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  1. So, apart from Marian Kenny, that's nobody ex-MR?
  2. It seems that, apart from a short section of the Esplanade, they've now managed to get the whole Promenade dug up, closed, or otherwise disrupted, without actually managing to finish a single bit of it!
  3. I understand that includes doing the TT, CTT and MGP (although not explicitly stated in the report) for which DoE paid them c£120k this year, so overall, it's actually less Govt cash.
  4. I thought it would be interesting to see how they are progressing, overall, against the revised schedule of works, issued in July. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/myprom.im/auldyn-phasing-plan-scale-rev-c-may-update.pdf These were revised schedules, issued after Harmer and Co admitted that they were already 8-10 weeks behind the original timeline, and were supposed to get them back on track. All those of who use the Promenade regularly already know, no sections are actually finished, apart from the tramlines from Strathallan Crescent to Palace Hotel. According to the above plans, which were only actually added to the website two months ago, the tramlines should now be done (9/9/19) past the Empress, and the seaside from Strathallan to the Queens Hotel should be completed (19/9/19) and open. The whole section from Jubilee Clock to Granville Street (including the new granite pavements) should be complete by the end of October, so the have only about 22 working days left there. Like most of us on here, I'm not an engineer, but common sense tells me that they are probably 6-8 weeks behind the revised schedule, again! That means they are working at around 50% of the required pace. They are now over 50% into the original contract duration of 100 weeks. There is no way, this is going to be achieved. TT 2022 is a more realistic target; an over-run of twenty months.
  5. Rather off topic I know, but has anyone else noticed that the building on South Quay, which was damaged by fire last year has been refurbished, and is going to re-open as "Mad Jack's Axe Throwing" I had no idea that Axe Throwing was legal, or regarded as a form of entertainment.
  6. Thanks Will! That's a very comprehensive answer. So, he drives the buses for nothing, when required? I'm not sure I believe that! Maybe he'll be laying concrete and paving slabs on the Promenade, next week.
  7. It's been mentioned on here, a number of times, that Ian Longworth the former Director of Transport regularly performs driving shifts on the buses, but I heard today, from a bus driver that DoI Chief Executive Nick Black has also taken to driving buses at the weekends. Apparently 'canteen talk' has it that this duo are paid £70 per hour, as their rate is linked to their day job. Now, I have to say that I'm very skeptical about the rate I was quoted, but I do suspect this will be a 'no smoke, without fire' scenario. Can anyone throw any light on this aspect.
  8. I’m also curious why surplus Bus Vannin vehicles are never offered for sale through the usual DoI auction process. Every six months or so, the DoI auctions off all sorts of surplus stuff; lorries, vans, cranes, wheelbarrows etc but never any buses. They are getting rid of buses with a design life of 15-20 years at 8 or 9 years old, so they have a significant value, and are probably quite sought after, as they are very low mileage and have had an easy life. Looks like another situation where Longworth has managed to circumvent the usual processes, more than likely, for his own benefit?
  9. Curiously, this press release fails to mention that Bus Vannin have already owned a hybrid bus, a Wrightbus integral Steetlite, number 142, which they sold, because it wasn’t very good! It ended it’s days in the IOM as an ‘airside’ Bus, at the Airport.
  10. Nellie

    TT 2018

    I used 'arguably' for a reason. You have one view. Others see it differently. There is already information in the public domain, from the accident investigation, that indicates that some of the riders involved in that incident, had not read the relevant regulations on how to respond in such a situation. As a consequence, they took instruction from someone who was not authorised to give it.
  11. Nellie

    TT 2018

    Although the investigation into this incident, and surrounding events, have not been made public, it seems highly likely that an individual marshal, somewhere between Kerrowmoar, and the scene of Dan's accident, made a unilateral decision to send the riders who were stopped at his point, back the 'wrong way'. They almost certainly did this, based on an announcement made by the CoC, over the grandstand and paddock tannoy, which was picked up, and broadcast, by Manx Radio TT. There was no way that any marshal with an ounce of common sense, would have interpreted that announcement as an instruction. It was simply an indication of the intent, on how they would get stranded riders back to the paddock. There is, arguably, a degree of contributory negligence on the part of the riders, who had already been instructed on what to do in the wake of a red-flag incident, and who then deviated from that instruction by setting-off, without authorisation, and supervision, of a T-M. It is noticeable, that at 2019 TT and FoM, such paddock announcements were not broadcast by MR.
  12. It is well known that a prominent individual within the DoE Motorsport Team is waging a personal campaign end the MGP, for their own reasons. Whilst that person has certainly helped to reinvigorate the TT, since the Centenary, in 2007, he needs to be reminded that his role is to develop Motorsport, on the Island, not just the TT. It's notable that the Manx Rally collapsed, and was banned, on his watch too. Maybe it's time for some fresh faces in that team.
  13. Absolutely, someone should be sacked! Don't forget, in addition to the day to day operational chaos and risk, when pushed to explain why the horse trams are running, a whole succession of DoI Directors/Managers/Minister (Black, Robinson, Longworth and Harmer) all lied about having a contractual obligation to do so.
  14. It seems that from next Monday (2nd) another chunk of the Promenade, from Granville Street to the old Rendezvous Corner will be fenced off and dug up, even though there's no sign of any of the current sections being finished and re-opened. https://www.myprom.im/updates/latest-news/update-re-works-starting-2-september-2019
  15. £1 billion, according to HRH, which sounds like a figure plucked out of the sky, with absolutely nothing to substantiate it. That's around £11,000 for every man, woman and child, which even spread over 30 years sounds like an impossible sum of money.
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