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  1. Nellie

    Surprise surprise !

    Farmers already 'registered for existing 'grant' schemes..................... I know, I know. Don't shoot the messenger!
  2. Nellie

    Surprise surprise !

    According to Boot, there are 400 eligible 'farmers' so we are talking an average anticipated payment of £3,000 each. Although its aimed to stop farmers flogging off stock because the price of feed is high, farmers who don't have animals will also be eligible. How does that work?
  3. Nellie

    Manx Radio

    Only if their current license agreement was varied, in some way.
  4. Nellie

    Manx Radio

    I'm pretty sure that the terms of their license would not allow this. They have to maintain their normal Public Service Broadcasting obligations 365 days a year.
  5. Nellie

    Manx Radio

    Albert - this is exactly right , IMHO too! Government own MR, and it is totally absurd to engage another broadcaster of potentially unproven or unknown competence, when all that is really required is a proper review of the details of MR's recent quotes to ensure that they are only billing DED for genuine extras costs. Take this number and deduct the advertising revenue generated, and this is the real cost. If they do well on the adverts and actually make a profit, this ultimately must reduce the subvention, so everybody wins. I suspect that this whole exercise has been driven by Juan Turner, just to cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience for as many people as possible. Any suggestion that his media empire could in any way stage a credible bid is absurd. I never listen to his station, but I understand they've never organised a commentary on an under-12's football match.
  6. Nellie

    Ronaldsway Airport

    Hmm........feels a bit like hearing that David Brent is going to head up the Government's HR Office.
  7. Nellie

    More death and destruction

    Sorry, but that is not correct. Ted MacCauley was a big supporter of the TT, Mike Hailwood's biographer and played a major role in Mike's comeback, in 1978. I believe that you are thinking of Ian Wooldridge, who wrote mainly for the Daily Mail, and waged a one-man campaign against the TT, for over 30 years after he visited in 1973.
  8. Nellie

    flybe/Eastern axe Belfast service?

    History shows, over 15 years or so, that getting into bed with Eastern always ends in tears......Their services to Southampton, Bristol, Birmingham, Belfast, Newcastle, Leeds have all come and gone, over the years. The 'big girl' was very naive to think that this would have a good ending.
  9. Nellie

    DEFA consultation Document.

    I got the impression from the way the Manx Radio report was worded - 'we cannot report their current whereabouts, due the Data Protection issues, but..........' that they are probably in the Jurby Hilton, pending payment?
  10. Nellie

    MLC nominations open

    For the same reason that they didn't elect Michael Moyle, when he let his name go forward, a few years ago. The MHK's do not want anyone too smart in there, to spoil their fun. The overall list of chancers, most of whom have never shown any interest in holding public office before, shows that the whole thing is a compete charade.
  11. Nellie

    Ronaldsway Airport

    So, rather than just open up the existing 'spare' scanner, and employ the extra bods at peak times, and see if that does the trick, they have to spend £300k. It's beyond belief.....
  12. Nellie

    MLC nominations open

    Am I correct in thinking that Geoff Corkish has yet to show his hand? Whilst I'm sure he'd be reluctant to remove his nose from the trough, the 'electorate' i.e. membership of HoK has changed a lot since he was elected last time, with around 15 new members, and perhaps he's not that confident of getting the new boys and girls to back him?
  13. Nellie

    Ronaldsway Airport

    Before anyone spends money on more staff, more scanners and a bigger area, there are a couple of obvious things they need to do. The delays are caused by the pathetically slow processing of passengers. It is so fucking obvious, that there are several pinch points and blockages in the system, but no-one is trying to deal with them. When someone beeps when they walk through the arch, the whole process stops while they are frisked. That takes about 40 seconds, so if you get a run of people who haven't emptied their pockets properly or who are just selected randomly, everything stops. Just watch, next time you are there. An easyjet A320 holds 180 passengers. If we assume that the first passengers arrive at security 90 minutes before departure, and the last ones 45 minutes before, then they have to process 4 passengers every minute (on average). If there are other flights departing in that 45 minute window, the rate increases. it is as simple as that to manage. I agree that calculation assumes a uniform rate of passengers presenting, but that essentially sums up what they have to do. It isn't rocket science. I flew to Gatwick last Friday afternoon. It took 25 minutes to reach the guy who checks your boarding pass and another 20 minutes to pass through the actual security process. The boarding pass guy was Dougie, who will be well known to regular travelers for his jovial and friendly manner, but even he was getting stressed, trying to manage passengers who really thought they were going to miss their flight and wanted to be fast tracked to the front. Returning through Gatwick on Sunday, it took 4 minutes to complete the whole process. When is Harmer going to get a grip of this?
  14. Well at this rate, it will only take 81 years to reach their target, which may actually be OK, as it seems unlikely the DoI will actually be ready to start any reconstruction work in that timeframe.
  15. The Manx Electric Railway Society have launched a 30 day Crowd-Funding Campaign to save the horse trams. They hope to raise £2,000,000. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/manxelectric-railwaysociety I suspect that they haven't really done their sums properly here!