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  1. Manx Bean

    Well done Mr Skelly

    I still think he must have some dirt on Howard to have kept his job...
  2. Manx Bean

    Don't worry - Howard has our back..

    The gift that keeps giving - comedy Gold at the Comis Hotel this morning - I'm just sad that I wasn't aware of this momentous event in advance so I could get a ticket.. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/chief-minister-to-provide-brexit-update-at-chamber-event/
  3. Manx Bean

    Don't worry - Howard has our back..

    OMG..No, I mean...seriously Howard? Please Howard, talk to me. How deluded are you? Be honest. Don't be shy now. So, let's get this straight. You are gong to travel to London on Monday to hold more Brexit talks - the day the whole of Whitehall, Westminster and Downing Street are going to be running around looking at the new deal Theresa has maybe put together over a weekend? You seriously think anyone of note is going to give a flying euro about you? Man. You really are a deluded clown. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/brexit-talks-for-chief-minister-next-week/
  4. Manx Bean

    Moorehouse Strikes Again

    Yep...he's a right Wankpuffin that Jason.
  5. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/whistleblowing-policy-a-last-resort-says-chief-secretary/ Really? No I mean...really?? Sorry folks, but rubbish like this boils my piss. I know a number of people who had the careers either put on hold or wrecked because they have had the courage to report either bad behaviour or practices. In Government whistleblowing IS a last resort, because most sane sensible civil servants are too shit scared of the consequences! Fact.
  6. Is it me, or does Howard spend an awful lot of time "monitoring' rather than grasping issues by the nettle? The latest example being the story below, which I am sure he hasn't got the foggiest about - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/huawei-situation-being-monitored-on-island/
  7. Manx Bean

    Isle of Man Prison - reality TV

    "And this week in Island Prison we see how Martin who is serving 2 weeks for stealing milk from his neighbour spends his day entering holiday competitions in Take a Break magazine, and all hell breaks out when Dave has his bottle of Au Sauvage stolen whist he was out doing community work at the local farm shop". This is life at its toughest - this is Island Prison!"
  8. Manx Bean

    Isle of Man Prison - reality TV

    This has all the markings of a Malarkey malarkey. Seriously though - this will make us look like a complete bunch on numpties...not exactly a hard core prison environment up at the Jurby Hilton is it?
  9. Manx Bean

    New buses all round

    And we are now told that apparently some of the buses are approaching 10 years old - how many is "some"? One? How is Longtail continually allowed to keep spunking away millions on buses that are far in excess of what we need? As for his new dial a bus shambles...bloody hell fella, what a waste of money that is - I bet that was another few million "well spent" https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/isle-of-man-transport-assessing-new-buses/
  10. Yet again, he has succeeded in achieving an inward "WTF!?" from me when reading this...https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/mhk-to-ask-about-plastic-bag-sales/ The point of the question is??....yes, a complete mystery Jeffrey... Nice one Bungle.
  11. Manx Bean

    Message For The Dti/iom Government

    Just bulldoze the bloody thing and return the land to nature...its a frikkin eyesore with not value.
  12. Manx Bean

    Time for public register of beneficial ownership?

    Correct. In other words, the register is accessible if the Isle of Man FIU can be satisfied that the request from the UK Law enforcement is legitimate and in essence would assist with an investigation into suspected criminal activity. Tax avoidance is not illegal - Tax evasion is. As Twitch says, it is not there just for anyone to use for a fishing trip.
  13. I await today's Questions with interest. I do hope the fat controller has taken his blood pressure medication this morning.
  14. Manx Bean

    Lessons haven't been learned

    I find myself agreeing with Neil here - yeah, seriously WTF? Unfortunately, we live in a society that to a greater degree relishes salacious gossip and scandal. We do however do still have the privilege of being in a society where you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I assume that if someone is seen as major threat they would have bail refused. So, I cannot see there is anything to be gained from publishing the man’s name. Once tried and if convicted - then fair enough. However, for some now he is already guilty - without anything to go on other than a few paragraphs in a news report. Surely, as a society we all want better than this?
  15. Manx Bean

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Its quite clear that there were a whole pile of issues here that needed to be addressed - mainly because things have been left to slip and slide over a number of years through piss poor management. Reading between the lines here, the boy David and his management team have decided that the only way to deal with Consultants taking the piss with the amount of Private work v NHS work they undertake can be dealt with is to cut it off at the knees (pardon the pun). Rather than coming up with this cock and bull about refurbishment (utter shite) and depriving the population of this service for 12-18 months (read more like 24), would it not have been more prudent to work it through properly and give consultants 12 months notice of their change in contract? There has already been a number of consultants either retiring early or leaving the Island - this latest move I believe will just open the flood gates, making the situation a lot worse for the entire population. In my opinion, another gilt-edged cluster fuck. Isle of Man Where you Can't.