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  1. I believe I can dual boot multiple operating systems but it is a bit of a pain. A laptop, nothing too fancy required, would be useful.
  2. You're probably right Maybe I am having rose tinted glasses with my view of steven! Although, of course, steven ! is not the actual steven. steven was definite one off.
  3. You're getting a bit impatient there censorship. Time enough I'm sure.
  4. fixed Ooops! Was it that noticeable!
  5. Actually good points, but that is the point. I do a fair bit of motorway driving and, for example, see all these HGVs trundling up the slow lane. I would much prefer those wagons controlled digitally or even by someone in a control room than a human in the cab who just might not be quite up to the job, for whatever reasons. The Isle of Man has one huge power and that is to make its own laws, quickly and effectively. Such as motorrcyscle racing on public roads, or various tax and finance laws, or even to fix its own alcohol laws (that is the main reason we had a huge tourist industry - far more than sandy beaches and music halls and all that stuff). The Isle of Man Government needs to stick its neck out. Unfortunately, it needs to take good advice and it only seems to get its inner circle advice from the likes of slavering dinner parties and lodge meetings. My tuppence worth tonight.
  6. I remember all these self-styled luddites about 10 years ago, they were never ever going to get a mobile phone or a computer. Now every time (and I mean every time) I see them they are either on their phone or on the internets with their laptop,
  7. I was in the scouts, I know what you mean, You had to earn those badges and it might take a few months or more. It's a bit like O' levels/GCSEs. At one time 8 was a hefty number and if 3 or 4 of them were grade A then you were a genius. These days a dozen or more is the norm and grade A with a few stars or whatever after each and everyone, is de rigeur
  8. From Isle of Man Examiner 1st December 1976:
  9. Some people in the UK endure this sort of thing maybe 2 or 3 times or more each day on public roads going to work.
  10. I didn't listen, because generally when John Moss is on Mandate or indeed Mannin Line or whatever, it becomes the John Moss Show, showing how clever he is. I believe he has become a tad tedious now.
  11. Wouldn't some of these young people who have had their lives supposedly destroyed by 'it' have had their lives destroyed anyway, for a number of reasons. 'It' just happens to have been some sort of factor in their lifes 'destruction'.
  12. I feel TT365 was a golden opportunity missed. And meantime there was a select committee looking into Manx Radio. It looks like the subject of TT365 was not brought up.
  13. So there is an announcement that crime figures are down. Followed by an announcement that they are up, up, up, as if this was inevitable. Over the past decade or so I have reported a number of crimes, some serious. The police did little to prosecute those responsible. So presumably at least some of these incidents were not included in the crime figures. All well and good maybe, but those who carried out the crimes (including assault, and a burglary) thought they got away with it and carried on their nasty little ways. Someone somewhere is making decisions not to proceed with (or even register) matters that should have been followed through. I think it is abut time the police just did their job rather than pander to the statistics.
  14. Hmmm, a thread that delivers: a bit of the usual mf argy-bargy, some humour, some serious analytical input, and some local interest.
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