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  1. No, you have to stand for re-election, and be unsuccessful, to get the grant.
  2. That would be a big step up from running his paint shop on Circular Road....... David Ashford, however, could be a possible contender.
  3. Just read the whole of Watterson’s Tweet. The numbers aren’t quoted, exactly as above, but the words explain that around 330 are directly connected to sea and air transport. That leaves around 70, over nine weeks, for other Infrastructure matters.
  4. You'd better call the police, it sounds like an evolving hostage situation.!
  5. Nellie

    easy jet

    I applied on 25th April, for a flight on 2nd May. Still waiting. I think they said it would be at least 28 days, but the rules and processes seem to be changing constantly. For a different flight, I accepted a voucher, and got that in 3 days.
  6. The whole thing is totally mental! It's 20 months since they started, and apart from the pavement outside the old Villiers site, and bits of the pink tramlines near Derby Castle, nothing is actually finished. Most of it is nowhere near finished. Yet, they just dig up more and more sections. Not only is Broadway being closed, but we're all now driving, single file, on the pavement at The Esplanade, so they can put in the bit where the tramlines will converge to single track. That will take months and months to complete. And Harmer seriously thinks this will be finished by next March? He's just swallowed more lies and bullshit from his officers, who just want to kick the can down the road, and put off their day of reckoning.
  7. I thought it was pretty obvious they gave DoI the job, as they were best equipped to build the fence. After that, all other aspects were incidental.
  8. I think he means Gef the Mongoose...................
  9. Nellie

    Spewing Juan

    Yes, I hope the good people of Rushen remember JW's antics during this period. While he was in CoMIn, he had a lovely easy ride in Home Affairs, turned down the more demanding Health portfolio, and then at the first opportunity, took the escape route of the Speaker's chair, seemingly because he preferred to have a Chief Minister style salary, but no real responsibility, and the opportunity to don fancy dress, a couple of times a year. Whilst I accept he still has constituents to represent, and he may be responding to pressure from that source, he's not covering himself with glory, at this time.
  10. What really annoys me, is that Baker only took on responsibility for Highways, when this project was already a major fuck-up. He was perfectly placed to go in there, smack a few heads together, make an example of one or two whose incompetence had brought us to that point, and demonstrate some leadership and concern for the rapidly emerging waste of tax payer funds. Instead, he just goes totally native, becomes an apologist for incompetent, and devious, clowns like Black, Longworth and Robinson, and allows then to contemplate a watered down plan, at higher cost. Baker should be much smarter than this.
  11. The "Brewery" have been a disgrace, and an embarrassment, to the Island for decades. If the current crisis finished them off, and created an opening for smaller local breweries and innovative players from further afield, I doubt many tears would be shed.....
  12. Harmer was absolutely pathetic in Tynwald. He'd been totally set-up by his officers, and was completely ill-prepared for even the most obvious questions. It'll be interesting to see if this comes back to Tynwald, or if it's a done deal.
  13. That is so obviously what is required (and in Laxey too) but hiring a digger and wagon, doesn't keep dozens of designers, engineers, quantity surveyors and an entire management structure in jobs.
  14. Or even better, North Korea.....
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