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  1. Lets put this into perspective. £30.8m to the IOMG is similar to you or me finding a £10 note in jacket pocket that we'd forgotten about. A nice little surprise, but not life changing.
  2. Lets put this into perspective. £30.8m to the IOMG is similar to you or me finding a £10 note in jacket pocket that we'd forgotten about. A nice little surprise, but not life changing.
  3. Lets put this into perspective. £30.8m to the IOMG is similar to you or me finding a £10 note in jacket pocket that we'd forgotten about. A nice little surprise, but not life changing.
  4. That's funny cos my Mrs got a letter through the post last week - very polite it was too - complete with a photo of the good lady driving through Ramsey. As it turns out, we'd forgotten to tax her car..so it was a fair cop. They gave us 14 days to correct the error our ways before taking it further. Yep, I often take the piss out of the DOI on this one it seems the kit is out there and working..
  5. With respect, you really don't have a clue. Derek Flint makes a valid case for why there is regulation and law in place for such event.
  6. If you actually read what I said, it would be useful. You really think a self organised party would be free? Money would be changing hands, and more than likely drugs being dealt. On top of which, there is the cost to public services. Do you actually know how many you people were admitted to Nobles last year after such parties to have treatment of alcohol or substance abuse? My suggestion was to scrap Proms, and let the kids have what they really want - a proper party. Get over yourself.
  7. OK, at the risk of mountains of abuse and criticism, here is my take. And yes, I have children - all of whom went to Proms. It actually seriously winds me up the way all these snowflake parents on social media (particularly Facebook) are almost crying at the fact poor Matilda and Hugo have had their party stopped, and how the poor lambs deserve such a said celebration as they have all been working so hard. What do I say to that? Boo bloody Hoo. That's what. It worries me (seriously) that: Being bought a new dress/suit is not enough. Having their hair done is not enough. Probably having nails/make-up done is not enough. Having a ticket purchased for them is not enough. Having a car/limo hired for them is not enough. Going to an event that has been organised for them, by them, is not enough. Seriously people - WTAF!? The solution? Simple really. Get an independent events company to organise a properly licensed and regulated event, charge £10 a ticket and let the kids go,, and save parents a few hundred quid in the process. It seems that is what the kids want - so scrap school proms (I'm sure teachers will be thrilled they don't need to give up an evening to prevent a pile of 16 year olds from getting stupidly drunk), and everyone is happy. Job done.
  8. I love the way the consultation process has finally been acknowledged as a purely a 'tick in the box' exercise...as stated here: "The low-speed areas will be implemented from 2020, with design work and a public consultation to take place this year." https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/more-20mph-zones-for-towns-and-residential-areas/ Personally, they may as well introduce an all island speed limit now, and be done with it.
  9. I heard last night that Zurich International - them of the new swanky office - are making 30+ people redundant. Apparently, the jobs are going to Dubai. So that's clearly another company who's commitment to the Island and its community means little. I wonder what bollocks Skelly will spout on this one - that's if he's even anywhere to be seen...
  10. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/negotiations-on-licence-fee-changes-start-in-autumn-says-minister/ Well, I see Brigadier Boring is on the case and is going to be having "talks" with the BBC in the Autumn....I have just looked into my crystal ball and have seen...... Phone rings on a desk somewhere in BBC TV Centre... "Hello Martin, there is some chap here who says he is a Minister from the Isle of Wight or something. Here's here to negotiate keeping free TV Licences for the over 75's there. I think he's been drinking." Martin: "Call security". 24 hours later: Media Release from Cabinet Office Robust talks between Minister Thomas and BBC senior management were held in London yesterday. Minister Thomas spent over an hour at the BBC and said that "I received a warm welcome at the BBC, and I believe it was a positive meeting. We aren't in a position to release any details yet, as it is likely I will be going back to London at sometime in the near future to meet with some more people at a high level."
  11. If he had a pair, yes! He'll no doubt come out with some drivel - "acting in the Island's best interests..." blah, blah. But clearly, this is not!
  12. It will have a detrimental impact on our CSPs and economy. Fact. The register as it is today was seen as a sensible and happy compromise, in that it gave legitimate access to information to UK law enforcement agencies, with the local Financial Crime Unit acting as a gatekeeper. It fully met the purpose, which was (and still should be) to prevent assets from ill-gotten gains being held in IOM companies, with nominee directors and no record of who really owned the company. That works now, and is really all anyone should be concerned with. This new step removes the privacy for genuine "clean" HNWs, which has become something of the Island's specialist field. Now, Quayle has turned all lily livered and sold us down the river. Never mind attracting more new residents, this will see our population decline unless something comes in to fill the void, pretty damn quick. Quayle really should stick to farming and eating pies.
  13. The whole idea of the register was to record the actual beneficial owner, at the end of the chain. Indeed, by law, that is what has to be disclosed now.
  14. So, DoI are now laying on a minibus shuttle from the Sea Terminal from Summerland...between 9.30am and 4.30pm. Is this to replace the horse trams until they are ready? I'd be intrigued to know how many people are gong to want to sit on a minibus whilst it crawls along the prom through the chaos of the roadworks for the fun of it? Please somebody - help me out here??? Why???? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/myprom-bus-shuttle-service-starts-this-morning/
  15. Because you only have to re-regster a vehicle if you are becoming a resident of the Isle of Man. If they are an English company just over here on and off for periods of time, they are not resident.
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