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  1. Also worthy of note - a vote against the CoMin vote does not always lead to an automatic sacking ...... http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/dissenting-minister-keeps-job-1-1775843
  2. I think the question about PK is incomplete - because Yes I believe it was right that he had to go, as he broke ministerial code, but, do I agree with the ministerial code and its use to gag people - absolutely not, so I think a further question such as 'Do you agree with the CoMin code of collective responsibility' i.e. the fact that once CoMin has voted the minister irrespective of whether he / she agrees with the majority vote has to follow the vote when it goes to the keys
  3. Agreed, was a great night, becoming part of christmas each year now, good on Paddys and all the others involved, thanks very much, Nollick Ghennal
  4. Opted for Slug and Lettuce, went there sat down asked for the Xmas menu, unfortunately they only do it if you book in advance - just so anybody else considering knows.
  5. Thanks a lot to Butterflies and WTF, thats great cheers :-)
  6. Does anybody know of any cafe's / pubs etc. that are doing a vegetarian christmas dinner ? By vegetarian I mean no meat, i.e. 'tuna bake', 'think slices of turkey', 'meat gravy', 'roasties cooked in goose fat' etc. do not qualify ;-) Thanks
  7. A friend has suggested I might be better with Sure as he uses it without problem - see what you mean about visitors its probably not the best week to be trying it !! - thanks again
  8. Thanks IP - yes agree with you re. the contract - wish they'd made that clearer when I was buying it as I explained I was a permanent resident - but no great loss as it was a fairly reasonable price anyway. The signal seems OK when you connect but then as soon as you try and do anything it drops - MT are going to test it, their support have been very helpful tbh its just annoying that they make out in the shop that it will work fine without any problems but the reality is somewhat different
  9. Oh, in reply to one of the questions above, yes MT do monthly tariffs for mobile data only now. But the 'pay as you go' option (as advertised for use with the dongle) appears to me to be a bit of a con as you can only buy normal pay as you go so you have to buy £10 of calls to get 500 MB free data, the calls are clearly of no use and there is no option to just buy data on line and pay as you go this can only be done on contract - not quite how its advertised IMHO And before someone asks why use a dongle at home - because I don't want to pay for a fixed line and a monthly broadband contract
  10. Anybody else tried one of the new 3G Nokia Dongles that they are selling at Manx Telecom in Douglas - I live in Port St Mary and cannot get it to work, works fine in Douglas when I bring it through to the shop to ask why it doesn't work - typical ! Seems that the 3G signal down south is just not strong enough - anybody else having the same problem, pretty useless having the dongle if it doesnt work where I live
  11. Somewhat predictably not listed on the Villa / Gaiety listings - called the Welcome Centre apparently still finalising details and tickets should be available in next couple of weeks, advice is to keep checking https://www.gov.im/villagaiety/whatson.xml As for 'finally a legend on the isle of man' - Brian Wilson, Lou Reed ????? - he's not the first and hopefully he won't be the last !
  12. I assume given the high price there will be no advertising in it to cover costs £12 is a total rip off, there is no justification for charging that much, other than a captive audience, yet again TT visitors get ripped off Anybody know where it was printed and who buy, assume the Government used a local company (like they did the bus timetables - wink) ?
  13. Amusing order of news items on Manx Radio's website; •Travis booked for May gig •Big rise in anti-depressant prescriptions
  14. Ahh! I thought the words major and indie were being stretched a bit far to describe Travis. Anyway isn't a major indie band a contradiction in terms? They're either one or the other. May be splitting hairs, and let it be known in advance I have no interest whatsoever in Travis , but they are an indie band, they have always been on an indie label and they are now on their own indie label - so qualify as a true indie band Are they major - well top 10 LP's, Brit awards etc. - I guess that makes them a major band ? So I think its 'major' as in successfull and 'indie' as in the
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