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  1. I only really knew her from the short co-presenting stint on Top Gear and occasional calls for participation in the wacky stunts of the presenters, but although I initially found her very slightly annoying she quickly endeared herself.

    She was funny and intelligent and always had a sly, wry grin on her face that made me smile.

    The fact that she could scare the heck out of the others because she drove so bloody fast was testament to her skills and although I knew she was highly regarded for this, I didn't appreciate the full extent of her accomplishments.

    Bless her for her sense of fun and thrills and condolences to her husband, family and friends.

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  2. With very good reason I need an absolutely rotted VW Beetle fully restored within a six month timeframe and £10-12k budget!

    She is NOT in good shape at all, in fact the restorer I took her to, has said there "is no metal to work with" - now I know that might put people off, but anyone willing to take on the challenge should know where we're at.

    Any 'realistic' advice or recommendations would be greatly received.


  3. Well that didn't work, did it!

    Re-advertising as we entered lockdown within days of me putting this on here, so I'll try again.

    The wife got a new car three months ago and her beloved S Max has to go.

    It is Metallic Grey (midnight sky)  7 seats, manual, diesel. FSH - 45,000 miles. March 2014. Fully loaded including cruise, front and rear parking sensors, DAB, 17" Alloys, A/C, auto headlights, rain sensor wipers, etc.

    This is a great 7 seater MPV. An ideal family car with very low mileage, in good condition.

    Offers around £9,000

    Tel: 324999 or 471117


    SMax I.jpeg

    SMax II.jpeg

    SMax III.jpeg

  4. 1 hour ago, Lagman said:

    Speaking of, ours appears to be about double that of Guernsey, maybe weve just been luckier with care home infections so far?

    Probably not unexpected, but still tragic for the families and friends. Condolences to all concerned.
    I hope matters at all Care Homes are being treated with proper due care and attention.

    Stay safe all.


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  5. Can anyone confirm the number of concluded tests as at 16:00 yesterday as I was sure I had taken it down as 1,334 with 95 confirmed cases, whereas there has been an increase in confirmed cases this morning to 114 but the number of concluded cases is now showing as 1,230.

    Have they made an error somewhere or is it me?

    ETA: Just watched the update and it said 1,147 it was misquoted on https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/latest-updates/

    Which altogether puts a different slant on MY perception - an increase of 20 on 70 tests and then this morning 19 on a further 83 might infer we are reaching the worst (hopefully) earlier than I expected - here's hoping.

  6. Unfortunately, I don't think a future economy can survive on trades earning the kind of money only the supposed professionals earn across.

    I think we may have a rude awakening in this respect when people re-evaluate their spending and budgets.

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  7. It only needs one act of stupidity or oversight to dramatically skew figures amongst such a relatively small sample size as ours, but as per this mornings numbers 'only' 3 new cases based on an additional 167 completed tests has to be good news.

    Stay safe.

    Thoughts to the families and loved ones of all those so far affected and huge thanks to those working above and beyond - the list is endless! T-H-A-N-K-S

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  8. Wife has just landed herself a new car and her beloved S Max has to go.

    It is Metallic Grey (midnight sky)  7 seats, manual, diesel. FSH - 45,000 miles. March 2014. Fully loaded including cruise, front and rear parking sensors, DAB, 17" Alloys, A/C, auto headlights, rain sensor wipers, etc.

    This is a great 7 seater MPV. An ideal family car with very low mileage, in good condition.

    Offers around £10,000

    Tel: 324999 

    SMax I.jpeg

    SMax II.jpeg

    SMax III.jpeg

  9. Silver C Class Coupe

    About to get valeted and will add pictures over next day or two.

    Great drive and extremely reliable.

    Although NO warning notifications on dash computer display, yes it has some minor faults:

    - It needs new back brake pads.

    - Back driver's side tyre has a slow puncture.

    -The indicator stalk on the steering wheel doesn't stay engaged.

    -It has some scrapes, but nothing that detracts from a fairly sound looking car.

    It has some service history, although I have not done anything much to it other than new tyres in past 2 or 3 years as I have done only approximately 10,000 miles in the 8 years I have had the car.

    It has done a warranted 107,000 since new.

    This is a lot of car (panoramic sunroof and all working electronics etc.) that will keep going for years, for not a huge amount of money in this day and age.

    Being sold as awaiting delivery of new E class :)

    £800 OVNO!

    Ring 471117 or e-mail nidgex@hotmail.com for more detail.

  10. Beggars belief - they haven't provided any explanation as to the basis of their re-banding BUT have asked me for an actual reading as my last three readings have (allegedly, I can't remember or check this exact moment) been estimates - not fussed by this fact as I in actuality checked the reading the first time these letters came in and it was close, very close.

    What I am going to create merry hell with them about, is that they are basing their re-banding decision on some other completely arbitrary ESTIMATE over and above their own estimate.

    So much for customer care!

    Freaking clowns!

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  11. Received third letter apologising for the mess up with regard to the other two.

    No explanation however and a restatement that my banding was changing due to my average annual usage now being 16,366kWh per year.


    Why must I waste my time due to their incompetence?

  12. 12 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

    Duplicates are what Manx Gas called them though:

    I got one of the 'duplicates' as well, and will have to wait for letter #3 to see what the real story is.  I also reckon I'm nowhere near to having to move bands.  It's also worth pointing out, that with only about 35,000 households on the Island, even if everyone has gas (they certainly don't) that would still be 10%, which is hardly a 'small' minority.

    Their defensive spin has already begun.

    As Woolley points out they are NOT duplicates and as you point out reference to a small minority immediately reeks of cover up BS.

  13. 38 minutes ago, slinkydevil said:

    Looks like you'll get another letter:



    Thanks slinky.

    Hmm - this is an apology for a small minority of their customers (well worded) not a small minority of the 3,500 being contacted regarding re-banding having been sent duplicate letters. Unfortunately, it doesn't answer either of my queries, but I will wait and see what they actually say.

  14. Has anyone else recently received one (or more) notifications of a rebanding with regard to gas charges.

    I await an explanation but herewith my e-mail to them yesterday.

    Sorry this may be TMI - but maybe I have missed something within my own understanding(s) of the calculations.


    Please explain the following:

    1) Why did I receive two letters on the same day about the exact same subject but quite contradictory - both stating that I was being switched from band E to band F, but one stating this meant there would be a daily INCREASE to my standing charge per day of 18.2372p and the other that there would be a DECREASE to my standing charge per day of 18.2372p!!!

    2) Can you please also explain how you have arrived at your revision decision, as (from having checked my own records by adding any 6 consecutive two month bills), I cannot get anywhere near your calculated figure revising my consumption from band E to band F. You have stated I have an average property consumption of 16,366kWh per year.

    The following are the sixteen months data from 1 December 2015 to 4 April 2017. 

























  15. so far I've had 2 manifestos through one from Mr callister and one from Mr quirk. Mr callister in my opinion has done his homework and actually sets out some plans to tackle the issues the island is facing. Mr quirks was basically what's wrong with the Island but no direction of how to fix things for me a very poor effort. haven't had the manifestos of Mr craig Mr Allen and Mrs edge yet so can't comment on those.


    Exactly Thommo.


    One tiny box on DQ's manifesto covering Public Sector Pension Issue, a load of puff about what needs to be done, but not how to do it and nothing about past 'achievements'.


    I await the three manifestos you haven't received yet either, RC's does at least have specific ideas/recommendations and over 2 whole pages on the pension deficit.


    Of course, this is not the only issue, but a big one among many.


    But, at present, irrespective of being involved (to what extent, I haven't much detail, but think he was late on into the mess and left holding the baby somewhat) with the Louis Group, imho he still has more business acumen and certainly apparent hunger than most of the current incumbents.


    i knew mad uncle ronnie was a bum blaster

    Not me fella. I'm a proper Manx fella me. My tradesmans entrance is strictly a one way door. Exit only if you know what I'm saying! I mean it's just not right is it? Being a jouster and that. It's not what any proper fella should be doing is it? Time was when it was just sailors and that. On the ships for months on end with no women and such like. Dirty buggers! And fellas in prison! But now it's almost everyone isn't it? There's jousters everywhere on the telly and that. I think government is putting something in the water. It's just not normal to have so many is it? I had this fella once who worked for me. He was a jouster I think. I had to start locking me brushes away at night as the handles started getting all worn and scuffed. Dirty bugger! I had to let him go in the end. Well what proper Manx fella wouldn't? Nobody wants to grab the shitty end of the stick do they? Specially when it's your own painting business. That was 1991. I haven't seen him since.


    Plagiarise that Zac - LOL!

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  17. Never seen an NSX over here, let alone knew that one used to regularly drive around Ramsey - dunno how I missed that! There must be at least one tucked away somewhere - I'd never seen a Lotus Carlton over here until I spotted the one on loan in the museum the other week.


    I'm missing the better weather already, we've got months of this wet stuff to get through yet!


    Let's hope for a dry and not too cold day on Sunday 6th for the display in Market Square...






    Does anyone know if there are any Honda NSX's on the Island ?

    There used to be an old boy pootling around Ramsey in a red one, not seen it for a while though.


    I think there a couple of white ones , maybe tuned up a bit, down on the Balthane Ind. Est.


    Thanks. I will take a drive round there. If anyone knows of an owner who wouldn't mind me asking them a few questions please PM me. MANY THANKS.


    OOPS, really sorry mate, I'm thinking of another Honda model.

    Hope you didn't waste too much time and fuel going down there. sad.png


    No worries guys. Will try to get a look and feel for one next time I'm across then and pending this maybe we'll have one (plus maybe a red one in Ramsey) on the Island.

    I'll keep you notified and join future 'rally's' if applicable. P.S. Lotus Carlton actually considered as was the very rare 3.0 CSL.

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