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  1. There used to be an old boy pootling around Ramsey in a red one, not seen it for a while though. I think there a couple of white ones , maybe tuned up a bit, down on the Balthane Ind. Est. Thanks. I will take a drive round there. If anyone knows of an owner who wouldn't mind me asking them a few questions please PM me. MANY THANKS.
  2. Does anyone know if there are any Honda NSX's on the Island ?
  3. My more in depth research indicates the page you linked to is 1 of 27 each with approximately 10 cars on it of quite high quality, furthermore, although it looks like a skin the new cars tab contains an awful lot of marques and models etc.
  4. At a guess "No way to run a government"
  5. Thanks for summarising what we already knew.
  6. We are collecting at work for this too in aid of the Cancer Research UK's Bobby Moore Fund. My children's school aren't participating (or at least I haven't heard that they are). At work we not just limited to football shirts, which makes a lot of sense - just team colours, regardless of sport. I agree that it doesn't appear to have been thought out particularly well by some schools from the sound of it. Sign of the times that if it extended (and I'm glad it doesn't) to my children's school then the vast majority of the boys would be in Barca shirts!
  7. I have no suggestion or advice but I do sympathise. I hope you get a suitable resolution.
  8. Whether they are raised on this forum or not does not make a blind bit of difference to the simple fact that spook is correct in that we get very little standard comment from any government representatives on the issues of the day. Some of these issues are very much their responsibility and they should be taking account of and advising of their awareness and thoughts upon. Still being without any FOI act we haven't much insight into what they are doing on our behalf.
  9. September 2006 Ford S Max 1.8 Diesel Manual in metallic silver with rare panoramic roof and less than 60,000 miles. Good condition for age. New tyres and 8 months tax. Regularly serviced, with all receipts, tax discs and original purchase invoice etc. Owned from new and we've just bought a new one to replace. A fab family car and still the best ultra spacious seven seater for the money. £5,750 PM for address and phone number. It appears the pictures I have are too big. Will compress and upload later or obviously send separately to anyone interested in the meantime.
  10. Fair comment thanks for the legal and therefore relevant and important line on this. In effect it would be worse than bluffing about booking a car crossing to use as foot passengers. Hmm.
  11. At a time when any way of advertising the Island and raising the number of visitors would seem a priority couldn't anyone do enough to ensure something like this was properly supported. Just what is it about the lack of vision of those whose job it is to sell this Island. Did they do enough ? Did they do anything ? I surely imagine they did, but what a shame. http://www.isleofman.com/News/details/70919/conifa-explains-decision-to-move-euros-from-isle-of-man
  12. Mods please close. Separate new topic started. Thanks.
  13. See my other topic "Steam Packet Booking 28 March 'Available' for explanation. Ferry booking Car + 1 adult and 2 Children IOM-LIV 30/3/15 07:30 available £50
  14. I found a cheaper way of doing it and have booked a three day midweek return car +1 adult and 2 children out on Monday 30 Douglas to Liverpool at 07:30 THAT WILL BE UNUSED and available to anyone for £50 :-) and the return leg that will be used coming home from Liverpool on the Tuesday evening (£142). With the 'notional' saving we have booked flights across on the Saturday morning - okay they have cost £208 but overall not much difference to what we were originally looking at and far quicker. Thanks John, might try the 'bluff' one day.
  15. Asked at the Sea Terminal and they said I'd have to make a foot and car booking separate. I haven't actually done so yet.........
  16. Can't do that apparently and decided against telling a little white lie about the car having broken down..............
  17. Due to the machinations of the Steam Packet pricings system and traveling outbound without a car and returning with one I have basically had to book the following: £110 for 2 adults and 2 children as foot passengers IOM - Liverpool Sat 28 Mar 07:30 £224 for car plus 2 adults and 2 children IOM - Liverpool Sat 28 Mar 07:30 returning Tues 31 Mar 19:15 I could have booked a single for the Liverpool - IOM leg on Tues 31 Mar 19:15 for £219 as in actual fact only 1 adult and 2 children are coming back BUT thought if anyone would like to make an offer and are willing to use a copy of my b
  18. Two of the following - brand new and unused! http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/ipad-tablets-and-ereaders/tablets/tablet-accessories/asus-nexus-7-travel-case-blue-21663501-pdt.html Bought in error, as stupid me, my children have the older 2012/version 1 tablet !!! Cost just as much to send back - so selling. £6 each or both for £10 :-) Thanks for looking. PM for address etc.
  19. It was a tossup between this and NorfolkNGoode. One accurately describes me the other doesn't ! :-)
  20. Last 3/4 comments so F U N N Y ! ! I love black humour.
  21. Back on thread. Just over two months ago we had a wood burning stove fitted by The Snug. Despite problems with a cracked hearth (seemingly nothing to do with them) I couldn't recommend them highly enough - the best service I've ever experienced on the Island and before anyone says that's not difficult. I too would recommend DPM Windows, Discount Carpets, William Arthur Garden Maintenance and Quayla Construction. It can take a while to find tradespeople you trust, but invaluable when you do and have experienced more than a few whose service was an embarrassment. Would also add we had exactly t
  22. It's the EXITING future bit that gets me! Know something we don't. Fewer flights and no boats - oh dear! P.S. I have nothing against the Steam Packet. I think overall the service is pretty good.
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