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  1. easyJet have overnighted an aircraft at Inverness for years, and more recently at Aberdeen too. Presumably Cobb must know how these deals have been cut and financed. Such an arrangement here would not solve all problems relating to London connectivity, but it would give a better morning departure to Gatwick and alleviate the issues around extended opening to accommodate the current late departure back to Gatwick. It might also gain them bums on seats. You only need to look at the booking engine to see that no-one wants to go on that late evening departure, if they can avoid it.
  2. Yes, to paraphrase, she told us that they need to develop and Transport Strategy which will involve the end of two car families, and lots of buses, electric scooters and trains and trams (modern ones, I think) and that will make everything OK. Seems be assuming an awful lot about how acceptable that will be to the electorate. I thought that the Mannin Line callers today showed a lot more push back and questioned a few fundamental aspects the IOMG Climate Change approach. Perhaps the tide is starting to turn, a little?
  3. RAJAR may not be perfect - it definitely isn't. But it's the best that we, and the Radio industry, have. It's certainly likely to be more accurate than people who just make stuff up based upon conversations with their acquaintances.
  4. Jesus, don't get them started on needing a bigger hospital, just in case........ Seriously, I'm sure that Manx Care will have a major incident plan to deal with such a number of casualties, using both local and off-island resources.
  5. Nellie

    Firm closing

    Same with the QB. Is that actually open these days?
  6. There won't be any such costs, because all flights were cancelled and passengers rebooked or refunded many months ago. I was one of them. Presumably if they do open for part of the day they will have to pay their staff, for doing nothing.
  7. Except he didn’t really say that. What he did infer was that if things got really desperate with Government finances the partial closure of the railways is the sort of thing they’d have to look at. Probably alongside lots of other none critical expenditure (and there’s a lot of that). He’d also do well to look at history. The Steam and Electric railways have both operated in shortened forms in the past and the results were not clever. Big reductions in passengers and revenue and not much reduction in costs. In typical IOMG fashion, the fixed costs are huge. Layers of managers, supervisors, engineers, that didn’t exist in the days when the railways were carrying 20 times more people than they are today, and operating all year round. The ‘capital’ programme also needs looking at. There are (or at least were) several million in the budget each year for track relays. Many of you will have seen this going on between Groudle and the Liverpool Arms over recent Winters. People who work on the railways will tell you this is not essential work, but nice to have. The problem is, that CT will be getting bamboozled by his officers, as always desperate to protect their fiefdoms. Some outside advice, on different ways of working, and not being given by people with vested interests, would seem like a sensible starting point.
  8. Before the pandemic they were starting to look for potential sites for a second one, but I've not heard more about that recently. They opened a second one in St Helier already.
  9. But the original point still stands, that in a place as small as the Island, these could, and should, be complementary businesses with many potential synergies and opportunities. The current Government ownership model, for the Meat Plant, has totally failed, so maybe now is the time to look at something different.
  10. I see that Tanya August-September ran away from a prior commitment to appear on Manx Radio's 'Perspective' programme on Sunday (alongside @Stu Peters ) presumably because she was scared that she'd be asked some tricky questions about her role in this fiasco. Happy to pick up £5k a month as an MLC, but not happy to be answerable for her actions.
  11. Commercial sensitivity 🤣
  12. I think the report you're referring to was titled "Strategic Air Services Review" or something similar, and was more about the routes, services, airlines, subsidies and Open Skies vs Closed Skies. It wasn't about the day-to-day operational aspects of the Airport. So, very unlikely to involve 'critical safety failings' or anything similar.
  13. Easy from Gatwick got in, no trouble.
  14. Six years, pleading, begging, grovelling to be made a Minister, and he lasts Six weeks. What a loser.
  15. That's a very good point. You have to wonder whether seconding Findlay McLeod for (say) 12 months, or even putting the Meat Plant under the control of The Creamery management team might be a way to tackle this problem. There must be a lot of synergies, and potential efficiencies, in areas like Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, HR.
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