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  1. Does anyone work hard on the Isle of Man ? I would have thought the only people working hard are the ones who hide all the dodgy cash that pores into the plcae.
  2. Just seems you can put anything on here and some pratt will respond to it. Usually inbreds.
  3. Many small places that I have been to have at least one unusual characteristic. For example, people in Leek in Staffordshire have a habit of shouting at each other in conversation, even when in close proximity and the outsider would think they were arguing. People in Upton upon Severn have a tendency to wife swap; The locals of Belper in Debyshire favour women free pubs with topless barmaids(fact-Try the Devonshire); Lots of men in Blackburn like to dress as women (see the amount of friendly transvestites working behind the bars).The Huddersfield populace take pride in their support for the on
  4. Degree in medicine; Not English. Sorry old chap.Also,English is my second language. No offense taken though.Did you have a good fight with any of the 'OUTSIDERS' with your Sunday 10 pints ?
  5. Some say Binladen will now go to Hell, But some still think he once lived on Snaefell, At least there he wouldn't think it too sunny. And he could venture downhill and keep an eye on his money.
  6. I called you 'dear' because sometimes it is difficult to tell sex when not wearing the wooly hat. I'll leave you to your sunday lunchtime pub fight and telly.
  7. They beat their clenched fist on chest, with their flag in one hand , as they spray paint their slogans and play in wet sand. They sing to the waves 'Give us Manx Power !' But no one can hear and its a cheap way to shower. The Manxies know little of underground vaults, Containing not kippers or casks of Holts. Storing the loot they know nothing about, If they see too much they get a bottle of stout.
  8. Alas,If a Moffit gets off it, I won't be here long. Even before I can compose a nice song. The wooly hat brigade may have me strung up, But before moving they must have a good sup. So some time we may have before I am gone. I think you can help compose a nice song.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if he had cash hidden on the IOM.
  10. A booze cruise voyage for the unusual rabble, drinking and shouting in some language of babble. Strange t-shirts with slogans adorn as they leave their rock. Staggering and swearing they crawl of the dock. Waving their flags; But some wear the hat. The three legs of Man..Where the fu..s that ? They cower and crawl back to the boat, scared by the sights and sounds of a place so remote. A boat in the evening to the place they belong. Back to do things many think wrong. Drinking and swearing they take pride in uncouth, Lets not forget the gormless youth. To many outsiders it may
  11. I also thank god & pity the "locals" wherever you decide to live next. Well I have lived in many places dear;But this is by far the strangest one. You need pity;Not I.Stay on your Island dear.
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