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  1. Then if there’s a consensus we shall Present it to the chief minister. As I say I don’t have the answers but it has to start somewhere. There are loads of people unhappy on here, on iom today so why not just add a comment. There’s no downside and it may just be the beginning of something.
  2. I’ve started a petition because I can see a lot of people are in disbelief at the ongoing apparent incompetence of our elected representatives, at seemingly everything they get involved with. Time and time again somebody messes up yet there is no accountability. I’m not a political activist, I have no agenda, I’m just Joe Public fed up at seeing our taxes wasted with such disregard. Got to start somewhere, so if you want to have your say pop over and leave a comment. thanks http://click.email.ipetitions.com/c/eJxdjkEKgzAURE-jy5CfbzRZZFFpvEc0Xw01RqIgvX1DoZvCLGYGZnjezJ1HD3UwgoMGAZpr2UjFgGnby95awBbs8JSyajhFFzYWDrrCFdJ-sinFejUKhRKcC1LTpEeHHSFvSXuBSF07Yr2Z9bqOs8JHJYai-77_Xkr5y8WGc6M0R7fPKU-r2xeqs4kuv9hBI2X_Bt1B4Vm-PGX-AdE_Ppo
  3. lol its all about a balanced view - well thats what im hoping for.
  4. i would, but one that would be mostly paid by tenant and be done and dusted in 10 years. well im 40 now, god knows when ill retire!
  5. Im in a bit of a quandry, I have bits and pieces of pension but nothing overly substantial, and I'm torn as to what to do to prepare for retirement. I'm leaning towards buying a property (around the 200k mark) as I have a relative who would be a very long term tenant, on the basis of a depressed property market, albeit fairly buoyant at the lower end. I just really want to gauge peoples views on where they see the island and therefore property prices going over the medium term, ie 10-15 years.
  6. I'm doing a beginners web development course and we are creating an 'alternative' IOM website. Its just a light hearted look at the island, probably wont even go live, but will help with the course. Therefore I need some help with content, and I thought of a page containing some classic Manx gaffes. As I said this is light hearted, so dont want it to turn into some anti government rant, but there have been some absolute classic clangers dropped over the years and so would be grateful to hear of some of them. Thanks in advance!
  7. If I may quote John, it's useful to note his comments, as while trying to defend someone against an apparently malicious poster, I myself have maliciously posted against the person I was trying to protect. Sometimes, maybe, the law can be an ass, but it is the law. (sorry to derail the thread!)
  8. Theres one about 10 mins up the road, very small classes I think, but know nothing about it, called Dhoon School
  9. Sorry, but just my thoughts. My son is doing fine at high school fyi, but just think a different approach might have benefited him more.
  10. My son left Laxey last year to move up to high school, and I have reservations over his schooling there. He very rarely got any homework until his final year. I did not see any spellings, any multiplication tables etc, which I believe are fundamental. Whilst we actively worked with him at home, I'm not aware of any other junior schools where this happens. From teachers' comments at the senior school, Laxey pupils are 'generally' regarded as having poor spellings. As mentioned above the class sizes are particularly large. I questioned teachers many times on these issues and they seem to believe that this 'softer,' let the pupils decide their own path etc is the best route for the kids. I feel at this early age its more important than ever to set the goalposts and prepare them for their life at school. It was certainly a huge shock to my son when he started getting homework at high school! I would add that the kids are all very well mannered and courteous, and the school do a lot of activities away from site etc.
  11. happy to leave them to do their thing - when does breeding season usually end?
  12. A very chirpy (at 6am) sparrow has decided to build a nest in the extractor pipe from my bathroom. Question is, will they have started laying eggs yet, and if not can I legally remove the nest? Advice welcome!
  13. fair enough, appreciate the constructive posts.
  14. Well I'm extremely confident that I'm the 10% in this case! 50
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