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  1. I cant understand why Politicians who come and go every five years feel its their duty to protect incompetence within their Department. I thought they were put there to represent the Electorate. For me they would get a hell of a lot more respect if they said it as it was and stopped defending the indefensible. No different to the Promenade fiasco. Does anybody know if this matter has been reported to the HSI as a dangerous occurrence putting property and lives at risk? If there is a direct link between the actions of the MUA and the flooding to the properties they are the boys who will uncover it being able to request the risk assessments and method statements for the work being undertaken in the river.
  2. I will say it again I hope one of the Residents reports this to the Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate at St Johns. There is no doubt that this was a dangerous occurrence created by a construction activity.
  3. Has anybody reported the flooding to HSI as a serious incident. It appears that both the hole in the wall and the digger in the river were a contributory factor to the serious flooding and therefore this work has put both property and life at risk and as such is reportable under the Health and Safety Act as a dangerous occurrence.
  4. Absolutely spot on but I’m afraid Joe Public will never be told the truth and if anybody actually took the time to ask ‘commerciality’ would be brought to the fore to keep it all hidden.
  5. Government have gone away from the JCT form of contract in most instances and use the NEC3 form of contract.
  6. A tweet from MHK Hooper suggests that the budgeted revenue figures are purposely kept on the low side so that the ‘back slapping’ can take place at a later date.
  7. Looks like it was a premature announcement as they turned up again this year without cameras to have another look at the event.
  8. Lets not forget its saved millions in Health Care due to the number of parents and grandparents that have forced to go out looking for them on a wet and windy Sunday who are now amongst the fittest people in the British Isles.
  9. Somebodies opinion of whether an individual is worth what they are getting paid I don't think is actually relevant and certainly how somebody that hasn't actually experienced the working conditions and responsibilities can comment beats me. I don't think anybody on here would not "kick off" if suddenly their wage or working conditions that they had experienced over many years was suddenly under threat as we all live a lifestyle in keeping with our available income.
  10. Agree 100% John. This is a policy advocated in this book which is well worth a read if you have some spare time on your hands. Those that state the IOM can’t make a difference, maybe not but it can be an example and also there is more to it than just tackling climate change. Adopting an Eco Economy for our Island would change our way of life I believe for the better.http://library.uniteddiversity.coop/Money_and_Economics/Eco-Economy.pdf
  11. Haven't HMRC been over at our invitation to do a thorough investigation which must have been completed many months ago. There has been no statement from either them or IOMG so assume everything is "rosy" in the VAT world. (Apologies but crossed with Uhtred reply who has said the same thing)
  12. A little bit of topic but noticed that the CM was welcoming a Mr. Peter Boxer to the IOM Government on twitter who was the Deputy Director of the UK Cabinet Office. Havent seen any media announcement on what role he has taken or is he just working with our Government?
  13. This is a fascinating read, all 373 pages of it and I would suggest "the Holy Trinity" make it their bedtime story over the next couple of weeks. Probably be released as a Government Document in the next couple of months as an idea from within with a few name and place changes. Eco Economy
  14. One of the worst drafted pieces of legislation I have ever seen. Absolutely unworkable with no clear definitions. Any defence lawyer worth his salt would run a horse and cart through it. For example define abusive language! I can call my Missus anything apart from calling her a "Cow" then Armageadon hits.
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