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  1. My father over from England, so looking after two little ones. Seems a waste not to go out, but I think yours might be the best option.
  2. Despite it being atrocious out there,I am fortunate enough to be able to take the wife out tonight. Any one know of any venues with live music - am willing to travel, so anywhere on the Island really. Don't fancy what's on at the cinemas and not interested in seeing Eric Knowles.
  3. Wife on shopping trip across, so hoping our babysitter is available as I like the sound of these guys. Should be an interesting and entertaining night. Anyone else looking forward to this or heard of them before ?
  4. He could be any of the hoards of stereotypical bored rich w@nkers taking part. You only have to look at the facebook page to get the basic vibe - I'm rich, I have nothing to do as I don't work, I want to impress girls with big tits and an IQ of 6, and I own a Ferrari hurrah !!!!!! Let's get pissed on champagne and dick around for a week !!!!!! You could have asked ?
  5. It is a serious issue. I think there is a strong case for firmer laws on retesting of elderly drivers.
  6. The dish is 5+ years old and very corroded. Until daylight and an inspection tomorrow I am not sure if it is still fixed firmly to the wall. May possiblt be water ingress of external cables. Just a hunch it's something dish/external related as everything else seems fine and it's a fairly new box. I am no expert, so bow to your better judgement. Either way, a call to CleerVu seems in order.
  7. Thanks to advices from you good folks it appears I need a new dish. This weather has just caused it to give up the ghost. Hence, my next/new question is what is the best way to source and fit a replacement. I have looked at prices and they weren't as expensive as I was expecting at least.
  8. I cannot understand if that is your view why you continue to read it ?
  9. Rain from 5AM until 5 PM
  10. Thanks for the advices. Just wanted to confirm before doing much more than I have i.e. checking leads and connections etc. that it was my equipment and not a more widespread issue. Will tinker a bit more and see if it improves over the next day or two before biting the bullet and calling someone local. Thanks again.
  11. Is anyone else currently experiencing very low/poor signal quality issues with their Sky service. We live in Onchan and it has been very poor now for past 10-12 days. Thanks.
  12. Sandy Ridge Play Center. Two/three swings, monkey bars, slide and hut (includes two baby style strap in seats and three additional seats appropriate for older children). This is a top quality garden activity center which was very expensive new. Our children have got almost three years of fun play from it. Approximate size. 8 ft hign X 12 ft long. £200 ONO. Tel: 471117 Can send pics, but were too big to upload :-(
  13. Can anyone help? I need a shower enclosure brought back from the UK. I can hopefully get it delivered directly to an address of the 'courier's' choice. Thanks.
  14. Weekend? My weekend started yesterday - I'm off till after easter. Nah, not weekend. But you have a good break - lucky sod!
  15. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with......... W
  16. Not aware of the details yet, but I recently heard they're planning two car head-head (side by side) racing along the Prom as part of the next IOM Rally. Probably qualify as an off-road stage!
  17. Agree, what a con. I would however buy anyone's from them that wasn't taking up the offer. I have been extremely lucky to get tickets for the closing ceremony and want it to be the chance and memories of a lifetime for my two youngsters.
  18. Although I think the recommendations/conclusions of the report are pretty obvious and I am sure the consultant's office junior could have cut and pasted them from any number of other such reports, I feel the questionnaire is anything but asking questions in a manner to eiicit prescribed or preferred responses. If anything it is way too convoluted, however, I look forward to proffering my views.
  19. Came across the following offer which might or might not be of interest. It's for a highly reduced rate (yeah, I know it's based on an inflated original price) but it does seem quite good on a cursory inspection. http://www.moneysupermarket.com/deals/national-deals/802/online-media-zrt/view-deal/?isEmail=true&Source=CRM-0D4BE28C&crmuserid=2727443|66860361|&utm_source=National-Deals&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=UK220212LDC&utm_content=802-NationalDeals&j=2727443&e=nidgex@hotmail.com&l=8422_HTML&u=26744563&mid=1058936&jb=23
  20. Many thanks for the filing cabinet. Perfect.
  21. See post #10 "Complaints should be to here http://www.gov.im/RTLC/complaints.xml The system works. I've made a complaint and as a result a driver was suspended for a period. Posting on MF will not help resolve the issues." There is however a lot of truth in what Credente says. I know I am not a great driver, but the overall standard in the Island is poor/very poor!
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