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  1. hboy - we believe in fresh produce not incredibly old output. Fraid your joke (use the world loosely) falls into the latter category. Gilf-Uk - I hope that you enjoyed your meal. The site has never historiocally opened on a Saturday so it is our quietest day - all custom much appreciated as we invest in building up the weekend trade. YouknowImRight - Do I always promote my business? Well it is not entirely mine - we are a public company with 400 shareholders. But it is my job as CEO to promote all our businesses so I guess I do. As to whether I am the next GFL. I would suggest not. Look at the history of RSH. It is 11 years old and the last time it raised external funding by issuing shares was 11 years ago. We have grown from 1 employee (me) to 140 and funded our own growth in Europe, the UK, IOM, the USA and Canada. I hope that we will have a physical presence in India (where we already do some business) before Christmas. Investors like Nigel Wray (the owner of Saracens and the largest shareholder in Domino's) and our chairman Jim Mellon generally get things right. If we keep supporting other businesses on the IOM with our custom and by getting their produce to London and also creating new jobs here (the next starter, number 19 begins work on Monday, with number 20 starting on June 6th & (I hope) Number 21 being interviewed next week) surely that is a good thing for everyone here? Best wishes Tom Winnifrith www.JPJShare.com www.TheRealManPizzaCompany.com www.RivingtonStreetHoldings.com
  2. x-in-man - I think spam not really in keeping with theme of freshly produced food & pizzas so while I am sure it sounds like the cutting edge of nouvelle cuisine we will have to pass on that. Perhaps you should try the Snaefell Diabola (the hottest pizza you will find in Britain) instead. It will be...memorable. If you are desperate for spam maybe you should register with our free websites www.uk-analyst.com & www.sharecrazy.com and we will do our best to satisfy your cravings. PaulD - like everything we produce (be it pizzas or leaflets) our JPJflyers have great taste. So maybe with some households they might have been reluctant to enter and did have to be forced through. Best wishes Tom Winnifrith www.TheRealManPizzaCompany.com www.JPJShare.com www.RivingtonStreetHoldings.com
  3. Pongo - many thanks. I liked your liking of the post. Cascarino - very glad that you enjoyed the place. Please do visit again. We would hope to have added to the menu within 4 weeks to bring on a few new dishes including two starters using Okells ( I am sure you can have a guess at one which uses another IOM ingredient - the other will surprise you) and that Manx Spirit including dessert piza we created over the weekend. Virtual Boy - we welcome real men, real women, real children, unreal women, unreal men and unreal children. As long as you enjoy good (slightly different food) and drink ( also slightly unusual - for instance the only 4 vodkas on offer are A Shetland classic, a Shetland with cucumber, a black vodka and our own Manannan, while all our whiskeys are from an Irish Independent, whose chairman I play rugby with once a year (very veterans rugby)) you should like the place. All - the offer to chat if you have any questions about what Rivington does is always open. Feel free to pop into our offices at any time. Best wishes Tom Winnifrith www.JPJShare.com www.TheRealManPizzaCompany.com www.RivingtonStreetHoldings.com
  4. Hi My name is Tom Winnifrith and I thought I should post here to answer a few of your questions. The Real Man Pizza Company is no joke. It is part of Rivington Street Holdings which is headquartered in Athol Street where it employs about 20 people. Over in the UK we hae another 110 staff working in 7 locations and we also have an office in New York with 7 staff and in Canada we have a stake in a limestone quarry project. RSH is a PLUS quoted company with a market value of c£19 million and I am CEO with Jim Mellon as Chairman. All 4 of our directors are IOM residents. RSH owns 15 different companies engaged in fund management, online share dealing, corporate finance, events management, market research, there are 4 software businesses, the quarry, 2 pharma businesses and we also have various publishing interests and now the 1 restaurant RMPC). It is very real and operates at 91-95 Clerkenwell Road London and we always welcome visitor from the IOM who can indeed get 20% off by using Real Man money. Manx Pizzas? I admit not a long time tradition but those pizzas branded as such were created here by me - cooking is a great hobby of mine. My partner & I came up with another sweet pizza recipe over the weekend using Manx Spirit - it should be available in a couple of months. What is the plan for Real Man? Ensure that our first venue is profitable ( it was this week - which both as RMPC and in its previous incarntation as a bog standard Italian restaurant - it never managed) & then open other venues - we would like to have 5 or 6 in London before we open in Douglas but if a site comes up here we would be keen to go for it as soon as possible. Is the logo taken from the Steampacket company? No. Have a look at all Rivington divisional logos and they follow a similar theme (albeit without any flags). Why add a pirate flag to the IOM flag on our logo? Becuase it is a bit different and we try to make our venues different. It catches the eye. Do we trivialise the IOM? No. We respect it. Look at the Real Man website and Mannanan stares down at you. We as a company are strong supporters of the IOM a place which I call home - my cat & I both live in Woodbourne Square ( and are coaxing my partne to join us). During the past 12 months as we have taken control of 4 publicaly quoted UK companies you have seen their names change to Athol, Woodburne, Agneash & Ronaldsway - we celebrate our IOM base. I am proud that we have created 17 new local jobs here in the past 12 months & we hope to create more. I am proud that our restaurant uses IOM fish, Davisons ice cream, Manx Spirit and our own vodka (Manannan) distilled in Sulby. I hope to offer Okells shortly. It actually hurts our margins bringing produce from the IOM to London but we believe in supporting what is our home community & so take that hit. I hope that when in London you will support us with your custom. I think you will actually like the place too! What else do we do in Douglas? We run our head office here. We run our fund management business here and our Unit Trusts are the best performing in the UK over the last three years which is something the IOM can be proud of - we aim to expand that part of the business bringing on local talent over the coming months ( watch this space). We also run www.JPJShare.com from Douglas, our execution only stockbroker. Someone earlier said this was a con. Execution only means we do not give advice - we merely buy & sell shares for you. And we do so charging the lowest rates across the entire British Isles. So it is not a con but it is a growing business providing UK beating customer service & which is taking on staff here in the IOM. I quite like the idea of an IOM firm taking on the big London & Bristol based brokers and beating them & creating jobs here in the IOM. Is that such a bad thing? Is there a cookbook on the way? Yes. We aim for Autumn publication. If anyone has any questions about www.JPJShare.com or www.TheRealManPizzaCompany.com (keep your speakers on when you go to the site) or indeed any other aspect of www.RivingtonStreetHolding.com feel free to post questions here & I will do my best to answer or feel free to pop into our offices at 39 Athol Street at any time. I am here all bar 3 or 4 days a month so the odds are that you will catch me in. If I am away our Chief Operating Officer Michelle Lees will be around to assist you. Best wishes Tom Winnifrith www.RivingtonStreetHoldings.com www.TheRealManPizzaCompany.com www.t1psim.com www.JPJShare.com
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