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  1. Dead wood asks question about dead wood
  2. As in Monday, six years ago??
  3. 10.56 - 10.58 according to all the tech in our house
  4. Sheep pen - great drone shot at: https://viewer.hangar.com/360?productId=BY1dBR07
  5. It wasn't a tax investigation. If they'd used that mechanism they would be wide open to accusations of abusing the agreement.
  6. Do you mean Saturday evening?
  7. Although he did effectively ask how much a stamp costs a couple of weeks ago...
  8. Wouldn't the planning application currently be invalid though, if the company is struck-off dissolved?
  9. Is it a mystery? If they're operating/processing in the IOM, then the IOM DP Act applies.
  10. I think he's a horrible man as well.
  11. I've just looked at the IOMG webpage, which seems to have various conflicting info. The November 2015 letter says one thing (not officially recognised), the January 2016 leaflet a bit different (consulting with UK authorities) and the main page says consulting finished/resolved. Makes most sense to contact the details on the letter, which is where it says to go to for queries. https://www.gov.im/categories/benefits-and-financial-support/social-security-benefits/disabled-parking/
  12. Yachthaven in Balthane were always decent.
  13. sm-iom

    TT 2018

    Of course, Callister has been wanking himself silly since, splurging all over Facebook last night about meeting the Duke...
  14. It's bullshit, that's what it is...
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