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  1. Wishful thinking. In the past 5 years there are at least 3 I am aware of that gave up the idea of relocating here because the regulations/compliance within financial services combined with the lack of workforce led them to conclude they'd head somewhere sunnier instead. I do sincerely hope this is a blip, but it is unsettling of course both for the poor individuals who are about to lose their livelihood and potentially for the Island's economy. Being the largest employer next to the Government, the sector is by no means loyal to the Isle of Man. Yes, they have invested heavily in the Isle of Man which has had the likes of Skelly fawning over them like some drooling loved up pimply teenager, but...and this is the BUT...as easily as they swept in here with their millions, they could all disappear at the blink of an eye. Never lose sight of the fact that the people that are behind these companies and manage them are as addicted to profits, as their customers can be to gambling. They will let nobody or anything get in the way of profit and their insatiable desire to increase their wealth.
  2. Here we go...https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/dhsc-reveals-13-week-wait-for-physiotherapy/ I have it on from a pretty solid source that the Physio department is on the edge of meltdown, due to lack of resource contributed in part by piss poor management. As a consequence, those therapists left are having to cram in as many appointments as they can, reducing the appointment time down to an almost worthless session for the patient. It's in a mess, which is in no way a reflection on the staff at the "coal face". Then he goes on to waffle about self-help...FFS, come on lad. Are you for real? One thing Mr Ashford seems to be good at is trying to deal with things when they reach crisis point, but why not try to get things sorted before they get to that point David?
  3. It won’t happen. Jersey abolished car tax and replaced it with fuel duty (which we can’t do), and instead motorists have to display an insurance disc. Sounds good right? It would be except only a tiny number of insurance companies were interested into having to print and despatch a disc, and guess what? Yep, premiums went skywards rapido! So all Jersey motorists are getting hammered.
  4. Oh, so now it becomes clear. The person behind this latest "let's dive in whilst there is a slow news week" is keyboard warrior supremo and top flight Village Idiot, Mr Martin Moore. You know, part time Taxi Driver and former House of Keys candidate. Oh, and would you believe it - formerly convicted of driving a Taxi....you guessed it, without car tax!. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/fine-for-taxi-driver-caught-with-out-of-date-tax/ If he spent less time standing outside the Sea Terminal smoking and doing some work he might be better able to afford the car tax for his motor. And now, Government FM have given the idiot airtime...so yes, it really must be a slow news week! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/road-tax-campaigner-unconvinced-by-doi-response/
  5. I agree they do seem disproportionate, but to be fair, your point is not relevant to this thread.
  6. I'm sorry, and in fear of being shot down, I think the people behind the petition are probably no more than a bunch of shit-stirrers. Let's look at some facts here.. If you are going to buy a car, it is head banging obvious there will be costs associated with it. Yes, you can buy insurance by DD, but that is generally multiples of the average car tax. Try paying for a set of tyres by monthly direct debit - which is again likely to cost more than car tax. Try getting your car serviced on monthly DD - yep, won't happen. Why do you think the IOMG won't entertain paying by Direct Debit? Well, spend a minute thinking about it. First of all - and probably the smaller of two main reasons - it would mean quite a significant increase in personnel to manage it and the credit control functions. Most of all however, each month that passes means less cars on the road taxed on engine capacity, and more on the road based on emissions. Therefore, the average car tax bill cost for more and more people is dropping - in my case £46 and my car ain't exactly new or flash. Who in their right mind is going to fund a large Direct Debit structure so people can pay £46 a year in monthly instalments? Don't make me laugh. Yes, I do get there are families who are struggling, I've been there - on the dole, the lot. But do you know what? I lived within my means as much as I could - even if that meant my kids ate and I didn't. I struggled, I went hungry - but I paid my way.
  7. Manx Bean


    Well, I can honestly say this project now qualifies officially for a WTAF?! I've seen whole bloody waterparks in Spain built in less time....and yes, quality builds too. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/nsc-flumes-not-yet-opened/
  8. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/capitals-commuters-urged-to-walk-to-work/ - my thoughts? Heap of shite. There, said it. So, where am I meant to park my Jag? And then, what happens if it is windy or God forbid, raining? Don't get me wrong. I'm all for a stroll along the Prom after I have partaken of my M&S finest buttie, but walk to the office? Are they off their tits? If this Extinction Rebellion lot want something to do, they can give DOI a hand to get the Prom finished on time, so I don't have to queue on the Prom twice a day whilst getting to work and back, causing my supercharged 4.8L engine to possibly overheat.
  9. Today's headlines - our man Goldie aka "Clyde" is back inside, again - http://www.iomtoday.co.im - priceless. So, I ask this question of Minister Malarkey and his CEO (who I note have been nowhere to be seen in all this farce) - how can you defend the statement that we have the lowest re-offending rates in Europe? All the evidence we have seen would suggest the contrary. Maybe just more bullshit statistics made up??
  10. Well, tonight's instalment was even more embarrassing than the last. In this week, we hear Margo saying she'll never eat food prepared by prisoners as they tend to rub their penises around cockery and put anything from pubes to cling-ons in the food - followed by a family called Frank, Frank, Frank, Frankie and Frank (including Frank Jr using the beds in B&B as trampolines on a day release with his Dad, Frank...and to top it all we see there appears to be a fair trade in pornographic magazines...oh, not forgetting that our lot are so thick they'l even smoke the fluffy flint from the tumble driers. Jesus effing Christ fella!!
  11. And given a Marshall’s armband? Really?
  12. Well, how about this. A number of years ago, a family member who was volunteering with the St John Ambulance Youth Division and working behind the grandstand was signed on as a Marshall, even though they wouldn't be going within 100 metres of the circuit the whole day, which the organiser knew. Fact. Now go figure.
  13. To be honest, nothing but nothing would now surprise me about the life these people lead inside the Prison. I used to be cynical of people that referred to is as the Jurby Hilton. But not now. As for the underwear shopping - jeez. Surely, the simple solution would be for either the Deputy Governor or George Stores to head into M&S lingerie then FaceTime the young lady requiring new undercrackers..or maybe it wouldn't be convenient for the prisoner if it was at a time when they had their gym session or busy with the "Sista" doing their nails whilst watching Loose Women eating their Salad Nicoise? The programme is getting more embarrassing by the episode. I know nothing of the Varey character, other than to say I would happily bet he will be back inside before too long. Maybe in time for the next series?
  14. I still cringe at the irony of being told by the programme narrative and government that we have the lowest re-offending rates in Europe, yet the self-styled "Star" of the show is a multiple repeat offender and a self-proclaimed thug. His recent defence (which then got his sentence reduced) was reported as, and I quote: Goldsmith was shown on in the first episode of the television programme researching the law and reading Manx Criminal Law and Procedure, a book by former Deemster David Doyle. Goldsmith argued there was no evidence that he used a weapon to wound his victim. The attack, he said, was not sustained but an ’isolated incident’ of a few seconds involving only three blows and there was no premeditation. He argued the weight given to his previous offences of violence since 1996, which had resulted in sentences of up to three years’ custody, and his breaches of licence or bail conditions or binding over orders or suspended sentences in 2000, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2017 was disproportionate. I rest my case, M'Lud.
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