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  1. Billy One Mate

    Between £350,000 and £375,000...

    Interesting to note that in the Jersey accounts all their top earners salaries are publicised along with their names and currently a FOI request could result in the contract of employment being put into the public domain for one of their senior civil servants.
  2. Its all about some allegedly sensitive information about Brexit that non of the Crown Dependencies want to go into the Public Domain and our General Secretary appears to have written saying that without in Mrs Beecrofts opinion Political approval.
  3. Billy One Mate

    E-gaming is a sector we can be proud of, says Quayle

    Must admit I struggle with this being a positive from a moral prospective in that its an industry just distributing money from one person to another and not actually producing anything, although some would say people get enjoyment from it just like drinking a pint down the pub. However its a Global Industry, here to stay so why not have a good share of it on the Island and encourage its growth as it definitely produces economic benefits for our Island.
  4. Billy One Mate

    Supertour 2018

    You only get criticized on the Isle of Man when you do something. Lesson from this Derek is DO NOTHING. I hope it all goes well for you and Peter and hope its a financial success and becomes a yearly event. I must admit I did think it was Government Policy to encourage more bespoke events to assist our Tourism Industry and therefore your venture must tick the relevant boxes. It gets a big thumbs up from me and I have no interest in "super cars" whatsoever but I am passionate about promotion of our Island and anything that does that gets my vote.
  5. Billy One Mate

    Self Promotion

    The post was to highlight that on one hand they slate social media but on the other hand they use it. You have to accept the good with the bad. I don't disagree with the DED advertising itself but as they have appeared to target the IOM only I can't really see the point.
  6. Billy One Mate

    Self Promotion

    Has anybody else noticed that the DED have got a campaign going on Facebook boosting the number of likes to their main page and also boosting many of their postings obviously at a cost. So on one hand the use of Social Media is frowned upon by Government but on the other hand it's used to promote itself.
  7. Billy One Mate

    It's not unusual

    Appears to be a bit of a cyber war going on according to IOM News with many spoof Facebook accounts being set up to discredit Tiny Cow which are being deleted. Over to the conspiracy theorists.
  8. Billy One Mate

    It's not unusual

    Here's the latest in all its glory from the Isle of Man News Site. This guy doesn't seem worried about legal threats or ever getting his dispute sorted with the Dept. https://www.facebook.com/theisleofmannews/posts/953466338091321:0
  9. Billy One Mate

    It's not unusual

    Another thing that surprised me is that neither IOM Newspapers or Manx Radio have got a statement from Tiny COW in reply to the DED. I did notice on the Isle of Man News site that they had offered the AGs Department and a Tecky Guy the opportunity to visit their offices and go through their computers to validate the emails and documentation they had released.
  10. Billy One Mate

    It's not unusual

    I assume that Manx Radio News will only report what is fact and that is that Madrell has been suspended and comments from facebook etc. are being investigated. I'm sure if or when anything else develops it will on the news. Couldn't understand why they only mentioned one of the allegations, nothing to do with the suspension.
  11. Billy One Mate

    It's not unusual

    Must admit Stu I was very surprised by the reporting of these allegations by Manx Radio this morning. You reported on the allegation in relation to the compliance with financial regulations but made no mention in relation the allegation of the contract being altered after the date of the concert so that a confidentiality clause could be inserted so that the Manx public could not be informed of the alleged loss. This has been substantiated with various screen shots of emails and documents on the Isle of Man News site and wouldn't have taken a lot of work to validate the same. It appears that you have released into the Public Domain half a story, is there a reason for this?
  12. Billy One Mate

    It's not unusual

    I see on the Isle of Man News site that they appear to have obtained a copy of a letter sent out by the CEO to the employees at DED. Firstly it doesn't look like an attempt to try and draw in the 'rank and file' has worked very well in that straight away the document has been leaked and secondly that the CEO states that they have made a statement defending the Department against the allegations and that allegations are being made with little or no evidence. After looking at the documents shown on the Isle of Man Site, subject to them being demonstrated to be authentic then I don't see it quite as the CEO.
  13. Billy One Mate

    It's not unusual

    As I said previously not a good day again for the Isle of Man if proven. Another allegation that many appear to have missed from the postings on that site was the one of splitting up the fee payment for the Tom Jones concert to avoid finanancial regulations. This allegedly being done by the CEO. This surely can't be true?
  14. Billy One Mate

    It's not unusual

    Yes the latest appears pretty damning, but do you know what as a Manxman and somebody that is proud of my Island I feel pretty sick, fed up and embarrassed. Here we go again another scandal. Why can't honesty prevail and if mistakes are made own up to them. I don't knock anybody who makes a mistake, I have made plenty myself.
  15. Billy One Mate

    Hill Street Police Raid

    Amazed that none of this has been picked up by the local media. All over Google.