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  1. Easy to say when it's not one of your children that's been murdered. That's the point, justice, as dished out by society has to be objective. Why do you think there is such a careful selection process to appoint a jury? So their objective view of the facts are not tainted by emotion. Of course, for anyone who harmed a member of my family I would probably want to kill them but that is not the way society should mete out justice
  2. Oooohhh...the capital punishment debate. I would say only this. Punishment should never be about revenge so the main argument for the death penalty is deterrent. But these heinous crimes many feel warrant death are committed by psycho and sociopaths or by those under extreme circumstances who take no cognisance of deterrent. And if you start tooking about saving money by killing them rather than keeping them in expensive jails then you're a cock
  3. This is small fry in a country which has witnessed mass genocide and has soldiers still wearing nappies
  4. I hear the good people of Onchan really like Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, the Muppets, Bill and Ben, Muffin the Mule, you know, that kinda thing
  5. Good point. I would need some flotation device like airbags in a car but this is all getting terribly inconvenient carrying around all this stuff in the unlikley event I will fall into water from a great height
  6. It seems if you wore something really sharp which tapered nicely, you could probably survive falling into water and some considerable height. I'm going to bear that in mind
  7. Sorry, not been on here in ages but I need to throw this out there because it's bugging me. They say that jumping from a great height into water is like jumping on to concrete. But if you jump 20-30 feet into water you should be fine while you're likely to break bones if you jump from the same height on to concrete. So, what is the pivotal height where water becomes like concrete?
  8. Give colds the cold shoulder. Don't pamper to them, that's what I say. Give the damn blighter an inch and it'll take a mile. Start cracking open the Beecham's and taking extra vitamin C, etc, and you'll begin to be taken in by it all and before long you'll have died of a virulent flu. Take my advice and defy it. I went for a jog in the snow yesterday with the rumblings of a cold in tow and now the attention-seeking illness has scuttled off with it's tail between it's legs. Thanks for reading
  9. I would do but what's the point?
  10. It sounds every time someone from south of Laxey enters the town. Everyone then quickly changes the shop facades from Next and Primark to strange little hippy shops and alternative medicine stores.
  11. Regardless of there being a designated cycle lane, it's commonsense to take a cautious approach when children are clearly going to be in the vicinity. I'm sure your conscience will be perfectly at ease after killing or maiming a children when you plough into them, knowing you had right of way.
  12. I have to say Lonan has a point here. On the odd occasion I've had the displeasure of driving along Douglas prom in the early hours of a Fri or Sat, the amount of drunken idiots jumping out directly in front of you is scary. I sometimes feel like I'm on the set of Dawn of the Dead trying to escape the zombies. In fact I'm sure a limb or two has gotten trapped in my wipers every on occasion.
  13. That's one hell of a subtle joke you relayed there.
  14. So is alcohol but I bet he still partakes in a glass of wine from time to time. He looks the sort.
  15. Of course we should remember that following the decision by the UK government not to hold a referendum on Europe some Brighton judge said a manifesto is not a legally binding document but purely political. So, it's okay for them to let the electorate down and renege on pledges - more so because few people can be arsed voting or vote based habit or personality.
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