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  1. Looks like it was a premature announcement as they turned up again this year without cameras to have another look at the event.
  2. Lets not forget its saved millions in Health Care due to the number of parents and grandparents that have forced to go out looking for them on a wet and windy Sunday who are now amongst the fittest people in the British Isles.
  3. Defo appears that way. Somebody has taken the decision that the evidence on the more serious charges was unlikely to get a conviction so admission of guilt on a lesser charge was the best that could be achieved. That’s how the law works.
  4. Somebodies opinion of whether an individual is worth what they are getting paid I don't think is actually relevant and certainly how somebody that hasn't actually experienced the working conditions and responsibilities can comment beats me. I don't think anybody on here would not "kick off" if suddenly their wage or working conditions that they had experienced over many years was suddenly under threat as we all live a lifestyle in keeping with our available income.
  5. And when we are Beach Cleaning.
  6. Agree 100% John. This is a policy advocated in this book which is well worth a read if you have some spare time on your hands. Those that state the IOM can’t make a difference, maybe not but it can be an example and also there is more to it than just tackling climate change. Adopting an Eco Economy for our Island would change our way of life I believe for the better.http://library.uniteddiversity.coop/Money_and_Economics/Eco-Economy.pdf
  7. Haven't HMRC been over at our invitation to do a thorough investigation which must have been completed many months ago. There has been no statement from either them or IOMG so assume everything is "rosy" in the VAT world. (Apologies but crossed with Uhtred reply who has said the same thing)
  8. A little bit of topic but noticed that the CM was welcoming a Mr. Peter Boxer to the IOM Government on twitter who was the Deputy Director of the UK Cabinet Office. Havent seen any media announcement on what role he has taken or is he just working with our Government?
  9. This is a fascinating read, all 373 pages of it and I would suggest "the Holy Trinity" make it their bedtime story over the next couple of weeks. Probably be released as a Government Document in the next couple of months as an idea from within with a few name and place changes. Eco Economy
  10. One of the worst drafted pieces of legislation I have ever seen. Absolutely unworkable with no clear definitions. Any defence lawyer worth his salt would run a horse and cart through it. For example define abusive language! I can call my Missus anything apart from calling her a "Cow" then Armageadon hits.
  11. Still think they need to do a lot more work on "Capital employed" that is where the "devil is in the detail". Any alteration to the guaranteed profit figure and its effect on the cost to the consumer is wholly reliant on the starting cost or as they term it "Capital employed". I find the report quite woolly on this point and am a bit concerned when they mention about how inter Company Loans are treated.
  12. Interesting to note that in the Jersey accounts all their top earners salaries are publicised along with their names and currently a FOI request could result in the contract of employment being put into the public domain for one of their senior civil servants.
  13. Its all about some allegedly sensitive information about Brexit that non of the Crown Dependencies want to go into the Public Domain and our General Secretary appears to have written saying that without in Mrs Beecrofts opinion Political approval.
  14. Must admit I struggle with this being a positive from a moral prospective in that its an industry just distributing money from one person to another and not actually producing anything, although some would say people get enjoyment from it just like drinking a pint down the pub. However its a Global Industry, here to stay so why not have a good share of it on the Island and encourage its growth as it definitely produces economic benefits for our Island.
  15. You only get criticized on the Isle of Man when you do something. Lesson from this Derek is DO NOTHING. I hope it all goes well for you and Peter and hope its a financial success and becomes a yearly event. I must admit I did think it was Government Policy to encourage more bespoke events to assist our Tourism Industry and therefore your venture must tick the relevant boxes. It gets a big thumbs up from me and I have no interest in "super cars" whatsoever but I am passionate about promotion of our Island and anything that does that gets my vote.
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