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  1. What can I say? The public love me!
  2. The rate given by Public Health England is 21.3 cases per 100,000, as of May 6.
  3. This is kind of a weird take, given what a tiny amount of time the Isle of Man was under any restrictions for and the very small hardships that residents have had to bear in comparison with, well, everywhere else in the world pretty much. Your 'reward', such as it is, is those months without lockdown. The comparison with the US isn't really valid, given the absolute horror show they've been through there with the virus. If it's a scheme to give the economy a kick up the arse (whether it needs it or not I couldn't say) then call it that, but nobody needs a 'reward'.
  4. You only have to look at some of the regeneration over here to see that food and drink retail is pretty much the only thing that's still going to thrive on the high street. A bricks and mortar strategy based on shopping for physical stuff just isn't going to be feasible long-term.
  5. As they say in this neck of the woods, thick as fucking mince.
  6. lethargy

    Manx Care

    I'd need to see the scope of the project (indeed, I can't even seem to find the new identity in question!) but £10k for a rebrand, including all the bumph, is eminently feasible. It's actually a little on the low side, if anything. Source: two decades as a designer.
  7. I remember when it was a concession in the back of Ju-di's!
  8. I was always given to understand that it was in fact Ian Smith, who played Harold Bishop in Neighbours, replying to a cheeky fan at a Q&A asking him why he was so fat, that it was because "every time I f*ck your Mum, she feeds me a biscuit."
  9. I'm pretty sure that when I used to work there in the early 2000s, it was the best performing M&S store overall.
  10. I used to have a few but I chucked them out recently. That said, STAY AWAY FROM MY BINS
  11. You do know that shops sell suitcases, right?
  12. Spot on. Well written and hits the nail firmly on the head.
  13. Haven't seen my folks for a year now (planned visits this spring/summer/autumn of course didn't happen) and so my son hasn't seen his grandparents. He's almost 2 and has basically no idea who they are. Everyone is completely gutted already about it, and the fact this might go on for a seemingly endless amount of time is just heartbreaking.
  14. lethargy

    New Rules

    Despite being a member for the last 13(!) years, I very rarely post here, but I still read the forum most days to keep abreast of what's happening at home, and in that respect it's a great resource to me. The sad fact remains though that almost every thread devolves very quickly now into sniping, infighting and abuse very quickly. Many thanks indeed to the moderators and decent posters who've put the legwork in over the years. Here's hoping MF can survive.
  15. I forgot to fasten my helmet strap a couple of times, not long after I got my first bike, and the realisation of what I'd done (and the consequences of what it might have meant) shit me up so badly I've checked multiple times before and during rides ever since. It's entirely possible the guy just forgot to do it up after his last stop I suppose.
  16. @TheTeapot top marks! My username is derived from an ancient band I used to play in, the name of which was lifted from that very song.
  17. Hello. I'm listing this on behalf of my Dad, whose contact details are below (I live in Glasgow, both he and the sofa are in Douglas!). Please contact him rather than myself with any enquiries about the sofa. Cheers! -- For sale - Large cream leather corner sofa unit. Includes the following features: Two fully electric recliners Two standard seats One corner seat One large chaise. Unit is in very good condition (please see photographs) and is 4 years old - originally cost over £4000 new, will accept £900 o.n.o, including delivery islandwide to any address (ground floor dropoff only). The sofa is currently in Douglas. Dimensions: Approx 3x3m, and the chaise projects out 1.5 m. Contact John on 07624493384.
  18. Yes, he is. Please learn to internet properly.
  19. Keep your voice down! Everyone will want one.
  20. All great places for food and excellent beer, reasonably central (Tollcross/Newington area, my usual haunts): The Hanging Bat, The Southern, Clerk's Bar, Holyrood 9a, The Ventoux, The Blackbird, Cloisters, then further into town Red Squirrel on Lothian Road is great, and I very much like the Oxford Bar and the Cambridge Bar too.
  21. I enjoyed this particular gem: "I'll be glad when the internet loses some of its freedom, to be able to publicly display people dying for others entertainment is just sick." Well. Quite.
  22. Pretty telling that the knee-jerk reaction is to remove the footage from the face of the earth rather than accept the reality of the continued human cost of road racing…
  23. I live in Edinburgh and was here for the festival last year. Be prepared for many many people! You're probably a bit too late now for anything other than something quite far out, or tiny and super-expensive in the city centre. Thankfully though the transport links are actually decent (the Tram is largely irrelevant as it follows an existing Airport bus route but it's an option I guess). I think Lothian Buses ran later into the night last year to accommodate the festival crowd but you might need to cab it back if you're not on a main route. Worth checking out before you come over. http://lothianbuses.com There's plenty of shit areas you wouldn't want to be staying in, but loads of good ones too. You'd like Leith, which is where I work - lots of good pubs, restaurants, cafes etc and only a half hour stroll or 10 minute bus into the city centre. Drop me a PM if you've got any specific questions and I'll impart my wisdom for you!
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