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  1. With some decent weather we might see a 120 mph lap from an electric motorcycle on Wednesday. A couple of years ago an electric bike won the Pikes Peak race, so they are not too shabby.
  2. The clean fresh sea air makes food and drink taste better. There's actually too much to do. Good fishing, good trail riding, good walking for the dog. Good TV, good chippy, good pubs, good baker (Peel). The library system is wrong if you like a good read. I'd join a drama group if I needed company.
  3. I returned home to England on Sunday. In previous years no one has ever asked about the racing. This year was different, every man I know wanted to hear about the electric race. I really enjoyed the race and hope it returns to the TT next year.
  4. The problem is cyclists using footpaths. Plenty of good tarmac roads for them to use but they gouge out our nice paths for no reason.
  5. Tell Queen Elizabeth This is a jobsworths idea. Utter madness
  6. Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter.
  7. The youth with the attacker dog was white, aged about 17, 5ft (1.52m) tall with scruffy brown hair. He was wearing a zipped up, beige long-sleeved jacket. Both he and the dog fled the scene following the attack. Short arsed coward.
  8. What difference will it make if there is a god or not? Your molecules will still outlast you no matter what, and good luck to 'em.
  9. ourtess

    Ford Ka Style

    Ford Ka's are great cars. The steering is so linear and accurate they are a joy to drive. They handle like my old Alfasud, ie very well indeed.
  10. I used to buy stuff with money like houses/boats/cars. After a bit you realise that the more stuff you have means more work and worry looking after it all. I'd just bank it (in seven different banks at £35,000 each if I could be bothered). Then if anyone wanted a helping hand in my family I'd give the dosh to them.
  11. I don't know how many times I have been out with one of my Staffy's and have some offlead dog bounding up to us all excited with the owner shouting "don't worry he doesn't bite". My first thought is always I'm not worried, if he does bite, he's going home dead. When will these idiots learn. Your dog may not bite but by jumping about all over a Staffy's owner, there's always a risk that Mr Staffy will taken offence! That's why I carry the spray. I've used it twice on bull terriers clamped on the back of Tess's neck (in Heysham). The dog owners don't even see what happened. In both cases she was on the lead. If she is loose they can't catch her.
  12. I hate these fighting dogs. They always attack Tess. I carry illegal pepper spray to squirt them away. Nasty dogs and nasty owners.
  13. The IOM would be a great stopping point on route to Ireland if it didn't cost so much. The tourism that does bring money into the island is second home ownership. It also spoils the place a bit. My village in the Lakes has lots of secondhome owners (a manxman owns the nearest house to me, so I've got one in Peel).
  14. After a prang on a motorbike I stick to trail riding. It's great fun. The IOM greenlanes are a superb resource and hardly used. Most are ideal for a small light bike. Just watch out for the smooth rocky bit out of Glen Maye.
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