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  1. Sad news of course but just to point out this wasn't an actual TT race or practise but was the bilown circuit.
  2. smiler


    I sing along to my car's CD player daily not caring if anyone hears (though I'm sure they do), usually with the windows open too as I like a smoke when driving, current favourites: Muse - Time Is Running Out Killers - Mr Brightside Libertines - Can't Stand Me Now
  3. What entertainment do they have for the bikers...Steve Colley every night and some short arse from Manx radio encouraging all the girls to whip their tits out I imagine. The Purple Helmets probably too. Never heard of a bike going into the crowd...no doubt it's been stopped because of that possibility though.
  4. I never got one of the forms, but loads of people I know went and got extras from the post offices and filled loads in...the whole thing is rubbish, and if anything like the smoking "consultation" they'll probably just lie about the results anyway (93% of people support a smoking ban?? yeah right). Was planning to go to the "No Limit" group's meetings, but only as they were against the speed limit. Not interested in a group promoting themselves as "Safer Island Driving", the only reason you're getting together is because you're anti speed limit, so say so! Nice one to Mr Butt, something he's been saying for years...
  5. As sirdick said, opens this Sunday (28th May) at midday for twelve hours of live music, £10 a ticket, and all for charity! tickets available from Black & Blue & The Rovers Return
  6. Torched already? Classic!
  7. Saw one today taken by a shop near me, a rubbish fake, simply photocopied It was really faded and quite obviously cut with scissors, so no stripe through it and no watermark, easily spotted!
  8. Had a brilliant weekend, the Queens on fri for BDS was amazing, shame so many people were stuck outside in the rain, a marquee is definitely needed for next year. Sat we went to the main stage, missed BDS as was watching Stone Creation then Dunders at the Bridge but Steve Clayton was ace, highlight was when he pulled Dave Mc on stage and they played the keys together Saw a bit of Connie Lush then headed to catch Steph Joyce & Mikey Reaney at the Mines afterwards - fantastic as ever. two of the best voices on the Island... Sunday at the Queens was amazing too, BDS, Maldune & others - well done to all involved.
  9. Yeah sorry, been away, didn't get a chance to update before I left. Normal service is now resumed: Manxbands Gig Guide :-)
  10. Doh, gutted. Just been on to the Douglas to see if there's a replacement (no) and it seems Outward Signs have cancelled for tonight too, double gutted. Might make it down to the Rovers...haven't seen the Angels for ages.
  11. Oh yesh, we're going! Get down there : ) We're there on Fri for OS, then Brazen on Sat. Might pop in the Office for a bit of Still Crazy madness too. PS Martyn - it's a band called "Togs" in the Office tonight. Feck knows who they are...
  12. This weekend I would recommend: Friday: Outward Signs @ The Dougas. Brilliant young 3-piece who cover Led Zep, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Dillon, Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam etc. Plus do a bunch of (Zep influenced) originals. Saturday: Brazen @ The Douglas. Probably the best frontwoman on the Island, backed up by some of the best musicans around, covers like U2, Muse, Foo Fighters, Van Halen, RHCP, The Darkness plus a few more poppy ones like Beverley Knight, KC & The Sunshine Band... or Still Crazy @ The Office. Classic rock covers (Allright Now, Wishing Well, Purple Haze etc), plus a ska set (Madness, The Beat, The Specials etc) that's impossible to stay still to. Other bands worth a sight include: Jacoba, Walter Ego, Romero.
  13. Tis a bit huge aye. Suppose I should have just put a link to the poster really. anyway, tickets are going fast for this, approx 400 sold so far! I say so far, it's this Friday, 17th. more details
  14. This Sunday 5th December is to be a fundraising day for the children of the late Diane Chreseson, organised by the Moddey Dhoo Motorcycle Club. A run around the TT Course and an evening function at the Villa Marina has been organised to raise funds for this very worthy cause. Diane was tragically taken from us in a motorcycle accident and her husband subsequently lost his fight against Cancer.. Leaving their children to be cared for by relatives. Because of court appeals no insurance has been released to help this family...but we can help. The day is planned for SUNDAY 5th December starting with the TT Course run @ 1.00pm from the Grandstand Whether you are a motorcycle owner or not...PLEASE COME ALONG TO SUPPORT THIS VERY WORTHY CAUSE...AND BRING SOME JOY TO THESE CHILDREN AT CHRISTMAS. DONATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON THE DAY OR COME ALONG TO THE PROMENADE SUITE, VILLA MARINA, SUNDAY 5th at 6.00pm AND RAISE A GLASS TO THIS CAUSE... THERE WILL BE LIVE MUSIC FROM OUTWARD SIGNS, RAFFLE PRIZES AND MAYBE A FEW SURPRISE GUESTS. For more information please contact: Andy Scullard, Moddhey Dhoo Motorcycle Club, Ballayockey Cottage, Regaby, Isle of Man IM7 3HP. Tl: 01624 882415 e-mail: andy@wgat.co.uk -------------- Note: copied (word for word) from a poster given to me, and posted here for your info as there was a thread somewhere on here regarding this tragedy and people seemed keen to do something to help the children
  15. The Damned has been cancelled for more info see here
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