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  1. TODA or TORA? What about crosswinds and wet runways?
  2. It's in the notes of the vehicle licence application form: Form VL1
  3. It might be able to, as there is a third variable - aperture. A certain ISO needs a certain amount of light in order to get a correct exposure. The camera has two ways of adjusting the amount of light - the length of time the shutter is open for and the physical size of the "hole" through the lens. These are shutter speed and aperture, respectively. So a shorter shutter speed (i.e. shutter is open for less time) means that you need a larger aperture. This has other effects too (e.g. depth of field). The shutter speed is much more vairable than the aperture (normally) so you may f
  4. Bananaman you've got some great results there, I like the subtlety of the moss on the log. I think the boat good too, has a kind of tilt-shift effect going on, I think this is boosted by the vibrance of the red. There's loads of stuff on flickr if you're after some inspiration. I know you said you're not ready to join a photo forum, but have a look at ManxScenes. It's friendly and you would be welcome if you want to join. The regulars are really helpful and I've learned loads from them. The most important part!
  5. Do you mean like this sort of thing? If so, I think some cameras have a mode that does it automatically but most of the time it's done in Photoshop or similar. I don't see why you'd need an SLR, just an editing programme that supports layers. (Try GIMP for free.) There are loads of tutorials for this kind of thing, like this one on about.com.
  6. james

    Lens Flair

    Don't know what it's called, but there's a beach just south of Niarbyl. This is from there looking back towards Niarbyl. Google Maps was that you in the boat ? I wish it was
  7. james

    Lens Flair

    Don't know what it's called, but there's a beach just south of Niarbyl. This is from there looking back towards Niarbyl. Google Maps
  8. I've always found PicStop pretty good for memory (I'm not connected to them in any way), and their head office is in Douglas so it's local too, although some of their stock is in Jersey. Prices are OK and delivery is usually quick. I don't really know about specifications so can't answer your questions.
  9. This place is pretty good: Wheat Free Bakery.
  10. Sometimes, the colours are there in the sky and you can just click away and get great photos, others they're not and it takes a little Photoshop to get the punch that you want. Infact I'd say photos that don't benefit from at least a little Photoshop are pretty rare, at least in the case of a relative beginner such as me. I'm not sure if this is the sort of thing you're after, and I hope you don't mind, but I've spent five minutes on one of your photos: What I've done is tweaked the brightness and contrast and the curves. I then added a blue gradient to strengthen the sky before fi
  11. james

    Palace Cinema

    They may well get a print that's been used elsewhere and consequently will be a lot cheaper.
  12. Great photos, I love the cross processing.
  13. The only thing I can find about it is this DTL press release dated 16 August 2007.
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