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  1. Manx Bean

    Bell (end) charged

    Spot on. An arrogant dick head. To forget to renew for a month or two is forgivable, but to not pay for four year and forge your own disc? Personally, I think a few days at the Jurby Hilton might have sent out a more appropriate message. I do wonder if his car was also given a once over, as if he hadn't paid his tax, he probably hadn't maintained his car either.
  2. Manx Bean

    Climate Change gets the Boot

    Well, I read this this morning and have just stopped laughing at this story. Maybe if Mr Boot cares such much about climate change, he should consider selling his diesel burning Chelsea Tractor I saw him climbing into in Shoprite's car park in Peel the other day..Just saying. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/urgent-action-on-climate-change-must-be-taken-now/
  3. Manx Bean

    Manx students go on strike

    When I read these kids were "going on strike" I initially thought it was some kind of joke. The fact that their actions were supported by two of our Government's Ministers supported my theory. I mean, shitting hell. What is going on?? We have enough issues with this snowflake generation as it is, without letting them bunk off school and stand outside Tynwald with placards. Seriously, WTAF??!! If they want to protest about the climate (which is laudable, even though there is absolutely jack shit we can really do to make a genuine change - has anyone actually seen the size of the Isle of Man on a World Atlas compared to the likes of China, Russia, India and USA?), then please let them do it on a Saturday or even Sunday. But no, they can't do Saturday because Tiffany must go to have her manicure and Tarquin has Rugby and his sports massage - and Sunday - well, no chance of surfacing before noon. Maybe they should also consider giving up overseas holidays travelling on those nasty jet aircraft - yes, that includes the shopping trips with Mummy to Liverpool or the odd week in Austria on their snowboard break. HOLD THE FRONT PAGE. I'm actually wrong, aren't I? Its not the kids we need to blame, its the feeble parenting we need to focus on. In my day, Parents were parents and children were children. Grown-up, child. Discipline or consequence. Today, in many cases that (I am very afraid) has turned to shit.
  4. Manx Bean

    Upsetting the nutters

    Abort 67 were supported regularly by a number of local "Christians" so I understand. Just saying... Leave the man in Peel alone. Yes, its sure slightly fucked up art, but its art. It hasn't killed anyone. As for Blasphemy - surely that only applies if you believe that God exists?
  5. Manx Bean

    Steam Packet to be sold

    So here go...already the Government has started messing with services - and to cap it all, Ray Harmer (FFS) is left to justify the decision. My money is on the Steam Packet being privatised sometime after the next General Election in 2021. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/ireland-sailings-reduced-under-new-sea-services-proposals/
  6. Manx Bean

    Parole Decisions - Mr Malarkey

    Actually, on balance I suspect it makes little impact on the basis that: The majority of serious criminals are packed off to the adjacent Isle to serve their sentence, and; Judging by the Court Listings, a fair percentage of people going through our prison system seem to be repeat offenders so will be back inside sooner or later. I do agree with Roger Mexico though - its seems disjointed to allow a politician to have the final say. Especially one with no expertise.
  7. Manx Bean

    Parole Decisions - Mr Malarkey

    That’s not what I asked Derek.
  8. Manx Bean

    Parole Decisions - Mr Malarkey

    Is it right or wrong that the Home Affairs Minister has the final say on who gets Parole? Is it sensible or just a power play and ego boost for Zanussi Bill? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/parole-decision-rests-with-minister/
  9. Manx Bean

    Why is nobody migrating here?

    It has to be said that the fact our Government seems to be always attracted by the new and latest "shiny thing" like a small child in a toy shop hasn't helped our situation. It's probably not far off the mark to say that in some instances it has taken little more than an expensive lunch paid for by a silver-tongued salesman to extract dollops of taxpayers wonga to fund some scheme out of someone like Mr Skelly - and one to which many layperson would readily identify as being utterly fucking bonkers. Yes, the gaming industry has created thousands of jobs and incredible wealth (for the shareholders), but if they start slowly consolidating and moving away like the banks did - then what next? I really am not sure there is a "next" that would sustain us. But fear not, I'm sure our Government would create a new department to deal with that too. Until our leaders realise that there is small niche of people who would want to move here now - chasing the dream of increasing our economically active population to bail us to of the Pension deficit fiasco is living pretty much on false hope and what I would refer to as "Wing and Prayer" politics.
  10. Manx Bean

    Single malts all round

    i think you find that several of them have been on visits to the Scottish Parliament before - can't imagine enough has changed to justify another...
  11. I read this and almost immediately went online to order some incontinence pants for fear of wetting myself. I find it remarkable that Ray (obviously fed information from Mrs Reynolds) should trot out this crock. I have personally flown through Manchester, Birmingham and Southampton in the past 5 weeks and have used the Flybe App without incident. But here - yep, it don't work. I'll leave you draw your own conclusion as to who is telling porkies.. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/technical-issues-delaying-flybe-app/
  12. Manx Bean

    Police Cars

    There are a plethora or other suitable vehicles that are significantly cheaper - it would be interesting to raise an FOI on the cost of all of these high-powered vehicles and how many have been written off..just saying.
  13. Manx Bean

    Year Of Our Island

    I feel bitterly disappointed by the whole experience. It was by and large an utter bloody shambles of the highest order, with one or two very small exceptions. And those exceptions were nothing to do with Chris Thomas or the Isle of Man Government. Please cast your mind back to the beginning of the "Glorious Year" and reference the special website that was created - that for the first 3 months had literally fuck all on it. And I mean nada. Then, for the rest of the year (by and large) the organisers had the audacity to basically pick through the papers, facebook and other listings and claim already planned and unrelated events as their own. From what I can make out,, the biggest chunk of cash went into building a garden at St Johns ready for Tynwald Day..which from what I can see hasn't been touched since and will no doubt revert back to being a scrap of land in the not too distant future. My advice Mr Thomas, is if you are going to wax lyrical about something, make sure it is something worth waxing lyrical about. To say The Year of Our Island was a damp squib, is being bloody generous.
  14. Manx Bean

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    And just to add to the case, I see DCI Knacker of the Yard has been at it again, with another drug bust...http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=45553&headline=Man had £5 of cannabis&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019 Come on -what a waste of resource and tax-payers money. I bet hot tub Malarkey is proud of that one..
  15. Manx Bean

    Voting numbers

    Spot on. Without wishing to insult members of local authorities, their decisions and powers generally have so little impact on most people’s lives that it’s likely that of the c50% of the eligible electorate that actually had remembered there was an election, a small fraction could be bothered to leave their home.