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  1. Looks like it's off - a quick ping says "host unreachable" Thanks for trying , glad its not a problem with my pc
  2. Has anyone had any trouble getting onto the iomtt website over the last few days ,i have been trying to get onto it but keep getting internet explorer cant display this page ,
  3. I have heard vodafone might be coming to the island once the cloud 9 contract runs out in the summer 2010, has anyone else heard anything , Sure seems to be keen on getting people on a two year contract , are the getting worried
  4. Again another pile of shite line up for TT week , If you like whitesnake you will be happy , but why do they keep getting acts that are past it , time to get some fresh up and coming groups , Lets hope the peel bay festival 2009 gets the go ahead and we see some good acts
  5. I am at mount murray and my internet speed is 336kps , super slow
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