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  1. No where does it say the well intentioned individuals were from ‘within the MUA’.
  2. Couldn't agree more. I can't even understand why couples go to tesco together. I just think one of them could be at home relaxing or doing something much less boring instead. It's a waste of someone's hour to be there if they don't have to be, it only takes one to fill the trolley. And I do everything humanly possible to avoid taking my kids down there with me!
  3. When I turn up at the polling station with the kids in tow, and the candidates and/or their supporters are standing around wearing rosettes and smiling creepily at us as we approach, I then vote for the one that the kids find to be the least creepy.
  4. Why do we celebrate mediocrity in absent or semi absent fathers? They get a gold star for being 'vaguely interested'?? Seems to me we don't look at single mothers the same way. Anyway, Gladys, the way I have come to view my ex is that I have no control over what he says or does and I can't change that. The only thing I can do is to make sure my reaction to any situation he creates is the best one for my children. I'm not sure what that is in your case but you'll have to use your instinct on that. But one rule I always go by is never to communicate (whether that's text,email or phonecall) when angry or on spur of the moment, always let time pass so if you do respond to something it's a considered response. And good luck, it's never easy!!
  5. Strife

    Onch Main Road

    Yesterday I was behind a DOI vehicle that jumped a red light light at the top of royal avenue junction. If I had got the reg I would have reported them.
  6. It was reported in the local press last spring when he was originally charged. Although his occupation was not mentioned.
  7. just out of interest....what did the petrol stations do with multiple customers with full tanks of petrol but unable to pay for it if they didn't have cash or another card to use?
  8. Precisely. I can see my nine year old almost wrestling with herself over it.
  9. Strife

    Buddy Rocks

    Wowsers. Heart attack bap! What's the stuff on the fries?
  10. Bunch of bananas in the front of your trolley on a Tuesday night innit?
  11. It's a shame none of his porridge sculptures survived.....I'd have liked to have seen them.
  12. But what if the 'genuinely needy' ie genuinely sick people are also broke? What if one of my kids gets an ear infection/ tonsillitis/ chest infection/ conjunctivitis (just a few genuine illnesses that have required gp visits over the last few years) and then that's £20 less I have to feed them that week? Blimey it's easy to say for people to whom £20 is not a lot of money! Sometimes you see the GP and they say you need to come back and see me again in 2 weeks, make an appointment with reception on the way out (I've always assumed that these are the types of appointments that people miss ie if they feel better they either can't be arsed or forget to go back) are they talking about charging for these appointments too, or just the ones when you phone up to request an appointment?
  13. People not turning up for appointments is wrong and annoying. People who sneeze then ring up the doctors demanding an emergency appointment are wrong and annoying. Since I never do either of these, I should be entitled to an appointment without having to pay!! They need to come up with some other way to deter people who fall into the two above categories.
  14. That looks like a very small child to be in the care of someone off her head on prescription meds mixed with alcohol. Even if you disregard the potential damage of being bought up by a crazy racist, I wouldn't have thought that young child is particularly safe with her, poor little thing.
  15. Mmmm not telling! I wouldn't say I'm content. Well I'm clearly not dancing a jig of joy everyday but things could be worse! What is so wrong with being thankful for what you've got? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with wanting to improve your lot either, but I don't want to live my life in a constant state of believing everyone is trying to screw me over.
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