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  1. I think your wild speculation is the one backfiring Donald - and has been for years !!
  2. Correct. There is loads of evidence that there has been a significant shift both in common sense and more focused policy delivery since Teare and Bell. The arguments put forward that Treasury policies have been anything less than positive for workers across the board is, as Rushen Spy says, complete bollocks. Just on the most basic level, tax free allowances have risen from £10.5k to £14k in the last three budgets; a couple are taking home £7k more tax free which will add at least £700 a year to their income levels. But, more importantly, there have also been aome quite significant shifts in supporting benefits for low to middle income earners including Child Benefit, EPA rates, Disability allowances etc. These will have helped add to the increase in the tax free allowances for families in particular and compares markedly to policies under Teare and also in the UK. I’m not saying it’s perfect but the Island is in a much better place than it was three years ago. Actually some might argue that Cannan is being too lax as a Treasury Minister and that he will miss his fiscal targets particularly around the public sector pensions deficit, but that’s another story !
  3. According to the latest report (Sept 18), staff numbers in year 2011 were 7,829 and in year 2018 were 7,466 (363 less) . Looks like 180 or so have been added since 2016 though. http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/20182021/2018-GD-0067.pdf Also, I think they now include the pension cost (or part of it) in the wages - so that might explain the £46m rise.
  4. So just read the detail. They are asking those claiming employed persons allowance with a child over 13 to work 24 hours a week rather than 16 hours as at present. Is that an embarrassment to humanity or just fair to the taxpayer ? If your oldest child is aged over 13 why shouldn’t you have to work at least 4 hours a day to get benefits ??
  5. The problem is that the only thing we have to judge Allinson on is Abortion and Cannabis. I note that he went in hard on the side of retaining existing Public Sector Pensions whilst Cannan remains in favour of closing them down - so if it is these two to choose from, then it would appear to be a straight Left v Right debate or, most likely, higher taxes vs tax cuts given the pension forecasts !
  6. Boot, Harmer and Allinson, hounded by Shimmins and Peake have all gone environment crazy. The Climate Change Coalition (a totally separate group containing a majority of left wing nutters) have totally hiijacked the Government agenda. Thomas is simply the mad professor fiddling everywhere and Cregeen is barking up the wrong tree with the Education Bill. The summary COMIN position looks like this: Boot — on rocky ground and under pressure from the environmentalists Harmer - incompetent Cregeen - rapidly running into a storm with his education Bill Thomas - fiddling everywhere Skelly - probably in he same boat as Harmer Quayle - seems just to be sitting back having lost significant control of his Ministers. So much for his two year BREXIT mission.
  7. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/climate-change-is-leaving-young-people-with-a-dying-planet/ Who is this (South African ?) moron talking about inter-generational conflict. Someone tell him that we don't work like that yessir !! If he's looking for action he can go climb a tree in Silverdale..........(oops, hasn't that been done ?).
  8. Is Chris Williams a real person or a meme ?
  9. Quote from the UK GOV website: The full new State Pension is £164.35 per week. The actual amount you get depends on your National Insurance record. The only reasons the amount can be higher are if: you have over a certain amount of Additional State Pension. So looks like £20 a week better off in the IOM - £1,040.00 per annum on the UK - on the basis that I have done a like for like comparison. There is additional state pension to consider as well.
  10. “Some good points offered by Hooper in this interview. Certainly makes Ashford look like a clown.” Ashford may have a problem to deal with but Hooper is a Grandstander of the highest echelon. I don’t remember him even blinking when Mrs Beecroft and the Liberal Vannin Party unilaterally cut Meals on Wheels. In fact, he was remarkably silent during the thankfully relatively short time the Lib Vans had their hands on our health department.
  11. I really think that its Ramsey who is being naive here. Clearly COMIN had secured a majority in favour of this and must have been confident of enough political support to take it forward. There was obviously going to be little chance for a long protracted debate - why would the sellers sign up for that ?? They must have been pretty nervous of what was going to happen in a Tynwald debate in any case. I agree with Mr Wright - Ramsey would have been far better exploring the future rather than trying (and failing) to cause a negative reaction.
  12. Could have had a pizza restaurant and bar.............but nope, wanted to spend £397k buying a courthouse. Didn’t they also spend £35k on repairs etc ? Good annual fireworks display as well !! And of course its not Ramseys fault........its Governments according to Lawrie Hooper !! Just imagine.....if they had let the private sector in they would have brought visitors into the town and saved ratepayers ££. But no - the vocal local minority know best !!!!!
  13. Very thick skin. Who in their right mind would want to stand today while being scrutinized and abused daily on social media ? When I suggested to someone that they should think about being an MHK their was a clear and concise response along the lines of "I wouldn't put myself through that for all the tea in china. You would be bloody mad"
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