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  1. There doesn't seem to have been a 4pm update today, via social media or news outlets- although the web page seems to have been updated https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/latest-updates/ All I've seen reported is that Howie wants to address us Friday. I'm struggling to see the 0 they like to quote - so can't tell if there is a new, unconfirmed source, case or not. Am I missing something on the 5 vs 4 graphic?
  2. sm-iom

    Prog Rock

    Which Marillion songs? Am currently on a Fish era binge..
  3. A few weeks back, an ebayer in the UK sent me the wrong item by mistake - it cost them £3.10 postage. When I returned it to them it cost me £1.61 - our post office pulled it through the large letter guide, which I think didn't apply in the UK. So, there are some positives. They repaid me by the way...
  4. Yes https://www.iomfsa.im/consumer-material/isle-of-man-depositors-compensation-scheme-dcs/#:~:text=In general terms%2C the DCS,to £50%2C000 in total).&text=The DCS protects certain deposits,Authority (“IOMFSA"). (Link on page under "What the DCS covers")
  5. I suspect Rob Callister is trying to act strategically. He's clearly not averse to trying to bolster his CV, his job titles or letters after his name. When the next administration.comes around, assuming he gets back in then he'll be desperate for a Ministerial role. He'll point to his job experience in just about every Department and make it clear that makes him the ideal person for whatever job's going...
  6. https://www.192.com/atoz/people/cooper/mark/im9/722362816/
  7. https://www.myprom.im/updates/traffic-management/governor-s-dip- I guess what they should have said is that cyclists must move across to the other lane...
  8. In any event a piece of legislation that allows the Department (of Infrastructure?) to make some rules seems destined for disaster anyway...
  9. Where's the evidence it's needed? Has Noble's been in danger of being overwhelmed - or even had one incident where a helmet would have prevented serious injury. Police given free rein to chase down cyclists instead of 'proper' criminals. Absolute numpties.
  10. From memory, IOM Police said a while back, they're not allowed a) can't be used on roads b) not permitted on pavements - I think they specifically called out the Prom walkway as not allowed (I think that has its own regs). My memory, may be wrong, or the Police may be though...
  11. Google shows he's got quite a history already...
  12. Can't believe someone from Onchan hasn't nominated the People's Prince...
  13. NatWest /RBS not listed, so wouldn't expect IOM Bank to work with it: https://www.samsung.com/uk/samsung-pay/
  14. Maybe named after Julie Edge. Her fellow Onchan MHK won't be pleased to have missed out, after his major contributions to the TT over many years...
  15. UK registered cars are the worst offenders in my experience. Nearly all IOM reg cars now do seem to wait, and give a suitably wide berth.
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