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  1. I agree that we need more seats and more choice into the overall London market, and I see City as being a much better option than Heathrow, but perhaps worth throwing into the mix, is that up at Inverness (where Mr Cobb worked previously) easyJet have night-stopped a Gatwick based aircraft, and crew, for many years. This enables them to do an early morning south-bound departure, and to provide a fairly consistent schedule across the week. This also means that there is no late evening departure to Gatwick, which is the most unreliable and fragile part of the current easyJet operation at Ronaldsway. More recently, I think post Co-Vid, easyJet also night-stop at Aberdeen, a destination they had previously abandoned, from Gatwick. I recall, that when the Inverness arrangement began, there was some cash involved, and I have no idea if that is still the case, but doubtless Mr Cobb will know. So, he may well see a similar arrangement here, as part of the solution for London, and one would imagine that if the numbers could be crunched to their satisfaction, easyJet would be willing to go for it.
  2. Not strictly true. The foreign package holiday, with guaranteed sunshine, the excitement of 'going abroad' , while being able to eat fish and chips and drink Watney's Red Barrel killed IOM mass tourism. Low cost international travel, as we now know it, came much later.
  3. Hopefully this is the 'beginning of the end' for our major dependency on Loganair?
  4. I think that when the underwriting was announced, Allinson said that if 50 people were on each flight there’d be no subsidy. So, based on your numbers of around 40 per flight, presumably roughly 20% of the funds will be drawn down which would be c£800k. Some fairly big assumptions in that calculation though! Hopefully if new FlyBe pick up LHR that’ll take Loganair out of that part of the picture.
  5. Nellie

    Manx Radio

    And, more or less any topic for Mannin Line discussion, which will generate interest, has Government (or DBC) at its heart. Health, Education, Infrastructure, Green issues, Air/sea fares, the TT etc. etc. So they are going to get a regular hammering. But I do agree that Alex is good on that type of show, and he might be better moving on to serious broadcasting and getting rid of his music presenting, permanently.
  6. I posted the above back on 30th August. No-one was interested, at the time.
  7. I think that in May and June, it seemed much worse than the data shows, and yes, Gatwick evening does get more attention because it is a huge inconvenience and hassle for everyone, as the alternatives are generally inconvenient and expensive. Cancellations on Liverpool and Manchester are less so, as there are usually other flights, or the Manannan!
  8. It's not clear from that table if this includes both inbound and outbound flights, but assuming it does, so a cancelled Gatwick to IOM to Gatwick round trip counts as two flights. On this basis, and from my own notes, easyJet cancelled 50 flights (25 round trips) in that period. Of those, 30 (15 round trips) were the evening Gatwick. The vast majority of these were in May and June. This leaves 89 flights unaccounted for, which are presumably Loganair.
  9. No, but before the cancellation, the flight was showing as 'delayed' and departing back to Gatwick at 23.20 which would have been way beyond any possible extended hours. Once again, the weakness in easyJet's operation here is that when a plane gets stuck somewhere in Europe, in this case, Pula, Croatia, they have very little operational resilience to recover the situation.
  10. @Chris Thomas is it true that Ronaldsway is going to be closed on Sunday 27th November, with no scheduled flights in or out, so some sort of training/simulation exercise can take place? Just asking as it is impossible to book flights on that date, and this the explanation which Loganair are giving . If it is true, and suspect it is, do other airports do this? I don’t recall hearing of Heathrow or Gatwick closing, and losing revenue, so they can pretend there’s been some sort of accident. Has Ronaldsway ever been closed in such circumstances before? From customer service, economic and reputational points of view, is this a sensible thing to be doing as the Airport struggles to regain lost traffic, passengers and credibility? I know it may be argued that ‘safety’ trumps everything, but where is the balance and common sense here?!
  11. Interesting report! I know we have a few pilots and aviation professionals on here who could probably add some interesting perspective. But, the main take away from this, for me, was that the ATP's, which have been part of the landscape at Ronaldsway for 30+ years, have probably had their day.
  12. Nellie

    Firm closing

    AFAIK, the food component is still supplied by an independent local catering firm, who are presumably content with the revenue sharing arrangements. If there was no dining train, they'd need to find quite a few extra customers each week.
  13. The lease was actually for 236 years in 2016, so for all practical purposes, we own it. https://www.gov.im/media/1354224/report-to-tynwald-july-2016-liverpool-landing-stage-strategic-sea-services-agreement.pdf
  14. No it wouldn’t. The Port Erin line infrastructure has not fundamentally changed for decades. They ran 10 or more trains a day, each way, in the pre-1960 era, with exactly the same passing loops as they have now. They can pass at Ballasalla, Santon and Port Soderick, in addition to Castletown. Just need a bit of WD40 on the disused points. Whether the current management could organise, and operate, something more complex, but which the Victorians took in their stride is a different matter!
  15. That is exactly what you would expect, and it is probably another question for any follow on FOI request. My suspicion is that DoI have so many diverse and vague budget lines that they can draw (say) £20k from here and £15k from there, over a couple of budget years, and spend large amounts of aggregated funds without any oversight or authorisation from Treasury. Whatever you may think about the Railways, these locos, trams and other assets do not belong to the DoI, Longworth, the Minister of the moment, the Treasury etc. They belong to the Manx Public. This project should never have been allowed to proceed without a proper Business Case, and with oversight, not just of the financial aspect, but also the historical and heritage aspects too. It now looks like it is too late.
  16. What is really concerning here, is that this unique loco had been a valued museum exhibit for 50 plus years. Now, having spent £170k it has been turned into a cross between a huge Meccano set, and a pile of scrap with an uncertain future. I do understand that assessing whether it was feasible to return this loco to service would require some dismantling and assessment, but what Longworth has achieved here is probably the worst of every world.
  17. Nellie

    Minimum Wage

    I am aware of several pensioners, who are millionaires, who got the £150 fuel payment in June added to their state pension. Whilst there are clearly many pensioners who are, and always will be, hard up, this presumption in Govt. that ‘all pensioners are poor’ and should be treated to lots of free stuff is now out of date, and needs to change when prioritising and targeting financial support.
  18. They quote some numbers here. https://www.manxutilities.im/our-environment/our-reservoirs/latest-reservoir-levels/ But without data on capacity of each, it doesn't help very much.
  19. I wasn't really suggesting that there is enough to last until Easter, as there will, inevitably, be large volumes of rain between now and then, so the point is moot. I just think the numbers, and accompanying explanations, don't really explain why 68% capacity is an issue, and are unconvincing.
  20. I'm not sure that their numbers suggest that. Last week, the reservoirs were said to be 70% full, this week it was 68%. This implies, in simple terms, that we have around 34 more weeks supply of water, if there is no rain, which would take us through to next Easter. My feeling is that we have a few Senior Civil Servants just exercising their powers, because they can, and a political chair, who isn't smart enough to check their sums.
  21. I am pretty sure that being dazzled by the early morning sun was considered to have been a factor in Mick Lofthouse's accident.
  22. It's there to make sure that Reynolds and/or Spake don't sneak back into the Island! 😉
  23. The whole legal situation around mobility scooters seems very unclear and uncertain. In a 'first' today, I saw a guy driving one on the mountain road today! As it happened there was a police motorcyclist and a police van at the Bungalow. He stopped to talk to them and then carried on toward Brandywell, so presumably his actions were deemed safe, legal and not a danger to anyone!
  24. Nellie

    New Casino

    And it seems that Longworth's parting gift has been to 'accidentally on purpose' order some left-hand drive buses!
  25. Not true. The driver of the crew in the second accident had raced here many times, and had started 19 previous sidecar races, between 2000 and 2017.
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