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  1. Well I'll apologise for the lauguage but to me he's like Chinese water torture .. drip, drip, drip, just drips and drips of smug twattishness that is so detatched from the real world it finally made me flip. I had him on ignore but his posts are that massive that you just end up missing vast tracts of threads that are just full of waffle, and bullshit, and ridiculous smugness. He's like some irritating kid that just says "why" all the time until you want to throttle the little bastard. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh I remember thinking everyone was equal, and why don't we all ge
  2. Clarkson could employ a pikey to hang around the car park. The car driving eco-warrior prowlists would soon go somewhere else.
  3. We've always gone to Ramsey to dig luggies. Do you know of any nice lug worm beach nearer to Peel? Little grandson coming over, he likes to fish.
  4. What's this? I'm often over for less than 6 weeks. But I'll still pay the rates, they are titchy. As I suspect the Clarkson family do.
  5. It will be worse next year. Rabbit tail wonga?
  6. ASDA Their export strength vodka is price the same as the weedy stuff.
  7. More like a rabbit. The fields around that part are overrun with breeding rabbits. Mr fox anyone?
  8. As a keyboard player Mr k do you like the Yorkshire tea advert with John Shuttleworth as the keyboarder?
  9. The most comical serving chap is in the Last shop before the Ferries in Heysham. He takes Manx money and does a nice pie to see me on my way up north.
  10. In Cumbria we loose a biker every couple of days. At Tebay a chicane was built for some political motive. After a fortnight a biker had died crashing into it in the dark. No apologies from Cumbria County Council, they just dug it up. Thick as pigshit do-gooders.
  11. I even like seagulls.
  12. A man on camera 3 walked away from the bar and left his wallet behind. Another man at the bar rushed after him and tapped him on the shoulder. I wonder if a teetotaller would have done the same?
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