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  1. When I am having a bad day/week it's always quite easy to think of those much worse off. I feel the pain Libran90 but I am sure things will improve - I hope it's not THAT bad.
  2. Good luck Mark. Definitely get my vote. Stunning performances for several years and definitely this year's stand out British athlete.
  3. The Bee Gees have for nearly 5 decades brought enormous joy to the world. Covering many musical genre, most of us know at least one song by them that we love. I wish you all the best Robin and hope things improve for you. You are and always will be a STAR.
  4. I too was very pleasantly surprised, not least of all by the complete lack of explanation! WTF! Have now paid and guess 1) as stated above they have accessed an insurance database to ensure I have insurance and 2) I will receive the new disc via the post.
  5. I'd have thought our intelligence had been insulted enough over the past good ness knows how many years!
  6. SuffolkNGoode

    H & B

    If not already replaced they should get anyone from anywhere in to replace the woman at The Swan in Ramsey and as for the woman at Queens. I don't think I've ever seen her smile or have a good word for anyone!
  7. Bought from my brother. I tried to register my own iTunes account rather than the one on it in his name which I am certain caused the phone to lock itself. It was previously unlocked. I then tried to unlock it via online program, however this didn't appear to work and now there is an issue with the charging/interface port so it is dead as it does not take a charge. Is it worth me getting this sorted and if so does anyone know of someone clever enough to fix! Thanks.
  8. I must say although 'only' having used them on average once or twice a year my GP's surgery at Village Walk, Onchan has always been as helpful, polite and professional as I'd EXPECT from such a service and in particular that includes the reception desk staff.
  9. U N B E L I E V A B L E ! ! ! But, sadly indicative of what we have come to expect from our politicians. It leaves me deeply embarrassed.
  10. Having until recently been a dog owner I must admit to the 'leaving the done job' until the return leg myself. However, I have to agree with the comments on here about this not being acceptable. Especially since I saw a dog owner on Laxey beach the weekend before last leave a bagged mess by the rock pools, carry on his way and then ignore picking said mess up on his return. I didn't notice until it was found by my children and he'd already past us and departed.
  11. I have the utmost respect for the Manx Martian's achievements - TRULY PHENOMENAL. I would love the opportunity if he had two seconds to spare in his obviously busy and obviously tour and racing geared itinerary to be able to show appreciation by a welcome reception back here. I hope we might see him when the Olympic torch is here :-)
  12. On the other hand, the Isle of Man (Unless it has now changed), remains the only place other than Northern Ireland where private people are allowed to legally own handguns following the UK disarming everyone of these after the shootings of children in Dunblane...I told Richard Murphy of this. Loadsa Manxmen got shooters Murph!...and also that Stu Peters can fly..(An aircraft I mean not personally).... Of course in UK we don't get nutters shooting children and total strangers at ran dom...Doh! Dunblane school massacre er...Michael Ryan massacre was it fourteen or so in Hungerford....an
  13. Actually - you are wrong there. There was one. What, a Manx actor? Or do you mean one of the Star Trek films was set (to a large extent) in the present with whales n stuff. I think he is referring to John Rhys-Davies who has/had a house here at one time. However I'm happy that he counts as manx as it proves Barrie Stevens is just a nasty spiteful English prick who needs a good old Manx smack in the mouth for his intollerable sense of English smugness and misplaced schadenfreude. Times might be getting harder in the IoM Barrie but your the guy living in a bedsit wanking into a
  14. Her friends will find out about her death when they wake up tomorrow. The news of her death has travelled with such speed. When I heard, I couldn't help but crack up with emotion. She was a real heroin and it came as such a blow. Some think she really made a hash of her life and I suppose in some ways it really did go to pot when someone should have been keeping tabs on her. I have to say though, all these jokes you guys have been making about her are way out of line. E-zee there stav, you will get up someones nose, ive seen em get right needled. comments like that can cookup a
  15. Purple!! I think you've kept the milk out of the fridge for too long, I'd be careful if I were you. LOL. It does sound dodgy doesn't it - but the reasonably new purple coloured lid/carton milk is I think meant to be a 'happy medium' between the watery (0.5% fat) red lid/carton and the creamier tasting (1.5% fat) green lid/carton.
  16. It's easy really! Of course you sorry your friend/colleague/neighbour need to worry about being charged excess, whatever the past 'success' of previous souls lucky enough to get away with oversized hand luggage is.
  17. I'd just like to say what a cracking evening last night. Thanks to ALL involved! Ok - it was a little disjointed at times, but the fact he openly advises that this is being trial ran on us makes that understandable and acceptable. After all, he doesn't use many other small venues for the 'warm-up' prior to taking the MAIN event on the road and personally to be part of maybe 1,500 people rather than 15,000 AND to see the act with the edges unsmoothed is probably preferable. Any how, good luck back home in Bristol Lee and look forward to seeing you again in a few years. I won't give anything a
  18. Really! That's great news as we get through rather a lot of the stuff. I will try there. I was kind of bemoaning the fact that it is commonplace to be able to get four pints for £1 across. I do now appreciate that this is probably 'subsidised' by the Supermarkets and that they squeeze the farmers real hard although I still cannot find any real justification for the MASSIVE markup here from farmer to shelf.
  19. SuffolkNGoode


    I know we pay slightly more for most items on the island but what extra costs justify milk being more than twice as expensive as it is across ? Although being locally produced and therefore certain overheads being lower, maybe it really does cost that much more to produce here and is simply treated as a loss leader by the supermarkets ! Can anyone explain ?
  20. hasn't even rained where I am, what do they know that I don't ? has anyone seen any of this 'extreme weather' anywhere today ? It does sound dramatic, but if you had experienced it you would know what it was referring too. Cannot believe you missed it if you live in or around Douglas/Onchan. Very heavy rain for approximately 90 minutes. Witnessed many flooded roads, car parks and the like.
  21. necromancy - wtf ! Forgiven I think as you must be trying too hard.
  22. Im making a real mess of trying to say the Welfare State is in a right state. Some decent, accessible and affordable nursery provision would be a better way of spending money rather thanthrowing it here there and everywhere as I described. I'm still not fully comprehending! Are you suggesting some of the benefits you receive are a waste, whereas receipt of free or supplemented childcare would be a preference. I would have thought you were eligible from the sound of it, therefore, what gives ?
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