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  1. Got my renewal through in the post a few days ago. They call it a vehicle licence application form. No reference to road tax anywhere on the form, but does refer to the vehicle duty being based on CO2 emission.
  2. British Cycling members, which many local cyclists are, have liability insurance as part of their membership. Covers claims against them for up to £15 million. Would nearly pay for the new prom that, with all the damage they've done to it, having not paid any road tax and all that.
  3. For the cycling, marshals whistle to warn those further down the course that riders are approaching. So, effectively the opposite, as it's meaning no crossing.
  4. 358. Not 365 minus 14. Leap year next year, and TT is later. yours, Statto
  5. Dead wood asks question about dead wood
  6. As in Monday, six years ago??
  7. 10.56 - 10.58 according to all the tech in our house
  8. Sheep pen - great drone shot at: https://viewer.hangar.com/360?productId=BY1dBR07
  9. It wasn't a tax investigation. If they'd used that mechanism they would be wide open to accusations of abusing the agreement.
  10. Do you mean Saturday evening?
  11. Although he did effectively ask how much a stamp costs a couple of weeks ago...
  12. Wouldn't the planning application currently be invalid though, if the company is struck-off dissolved?
  13. Is it a mystery? If they're operating/processing in the IOM, then the IOM DP Act applies.
  14. I think he's a horrible man as well.
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