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  1. I see no point in getting excited as I'm neither religious or have kids and buy for my loved ones all year round without having to be told to . . . . .
  2. Statutory is £480 per year up to a max of 12 years, anything above that is at the firm's discretion - just been there, done that :-/
  3. The nearly 1m "shed" in London was hideous, I am no designer but I'm fairly certain if I had 1m to play with, I'd do a better job than them - hey, anyone wanna let me have a go?!
  4. Seeing the word maggots is enuff for me not to attempt that link!! Why can't everything be cute and fluffy like kittens?! :-)
  5. Holy mother fuck, I literally just read this on sky news and feel violated, I would die if I saw this and think I may have nightmares!! Waaaaaasps scare the shit out of me, the end, night night, argh
  6. Agreed, so sad, he's part of our childhood. Some people die and you're like "meh" and hearing the news this morning, both hubby and I were like "aww" :-(
  7. Alka seltzer then when ya can handle "food", chicken and veg cuppasoup, works every time
  8. I was rather excited with the plans to build a hotel, it's a gorgeous spot gagging to be developed for leisure, a hotel/pub/function room would be ideal for events. We used to use the Golflinks as it was far enough out of town (whichever one you like!) to feel like you were on holiday, but again, it's turned into a gorgeous spot with a derelict bloody hotel on it!!
  9. 12 years, shitting hell, that's flown!! Bring back the Tudor Inn is all I'll say, that was our "go to" place and we've not found anywhere since with the same mix of excellent food, service and cosiness (is that a word?!) ahhhhh, the Tudor Inn :-)
  10. Not in my work pants/skirts, no! Maybe I can start a campaign to all female clothing retailers to add pockets just to suit you?
  11. Mine goes on before work and comes off after work it's not a case of "hey look at me and look where I work", ours is basically a "key" to swipe us through several doors and I certainly can't be assed taking it off at lunchtime just to please someone who is offended by them, oh and I then couldn't get back in to work!!
  12. We did bar logo at the weekend, meh, very very little on the menu and not great when ya get it unfortunately which is prob why it was mostly empty. Shame as it was always our go-to place when having a bus trip down there :-)
  13. About flipping time! :-) his ears must've been burning today as we said everyone should give him a chance and slow down a smidge, just don't tell him, ha!!
  14. Been to barista several times with relies and it does what it says on the tin, egg buttie's are ace :-)
  15. At least you will be able to see the dog shit which is undoubtedly in the street!! Anyway, at this time of year, we're all going to sleep in the light aren't we?!
  16. Went to see it on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you're a big fan of the film, like I am, you will not be disappointed, all the songs you know and love and some extras thrown in for good measure - everyone involved, both off and on stage, should be very proud of themselves :-)
  17. Stripey little f*ckers!!
  18. I say bring it on too, since doorstep recycling, virtually everything of ours goes out in that! Even if they stopped that, we'd still do it, I even bring stuff home from work to put in the recycling rather than just bin it! Sad, I know
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