse them of racism, and want to get one of their staff sacked. Furthermore, local businesses, and sponsors have funded you, to the tunes of many £10,000's and the Manx community has supported your Gofundme appeal. The Manx Taxpayer has funded your costly medical treatment. Perhaps you'd want to remain anonymous, as you're concerned, that, if challenged, you might have difficulty demonstrating how you'd been in any way disadvantaged, by anything.
  13. It was interesting that, during his long interview on the Mannin Line today, Tim Baker was asked about the senior management team he'd inherited. He responded that "some of them will enjoy working with me, more than others." It suggests that he has sussed out some of them, but whether he'll actually be able to change anything will be a different matter.
  14. Just a couple:- "Because of the large increase in traffic coming in from Onchan and the A2 settlements there will be delays at some times of the day. These delays are a result of the additional traffic not the creation of an additional bus lane ahead of the left turn lane." - it is patently obvious that removing traffic from 180m of the roadway must also increase congestion in the remaining lane. It is insulting the public's intelligence to suggest otherwise. "A number of changes have been implemented in this area (Governors Dip) to ensure that traffic flow is running safely and efficiently. All measures and feedback confirm that it is working well and allowing traffic to flow better towards Douglas." - I don't know where they are getting their feedback from, but comment on social media, radio, print media does not reflect this. "Q. Could all vehicles use the left hand lane? Yes, they could and it would increase traffic flow further into Douglas; however, it would result in severe queuing at Rosemount,......"Drivers who want to turn left at St Ninians will still turn left, after being delayed in the right hand lane. How does this impact what happens at Rosemount? Motorists heading in that direction will still arrive there and contribute to any queues or congestion.
  15. The DoI have published their rationale for the changes to the revised traffic arrangements for routes into Douglas. As you would expect, it contains some fairly substantial porkies. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/myprom.im/final-29-06-2020-douglas-promenade-refurbishment-one-way-system.pdf
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