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  1. And now they have smelt the coffee and realised that they've made an absolute clusterfuck out of this, they are now going to pay a gang overtime at stupid rates to make alterations - come on Mr Robinson, do us all a favour and quit. Why isn't anyone holding this clown to account? How much taxpayers money - OUR MONEY - has he spunked away since being in post on stupidity? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/work-on-glencrutchery-road-and-governors-dip-continues-overnight/
  2. I'm surprised that the man in charge of all these first rate howlers isn't as famous as Ian Longworth yet. Come on people, get with it. So, for the avoidance of any doubt, here is the chap in charge of such legend schemes as: Douglas Promenade, the Flower Planters in St. Marks, the Cycle Lane in Lezayre Road, The Shore Road fiasco, and now Glencrutchery Road to name but a few..Ladies and Gentleman, please be upstanding for the Man of the Hour, Mr Jeffrey Robinson - Director of Highway Services (here talking to Paul Moulton).
  3. It still amazes me that he has a job. Spend locally? Yes, I do when I physically can and its turns out to be the best value option. Sorry, but I'm not swimming in cash, so if I can get something cheaper online, guess where my hard earned will go? As for this Staycation - its a brilliant idea, except few of the accommodation providers have really grasped the concept of supply and demand and its effect on pricing and discounting. My Sister made an enquiry of one such premises who offered her the accommodation at standard high season rate because "we need to make up for our losses you know, so can't reduce the price". If I was fortunate enough to own self-catering property, I would be slashing prices now to get them occupied. I too will be saving my cash for when I can have a proper holiday, even if that is next year. As for the TT, personally this is the best TT I have ever had!! Perfect weather, and no road closures or thousands of leather clad wankers to avoid on the road. Let's have more virtual TTs please Mr Skelly!!
  4. It will no doubt be in the local news as soon as the local "journalists" are notified through their dedicated newfeeds - i.e. have read your post.
  5. Ironic that its now raining. Ice cream anyone?
  6. I don't condone this lawless behaviour, but he was being a dickhead opening in my opinion. https://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_629306.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1lCUkurmI3As1WVb8omIWPcIeM92mcjCnUbOV_4921xvdYEWYD26IJ_50 I note in his media release he was telling people that they couldn't sit on the benches on Peel Promenade to eat his ice cream. Do you think he would permit breast-feeding?
  7. I was actually taking the piss..
  8. What about a film industry?
  9. It's 4.30pm at Transport House and Mr Longworth is sat in his office, tapping a pen impatiently on his desk, trying to solve the final clue of this month's crossword in Steam Enthusiasts Monthly. There is a knock on the door. "Yes!! What?????!" A pale tall man with greased hair and sporting a trimmed beard walks in clutching a laptop. "Erm, I think I've got the stats to add up for Journeys, but erm....they look down on last year, and I can't get them any....." "Shut it now! Give me that new fangled pile of crap and let me see! These can't possibly be correct. You see, I know things and I know a shoddy piece of counting when I see it. Ah you see - now if we take the Colby stop, I saw at least 4 people get off there one day - on a bloody Sunday. During TT! So, if we extrapolate that out across the whole season, add 5% for margin of error, adjust by using the North Korean passenger satisfaction survey methodology and then round up by the nearest 10....see, that's looking better already!! Now piss off and do the rest. I have to email these ready for the bunch of fuckwits in Tynwald tomorrow!"
  10. Jesus. It's 3.2% - get over yourself.
  11. As predicted, when his holiness the Chief Cockwomble was interviewed on BBC Breakfast this morning, his only reference was about TT visitors being able to get here. No mention of the effect on residents - you know, us dickheads who pay his wages. Typical politician - why do they all think the whole world revolves around the TT? Fat idiot.
  12. You mean a bit like the other double-barrell free-loader who also flounced out of her role at DOI, where one of her co-political members was...oh, Julie Edge?
  13. I have reached the point where I can't help but be utterly embarrassed for the people of Arbory, Castletown and Malew. When it comes to voting on the wooden spoon of constituencies in terms of the people they managed to vote in to represent them, is there anywhere else that comes close?
  14. I was actually surprised to hear U-Turn Ray actually growing a pair. Go Ray.
  15. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53815&headline=Cruise visitors to clean up our beaches in south&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020&cat=Environment Wow!!! Toursim have managed to scrape together a new first for passengers visiting Douglas.. Rome - see spectacular remnants of the ancient Roman Empire, Norway - see Glaciers and incredible scenery, St Lucia - see crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, Douglas - pick up dirty shite and old fishing nets off some windy beach. It's almost up there with one excursion I saw disembarking from a coach outside Jurby Junk shortly before it closed.
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