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  1. So, DoI are now laying on a minibus shuttle from the Sea Terminal from Summerland...between 9.30am and 4.30pm. Is this to replace the horse trams until they are ready? I'd be intrigued to know how many people are gong to want to sit on a minibus whilst it crawls along the prom through the chaos of the roadworks for the fun of it? Please somebody - help me out here??? Why???? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/myprom-bus-shuttle-service-starts-this-morning/
  2. Because you only have to re-regster a vehicle if you are becoming a resident of the Isle of Man. If they are an English company just over here on and off for periods of time, they are not resident.
  3. DoI admit anything negative. Good God..how long have you lived here?
  4. I see Coco the fucking clown has been on Manx Radio...well Laurence, stop charging bloody ludicrous fares...not rocket science is it? I mean, when its cheaper to fly on EasyJet and hire a car the other end, you know the pricing is wrong, surely? Jeez...dickhead. And what's with the wanky beard?? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/enterprise-minister-wants-more-tourists-to-fill-sailings/
  5. What depresses me is that this case - yet again - gives out a negative message about our justice system when it comes to the establishment. As a former Clerk of Twnwald, he had a high public profile. Since retiring his position, he has seemingly made a handsome living from publishing books, lecturing and consulting on parliamentary matters worldwide. Not to mention his very generous PS Pension of course. So, my point is that he is a clever man. A very clever man. I suspect that he knew exactly what he was doing, and the chances are - would have done it again given a chance. For all we know, it may not have been the first time. As a former poster has said, you do have to seriously put into question whether anyone else - Joe Public - would still be at liberty now - and not enjoying a few months locked up with some other sex offenders at the Jurby Hilton.
  6. Seriously? Why are our "Nation's Station" giving this moron air time? People like her boil my piss! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/fresh-influx-of-protesters-arriving-in-london/
  7. Well, call me cynical - but as a father of 3, I seriously can't imagine that having to get out of bed before Noon and dragging yourself into town during your School holidays, is as attractive a proposition as bunking off school for a day in term time...let's just see how serious some of our teenagers really do care about the environment.. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-students-protest-plastic-problem/
  8. The Mayors get a handsome clothing allowance, chauffeur driven car, not to mention free tickets to pretty much everything on at the Villa - and more free buffets than even Howard Quayle could manage. Who wouldn't want the job?
  9. It will rise to 50p within the next year, and hailed as a smaller increase than last time. The original fare was set at 50p but after the public outcry (read 4 parents whinged), U-turn Minister Gawne bottled it, and introduced it as 25p in January 2015. In reality, 40p is pretty amazing value. The introduction of the bus fare in 2015 also had another positive effect - it stopped kids living 100 yards away from the school hopping on the bus - which particularly after school caused issues as often children who lived further afield weren't always guaranteed a seat - which was a healthy & safety issue.
  10. Has anyone else seen the size of Howard Quayle's stomach recently?
  11. Spot on. An arrogant dick head. To forget to renew for a month or two is forgivable, but to not pay for four year and forge your own disc? Personally, I think a few days at the Jurby Hilton might have sent out a more appropriate message. I do wonder if his car was also given a once over, as if he hadn't paid his tax, he probably hadn't maintained his car either.
  12. Well, I read this this morning and have just stopped laughing at this story. Maybe if Mr Boot cares such much about climate change, he should consider selling his diesel burning Chelsea Tractor I saw him climbing into in Shoprite's car park in Peel the other day..Just saying. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/urgent-action-on-climate-change-must-be-taken-now/
  13. When I read these kids were "going on strike" I initially thought it was some kind of joke. The fact that their actions were supported by two of our Government's Ministers supported my theory. I mean, shitting hell. What is going on?? We have enough issues with this snowflake generation as it is, without letting them bunk off school and stand outside Tynwald with placards. Seriously, WTAF??!! If they want to protest about the climate (which is laudable, even though there is absolutely jack shit we can really do to make a genuine change - has anyone actually seen the size of the Isle of Man on a World Atlas compared to the likes of China, Russia, India and USA?), then please let them do it on a Saturday or even Sunday. But no, they can't do Saturday because Tiffany must go to have her manicure and Tarquin has Rugby and his sports massage - and Sunday - well, no chance of surfacing before noon. Maybe they should also consider giving up overseas holidays travelling on those nasty jet aircraft - yes, that includes the shopping trips with Mummy to Liverpool or the odd week in Austria on their snowboard break. HOLD THE FRONT PAGE. I'm actually wrong, aren't I? Its not the kids we need to blame, its the feeble parenting we need to focus on. In my day, Parents were parents and children were children. Grown-up, child. Discipline or consequence. Today, in many cases that (I am very afraid) has turned to shit.
  14. Abort 67 were supported regularly by a number of local "Christians" so I understand. Just saying... Leave the man in Peel alone. Yes, its sure slightly fucked up art, but its art. It hasn't killed anyone. As for Blasphemy - surely that only applies if you believe that God exists?
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