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  1. https://www.192.com/atoz/people/cooper/mark/im9/722362816/
  2. https://www.myprom.im/updates/traffic-management/governor-s-dip- I guess what they should have said is that cyclists must move across to the other lane...
  3. In any event a piece of legislation that allows the Department (of Infrastructure?) to make some rules seems destined for disaster anyway...
  4. Where's the evidence it's needed? Has Noble's been in danger of being overwhelmed - or even had one incident where a helmet would have prevented serious injury. Police given free rein to chase down cyclists instead of 'proper' criminals. Absolute numpties.
  5. From memory, IOM Police said a while back, they're not allowed a) can't be used on roads b) not permitted on pavements - I think they specifically called out the Prom walkway as not allowed (I think that has its own regs). My memory, may be wrong, or the Police may be though...
  6. Google shows he's got quite a history already...
  7. Can't believe someone from Onchan hasn't nominated the People's Prince...
  8. NatWest /RBS not listed, so wouldn't expect IOM Bank to work with it: https://www.samsung.com/uk/samsung-pay/
  9. Maybe named after Julie Edge. Her fellow Onchan MHK won't be pleased to have missed out, after his major contributions to the TT over many years...
  10. UK registered cars are the worst offenders in my experience. Nearly all IOM reg cars now do seem to wait, and give a suitably wide berth.
  11. The Overlook Hotel of the Isle of Man? redrum, redrum, redrum...
  12. Got my renewal through in the post a few days ago. They call it a vehicle licence application form. No reference to road tax anywhere on the form, but does refer to the vehicle duty being based on CO2 emission.
  13. British Cycling members, which many local cyclists are, have liability insurance as part of their membership. Covers claims against them for up to £15 million. Would nearly pay for the new prom that, with all the damage they've done to it, having not paid any road tax and all that.
  14. For the cycling, marshals whistle to warn those further down the course that riders are approaching. So, effectively the opposite, as it's meaning no crossing.
  15. 358. Not 365 minus 14. Leap year next year, and TT is later. yours, Statto
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