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  1. The honourable thing would be to quit as MHK and hand his gong back.
  2. It means Alf and comin have been sat in a room since Monday going “fuck, fuck, fuck! Who’s left with an IQ over 27?”
  3. I think the best we can realistically hope for is that Douglas somehow manages to scrape enough points together to beat Hull in the Britain’s Shit City of the year award.
  4. Or possibly former useless MHKs? After all, there is a plentiful supply..the Boot variant?
  5. We do. Particularly handy for McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks or a bag of Haribo at the Milestone..
  6. It’s in Crookall’s..
  7. You can guarantee if the cuts were applied here, within a month - and as a consequence - the IOMG would hire: 3 Directors within DfE to engage with businesses to assist the civil servants to gain employment elsewhere 8 Managers to support the 3 Directors 25 Administrative Officers to support the Managers Not to mention 32 extra staff in the Social Security Office to support Job Seeker Applications, the hire of 8 minibuses from Bus Vannin to provide mobile "we'll come to you" support counselling...Oh, and then there will be...... Nah, let's call the whole thing off.
  8. I suspect he's keeping his head down and biding his time, especially as by now he's realised what a toxic department he has been dumped with.
  9. Maybe you've pissed them off...
  10. Possibly, but no necessarily true. I do however know for a fact that many a Minister has had his/her bacon saved by being able to ask civil servants questions “live” as it were, because to put it bluntly, they hadn’t a clue.
  11. Can anyone name a DfE funded scheme that was a) successful and b) spent the whole budget allocated to it? Serious question, because I can't.
  12. Ah, but according to Dim Tim yesterday in Tynwald, it was managed by professional project managers. Yes, Tim admitted they may have been incompetent, but at least they were professional incompetent project managers! What a relief!
  13. In 4-6 weeks apparently. I’m amused to read that it will be reliant on an app for payment, with no consideration being given to cash users…ironic when you think that the actual real reason behind the current debacle was because the payment machines couldn’t accept pound coins once the new English ones were in circulation. The trumped up excuse of them internal and not external barriers is beyond laughable, but typical.
  14. And at his prices I suspect he will get zero business so it's more likely than not a tax play by his accountants. The current service means you have to outlay £529.00 for hardware, £50.00 postage and then a monthly subscription of £89. Bargain. https://www.starlink.com/
  15. Succession planning for Will Greenhow’s yet to be announced retirement?
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