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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/611389852234333/ FREE ENTRY
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/483214698439615/ This first event taking place on Saturday the 3rd of August as part of the new Amber Rocks series of gigs sees the excellent Goldblade returning to the Isle of Man after a 5 year absence. Support on the night comes from Poison Hearts, Signified, The Fletcher Christian Mutiny and Postcode. Advanced tickets are available directly from Amber for £8. Tickets on the door on the night of the show will be £10. Postcode will be kicking the night off at 7.00pm. Dusty Plankton will also be spinning some tunes in Amber 2 on the night.
  3. Hiya. Please have a look and a listen to http://keepitcovered.bandcamp.com and if you like what you hear please please please buy the album (it's only a fiver - but you can pay more if you want!), or you can buy tracks individually for 50 pence. The album is to raise funds for local man Chris Walmsley, who was left paralysed following an accident 6 years ago and this is to try to assist the family with his ongoing care. He has recently undergone stem cell therapy and results so far are very encouraging. All contributions are from local artists, who gave their time and tracks freely and generously and the tracks are covers of songs by other local artists. Further information can be found at either on the site or on the blog (link on the site). All proceeds go direct to the charity via paypal. Further information can also be found at http://www.smallbearrecords.com/ Thanks for reading.
  4. Postcode are playing an acoustic set at Peter Norris Music Shop tonight, 7th July 2011 from 6.00pm till 7.00pm. Some tracks on our acoustic myspace page www.myspace.com/postcodeacoustic
  5. Funniest thing I've read all year and we're only 11 days in. It can only get better.
  6. Kick off 8.30pm - 9.00pm. This could be TATE!'s only gig of 2010, I think Stoliday gig more than they do! Chris Flood is also a lazy slacker but he's venturing out to entertain the troops too. Should be a good one but if that doesn't float your boat there's an open mic / jam session and Stockholm playing on Saturday night, after which The Traf will be closing its doors, possibly for the last time but who knows eh. It is Billy the landlord's last night though.
  8. Open mic night again tonight. Doors open 7.30pm. Buffet laid on. PA provided.
  9. What it says on the tin. Doors open at 7.30 (so that's about 3 minutes according to my computer!) Just turn up with your instrument, plug in and have a blast.
  10. A weekend of live music at The Haven, Port Erin Further information about Chris, the charity and who is playing can be found here: Doing this for Chris
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