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  1. So being Manx, would they be stumpies or rumpies?
  2. Is anyone sure Longworth has actually really gone??
  3. In terms of this being relevant to local news, or indeed news, I think you're taking the piss John.
  4. Not sure about now, but the previous Lt Gov had a former CID chap as his driver..may he knew more than the current trainer..
  5. You really couldn’t make this shit up! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/interim-public-health-director-only-works-for-the-island-two-days-a-week/
  6. Regularly. They sent a delegation of 5 including their new lady Chief Minister to visit the late Queen laying in State..all queue jumped which went down like a shit sandwich with the electorate..
  7. And this is why our politicians are so disconnected from the electorate.. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/chief-minister-to-travel-to-bahrain-to-explore-opportunities/ And if you read on..not just Bahrain. It makes you wonder if he’ll be on the island at all before Christmas..
  8. Couldn't have put it better myself. Piss Poor.
  9. Jesus! Talk about scraping the barrel!
  10. I would be interested in other people's views on a subject that has been quite foremost in my mind as there has been two examples in the past couple of weeks..and that is where the wonderful civil service/Government decide to lay on events that could be of interest to the public - but on working days. Two recent examples are the "Conference" at the Villa and the proclamation of King Charles today on Tynwald Hill. I would have like to have gone to both, but simply can't because I'm at work to earn money and pay tax to keep them paid. I would have gone to the proclamation at Government House on Sunday, but the media basically warned us off due to "limited parking" - which is Government code for "the great unwashed aren't welcome". If these events are so important, why not make them available and accessible to as many as possible?
  11. Does anyone know how many controllers need to be on shift at any given time, and their shift patterns? I must admit I was surprised to read it should be 15 although we are in the middle of flight paths to Ireland and North America. P.S. Thank fuck Longworth was never let loose in the airport!
  12. I always read the story, and I am not outraged. The point I was making was that DESC clearly haven't considered the impact of this on parents who aren't able to go away, may be single parents, working parents - that have already booked any time off (if they were able to) and now they have the added challenge or having to organise childcare. In reality, this only benefits teachers and school staff. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be able to go away for Christmas will have already booked their travel a long time ago, will they not? In balance, it's not a particularly well thought through decision.
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