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  1. I hope I'm proved wrong later today, but there's a real risk that CoMin will just drift along, doing and changing nothing, and hiding behind the UK situation, until well into the New Year. By then,the General Election will be on the horizon, HQ will announce he won't be standing which will leave us with a zombie CM and a zombie CoMin. We'll just drift through 2021 with still no exit strategy, no plan. I hope I'm wrong, but at this time, I see no reason to expect a more optimistic way forward.
  2. Totally predictable when Baker took office and chose to put his faith in serial failures like Black and Robinson. Baker seems like a pleasant chap, but this shows poor judgement. It's now time for Quayle to really get a grip on this Department.
  3. It appears to be an error in the Cabinet Office. I have one of these cards and on one side it has the full details that would appear for a HoK election i.e. it is headed 'House of Keys Election' and makes reference to 'You may vote for not more that two candidates'. On the reverse, the details seem to be correct, as it is headed 'Onchan District Commissioners' but also says, 'If undelivered, return to the Cabinet Office'. So it looks as if the CO are in the firing line here. Either way, gross stupidity and incompetence!
  4. You do realise this is not the final layer of tarmac? They’ll put that on right at the end, at which time those ramps up to the tramlines will disappear, and the drainage will (hopefully) work properly.,
  5. It's been obvious for weeks that this was coming. It still looks like Beirut down there. Church Road, which is due to re-open in around a month, (mid-November on the MyProm website) will surely be next. These accumulated delays must surely push back the much-vaunted 1st April target. Even as we speak Black and Robinson will be cooking up the humble pie which Baker will be eating, next week.
  6. Same at Laxey. But, unfortunately that solution doesn't protect the jobs of the army of designers, planners and project managers, in the DoI, by keeping them occupied for several years, so will never happen.
  7. You were dreaming. None need for such nonsense to get a 757 out of Ronaldsway. I have a video of a 757 departing, after bringing the Island Games team back from Scandinavia, a few years ago. It was empty, was only going to Brize Norton, and was airborne in a few seconds, using less than a third of the runway. Many fully loaded 757's have been in, and out, of Ronaldsway, over the last 20 years, although some may have made refueling stops en route to their destination.
  8. Based on progress this week, I'd agree. There's no chance. Church Road Marina is supposed to be reopened a couple of weeks later, and that looks even less likely.
  9. Baker's definition of 'finished' by April 2021, is:- Horse trams running from Derby Castle to Castle Mona Avenue Remainder of horse trams route on Harris and Loch Proms covered in grass, with rails to be laid over Winter 2021/22 Walkway left untouched until Winter 2021/22, when it'll be fully renewed Rest of the roadway, pavements, parking, street furniture, cultural area completed All new streetlights installed All fencing and cones removed Even so, they look likely to miss the 1st April target, by miles.
  10. I walked the Prom on Monday, and again today, both times around 9.45 to 10.15. Hardly anyone working. About 30 of the 'orange army' in Cafe Villa, both times. OK, they may be entitled to a break, but you'd think management would ask them to stagger it, so the place doesn't look deserted. The contractors definitely don't seem to have any awareness of how they are perceived, by the public. The laying of the new main on the land side seems to be progressing, but otherwise, a few rails bolted down, by the Empress, was the only obvious progress, in four days. After next Thursday, (1st Oct
  11. The Quayle/Charters love-in started to unravel when they went to New Zealand together, to review the so-called 'Christchurch Model' of integrated healthcare. The story goes, that at the start of the trip, they were at Manchester Airport waiting the board their first flight to Dubai. A drink, or something, was spilled on Quayle's shirt and jacket, so he had to go and buy a new one in an airport shop. The only thing available in a sufficiently ample size was a replica Manchester United shirt. And so, he flew to New Zealand, so attired. He and Charters barely spoke again, after that.......
  12. Latest minutes of the Strategic Board, although already a month old. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/myprom.im/20_08_14_signed_douglas_promenade_project_board_minutes_redacted.pdf A few interesting points. Both Black and Robinson missing - presumably both on holiday. No mention of the the fact that two-way traffic was to be reintroduced on 8th September, suggesting this was a last minute change of plan. Worryingly, Burroughs Stewart have been asked to come up with a solution for horse tram signalling. Wait for another £1m plus solution to appear. Burroughs Stewart are t
  13. Available to book on their App.
  14. easyJet have released flights to Manchester, from 26th October. Looks like only certain days initially. Seems to indicates their intention to stay on IOM routes. Annie and Jezza may have engineered this announcement, to give the Aurigny/Howie alliance a bit to think about........
  15. The initial layout, which was only in place for a few hours, did retain the small roundabout, at the top of Victoria Road. However, the police shut it down, almost immediately, as traffic from Onchan, towards the Grandstand, was approaching it too far to the left, and there was an apparent risk of head-on collision, with traffic heading to Onchan. It just shows how the whole charade was intiated, designed and implemented, without proper liaison and consultation.
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