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  1. Not a lawyer but IMO you have a contract for the service from a cleaning company/sole trader (if you prepay or if they invoice you after the work is done) or an employment contract with a cleaner. If the latter then you probably need to take advice from a HR firm. Better to take advice now rather than when you find yourself in the employment tribunal process.
  2. Residency relates to the owner and not the vehicle; if the owner is resident in the Isle of Man then the car has to be Manx registered immediately https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/drivers-and-vehicles/vehicle-registration-and-licensing/
  3. I was desperately waiting for the first caller to articulate the racism that they are experiencing on a daily basis. Stu clearly doesn't know what it, so why not tell him? Something is made of the term 'blacker than black' but he clearly is describing a very dark skin pigment which is in the context of the discussion. This is not racism (the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others). Describing someone as milk-bottle white similarly is not racist. Facebook people are calling for complaints to be sent to cc@iomcc.im,
  4. The difference is that online gambling would provide an easily obtainable/verifiable log for law enforcement to confirm where the proceeds went, when they were spent and over what duration. Online gambling sites demand ID such as passports and utility bills. Other forms of gambling such as casinos and private card games do not offer as much traceability. The cash could be taken out of cash machines, supposedly 'lost gambling', and hidden under his mattress waiting for him to get out!
  5. The business might be super, just needing a lot of time to get it going and not having cashflow. Share options and working for free might be a very attractive gamble/investment that could make you a brazillionaire! I guess stealing the client list was tongue in cheek.. few industries have client lists that could realistically be useful when sold to a competitor. Any resultant court case that publicised your name could be very damaging to your future prospects e.g. https://www.judgments.im/content/J1306.htm DFE involvement is irrelevant. Startups = high risk.
  6. Anyone including idiots can start a business and offer jobs. Just read the other employment tribunal writeups on gov.im. If you are applying for a new job, know that staggeringly high numbers of startups fail. Make sure you get share options or some other reward that justifies the risk.
  7. Anyone can get a fancy car on finance. You need more evidence of wealth and the source of it.
  8. Speech, on the topic of free speech, banned from Speakers Corner: He pledged to read someone else's speech after they were detained for three days and refused entry to the UK: Political correctness is a cancer in late stages. Why can't bad ideas be exposed by debate?
  9. You can search previous published judgements to see what the Deemster looks for: https://www.judgments.im/content/search.mth?doctype-1=on&textsearchtype=1&searchtype=3&pagesize=50&searchaction=Search&searchtext=boundary
  10. Try this http://manxmotortrader.com/search-results/?aagent=Private+Listing&rentbuy=&location_level1=&minprice_buy=0&maxprice_buy=2000&minprice_rent=0&maxprice_rent=9999999999999
  11. My rabbit was still happy to receive his through the door. He's already up to Insurance Brokers the greedy git.
  12. Hmmmm well that was a waste of half an hour. Hardly shocking that a couple of billionaires have links to the Isle of Man. I'd have thought that they would have demonstrated the most scandalous revelations in the short time they have. They've shown sod all!!! Maybe tomorrow..
  13. Isn't it the case that when you have business mobiles on the same MT contract as business land lines that the calls between them are free? Does this mean mobile phone bills will be going up dramatically?
  14. I'm not sure if I should have detected sarcasm in your post. There's no money left at the end of the year. Outgoings are paid for from reserves. Treasury ministers have estimated/warned of the end of the National Insurance fund in 2050. A person or a company claiming to be wealthy when in fact they are on the way to being broke in the relatively near future, without taking any action to reverse the trend, is a bit foolish.
  15. The government is not wealthy. The liabilities which are not being addressed are increasing to the point that welfare and services are being hit. The National Insurance fund is due to run out in 2050. Government should not be giving away money until there is a sustainable budget. It is irresponsible to do so. The population are relatively well off. The population are free to donate to charity as they see fit and can afford. A more responsible approach from the government would be to set up an official Isle of Man 'Just Giving' page for each cause that arises. It would be cheaper to
  16. There are a couple of good TED talks from former violent radical Muslims and a view on how muslim kids end up separated from society and easier to radicalise. https://www.ted.com/talks/deeyah_khan_what_we_don_t_know_about_europe_s_muslim_kids The problem is that many muslims are told that integration/friendship with non-muslims is not allowed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4D_OLm-RV4 Islam needs reforming as previously said. In the short term, close faith schools including madrasas as JW says.
  17. When ravers became a nuisance in 1994 the government had no problems restricting the freedoms of minorities and giving police the power to shut down events featuring music that's “characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats”. In the Quran we have a book espousing hate, segregation, violence and intolerance. Undercover reporters find that hate preachers visit mosques and speak to the masses telling them how stupid non-believers are. Children have the Quran beaten into them at madrasas in the UK. People are free to believe whatever bullshit religion they want but
  18. It needs to be repeated until the government are shamed into addressing the root cause. As proved by the rape gang scandal, authorities would happily sweep issues under the carpet rather than grasp the nettle.
  19. Over 3 million muslims in the UK, being fed such hateful fairytales as these: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/violence.aspx Muslims fill 44% of high security prisons out of a 5% Muslim population. Join me in apathy and inaction, but do stop spouting shite!
  20. Maybe there will be a consulting job back at HQ on double bubble in the near future for you Derek? Only half kidding - enjoy the next move.
  21. None of this tells the government how many other voters are living in your house so that they can be contacted or detect voter fraud. It took 30 seconds to type 6 digits into a website and click ok ok ok. It was one of the least offensive things the government does. I'm sure many people like me didn't even bother reading up to the legal reminder
  22. Rob it does seem like your priority is preserving your relationship and standing with government colleagues to the detriment of having any relationship with the bulk of the electorate who deserve to know what the burning issue is. If it was such a burning issue and you were right to resign then your announcement of the situation might have generated a massive public outcry that would have boosted your standing/mandate. Now we haven't got a clue what your priorities are or what you stand (or resign) for.
  23. I think I'm happy that something was tried and reverted when found not to be beneficial. The last half of the battle is trying things that will save money
  24. If North Korean subjects are happy then fine. If they don't want the oppression or fear of being assassinated then there are enough of them for a coup - leave them to it. The assassinated chap seemed to have plenty of cash to spend. He doesn't seem to have been trying too hard to 'fix' North Korea. Rest of world should mind it's own business but formulate an agreement to monitor launches and effect swift destruction (as localised as is possible) to follow should North Korea start lobbing nukes. As a parent seeing other kids in a captive setting misbehaving, one might come up with a
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