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  1. Tidal electricity schemes need many billion gallons of water to flow per tide. This scheme wouldn’t power a street for an hour!
  2. I remember, back in the 1970’s, phoning Ronaldsway Met Office one Sunday morning to obtain a wind forecast for our yacht passage from PSM back to Strangford Lough. 4 pennies in the slot and press button B. A less than jolly man answers the phone and, in response to the question, “What wind speed and direction can we expect in the next eight hours?” Comes the answer, after much fumbling, “Ahhh... well you’re looking at westerly at 115-120 knots.” Dear God says I, it looks quite nice over the breakwater.” “Oh sorry,” says he, “that’s at 30000 feet!” Now, you’re not allowed to phone them direct. Umm.
  3. State sponsorship would have been minimal. Straightforward Manx legislation controlling Manx business would have worked. It's your island. Your politicians should be working for ALL the people, not just the "business" flyers or ferry travellers.
  4. Sheer b*****y, grinding, 30 year, frustration. I love the place, but I feel that your govt. Have let you down over and over again with regarding airlines. If Manx Airlines had been properly supported in regulation (to benefit the Island) rather than rash expansion, then we wouldn't be having this debate.
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