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  1. I don't see how we can ever be made to use a UKM, as we are NOT part of the United Kingdom...end of. Plus, in all honesty, I doubt there are any Police in any country that will give a flying fart whether a country sticker is being displayed or not.
  2. Mikey Lee apparently had a heavy cold, ao withdrew from the meeting. I saw him outside the School looking pale, before he was driven away..
  3. I've been to 2 public meetings so far, and Trevor Cowin certainly comes across as mumbling, moaning tit.
  4. Farewell Tour? Really? Jesus.. Is this a case of Howard having one last ego wank before he retires, or the nation's state funded radio station's poor journalism? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/chief-minister-in-london-on-farewell-tour/
  5. Funnily enough, she was not asked that question, and made no reference to it...
  6. My perceptions were changed after hearing Cowin. I thought he would be a real firebrand - but he seemed more intent of trying to demonstrate how clever he was in unearthing alleged wrong-doings, and wasn't really articulate. A lot of his answers to the questions posed were also lacking...he also had an annoying habit by starting each response to "That's a good question", when in reality, some were banal. My money really is probably on Kate and Tim. Time will tell on the day - as they say - nowt so queer as folk.
  7. The first Public Meeting for the constituency was held last night in St John's School and really showcased the candidates - for better or worse. Generally speaking it was a pretty dull affair, being very well controlled by the quizmaster master like Alan Corlett. With no opportunity for responding to answers given, it was clinical but fair. The format spread over 2 hours was: 1) Each candidate was given 5 minutes to do an introductory speech 2) Questions from the audience, answered by all 7 candidates in rotation 3) 2 minute closing statements My conclusions on the Magnificent 7 (irony) was: Ray Harmer - spoke quite well, but focussed too much on "what I have done" card and to be honest waffled. Geoff Boot - ditto, but with an air of smugness that didn't sit well. Kate Lord-Brennan - had a real spark and air of passion, and was the only candidate to receive applause Leo Cussons - came across as a lovely man, laid back but rambled which sadly concealed his obvious intellect Trevor Cowin - Spent the whole night waffling on about how he was a serial complainer and bored the audience rigid Tim Crookall - Spoke a lot of common sense with an air of credibility and sincerity Mikey Lee - A nice young man, who was out of his depth, but gave it a go. My money now is effectively on three horse race: Kate Lord-Brennan, Tim Crookall and with Ray Harmer as an outside chance of re-election. Trevor Cowin is too much of a loose cannon, Mikey Lee is lovely but would get eaten alive in Tynwald, Leo Cusson came across as a bit too laid back and Geoffrey Boot - well maybe he should visit Ireland.
  8. My attention was caught today by two very different court cases that appeared on Manx Radio and IOMtoday. The first is about a 17 year old who managed to drive off Marine Drive with 2 mates in his car, which could have very easily resulted in 2 deaths - he got fined £700, 6 points on his licence and made to keep his R Plates on for a further 2 years - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/marine-drive-r-plate-driver-fined-after-driving-friends-over-cliff/ In contrast, some bloke who left his car engine running and was then found to be uninsured to drive his partner's car - also fined £700 and 6 points on his licence - http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=63485&headline=Motorist who left car's engine running must pay hundreds in fine&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2021 Seems way out of kilter to me...??
  9. He would have done had he not been abducted by aliens again apparently.
  10. Well, yes it is your choice. Mine is to be sensible and protect me, but more importantly, those around me. I personally know someone who died from COVID. Yes, fact. COVID killed them. A fit and healthy 38 year old. I hope for your own benefit that you don't contract it. It does exist, and it is not at all nice.
  11. Would anybody be offended if I gave Mr Heading a right royal verbal twatting the next time I see him? I really can't understand why he hasn't been sectioned for his own protection. If the Isle of Man needs a Village Idiot (OK, I admit we already have Martin Moore), surely this wankpuffin qualifies hands down?
  12. Sorry, you are wrong on the first part. I hired a car on a Manx Licence in Spain and Cyprus on multiple occasions.
  13. I must admit I am torn between the conclusion that either the head of Isle of Man Bank is living on a different planet, or Manx Radio have yet again spun a headline out of something that was never said. The sound clip in the article doesn't reference the 40% headline. But, when you combine the headline with the reference to the £313,000 average house price - how many people have 40% in their back pocket - unless of course what he really means is that the current effect of the property boom is that more people have larger equity in the properties they are selling in order to move and buy another? In any event, at least it's not about fucking COVID, so that's a start. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/majority-of-island-buyers-can-field-40-deposit-iom-bank/
  14. Has Chris Robertshaw got some sort of contract to supply Manky Radio with weekly content bitching about HQ's administration? He appears to have - today's contribution - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/robertshaw-care-home-tragedy-was-avoidable/
  15. Like Turkeys voting for Christmas. Jesus, really?
  16. Yes. He clearly feels he can squeeze another 5 years out of the pot - not to mention a Tynwald Pension.
  17. So, to put it bluntly - a lifetime civil servant who wants to have a go...no thanks.
  18. Unusually, Robertshaw is saying something I agree with. Of course, there is only the need to use 3 words to fully explain the clusterfuck this "Active Travel Policy" nonsense - Department of Infrastructure.
  19. A bit rich of Eddie, don’t you think? It also seems a lucky coincidence that the current Treasury Minister is the son of his biggest adversary in the House of Keys… https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/former-treasury-minister-questions-governments-spending-record/
  20. Does Skelly still have to secure a seat in the September election to retain his presidency fancy dress outfits? Asking for a friend.
  21. Now the "COVID card" is being rolled out again to shut it down. It was obviously going to happen after they made it a fully "self service" branch. Give it a year or so and the only remaining branch will be Athol Street. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=62865&headline=Bank closes branch indefinitely because of Covid staff shortages&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2021
  22. Well said! How someone can be "Christian" and live by the moral standards of a good Christian in one breath but be a twat every other day of the week is something I have witnessed on many occasion throughout my life. I've also previously worked with 2 of the LH crowd - both had financial morals of alley cats, but still feigned abject horror when they were called out by another member of staff. If morals were enshrined in law, LH could arguably be called an OCG in Line of Duty parlance.
  23. Oh really? So, please explain to me then why when my mother-in-law was at deaths door and we had just returned 8 days prior from the UK, the nursing home refused point blank to let her own daughter hold her hand as she slipped away? Yet, this pumped up buffoon who now thinks he is clearly even more untouchable since getting his gong was welcomed with open arms. Jesus Christ, talk about at best piss poor judgement and at worst, a blatant disregard for the other 86,000 people that live here and pay his wages!!
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