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  1. Thought it would be good to have a CG thread. The IOM Cycling team seems to have a good chance of bringing medal(s) home, not sure about the other sports.
  2. Courtenay Heading and his lot. They've taken to trying to get themselves seen out and about at busy events like the Gran Fondo a couple of weeks ago..
  3. Small amount of info here https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/emergency-services-dealing-with-incident-near-douglas-gas-tanks/
  4. Or even that some letters look different. He'll lose his shit at Russian or Arabic. This is a prime example of how Trump got in....
  5. Government says they've fixed a glitch..
  6. Nearly 6 months ago. Says open to you if after 3months. Nothing to do with that though, said my age/priority group not yet called.
  7. Government announce booster online applications now open to my age group. Front page of website confirms. Fill form out, press submit. Automated email rejection, not open to my age group....
  8. To try to hide their error...
  9. Looks to me the opposite. They've realised their story was wrong, deleted it (and therefore its comments), and posted a more factually correct version (and headline).
  10. sm-iom


    Saw this the other day, good example of enabling speed culture, with a mild reminder to be careful...
  11. Please don't let him be standing for MHK.....
  12. Makes a change from sitting on his hands....
  13. Both current MHKs said in their manifestos they would bring a bill forward to change the constituency name to be more representative of the area covered, with parts of Onchan having moved in before the 2016 election. 5 years later, it's still Garff. I imagine they'll say the same to Onchan residents again when they go door knocking...
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