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  1. Haven't received mine either from Amazon. Last week it said it would be delivered on 29th, then on the 28th it was dispatched with a delivery date of the 2nd via city link. According to the tracking information, it hasn't moved since Thursday night!! Wonder why some went with Royal Mail and some with city link
  2. Thereby providing another opportunity for the usual Manx Forums suspects to launch a tirade of abuse at the chap who seems to own or manage the outlets. He's not running it. It's classed as international airspace and his license doesn't cover it. It's being run by the airport themselves.
  3. Another Costa coming to the departure lounge of the Airport next year.
  4. This looks just brilliant. An excellent year for movies
  5. Agreed. Watched The Avengers also. 10/10. Epic movie. Robert Downey Jr has the majority of the funny lines but the Hulk completely steals the limelight towrds the end. Hulk Smash
  6. For sale: One litre of petrol. Will except 2 first class stamps or a Gregs pasty!
  7. What? I just won the bingo, bought a crib in Rio (It doesn't matter)
  8. Agreed. New ending now incoming. However, was this the plan all along or have they bowed to the pressure of the fans!?
  9. Watched The Grey last night. Another movie that i went in to with no great expectations apart from having Liam Neeson in it. Was actually really good. Neeson obviously steals the show but a really good survival story. It was billed as a survival horror. Not really a horror but the wolves that are hunting the suviovors of the plane crash do make a good villain!
  10. It is saying something about the quality of insulation in some houses. I'm in a semi detached too and have never heard a peep out of my neighbours, even when they have the grandkids round. Now I have a dog, which is a bit mad and barks a bit when playing and charges around like a lunatic. I went round to appolgise just incase the barking was disturbing them and and said we were training it out of her. They said they had never heard a peep out of us or the dog since we've had her.
  11. My new neighbours are pretty rough. He popped his head over the fence today and said, "What's going down brother?" I said, "The value of my house since you moved in!!!! Boom Boom
  12. In Time. A pleasant surprise. Interesting concept and enjoyable film. Didn't have high hopes considering Justin Timberlake was the lead, but actually a rreally good movie
  13. The new Underworld movie. Just terrible
  14. supermac82

    Mass Effect 3

    March 9th can't come soon enough. This game is going to be epic!!!!
  15. Went in to buy some fish the other day and the ammount of dead ones in the tanks put me right off. Will stick to the other shops i think.
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