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  1. Yes indeed, had a similar experience passing a guy in lycra on Bucks Rd this morning. Gave him plenty of room and I was travelling slowly, didn't prevent the hand gestures though.
  2. It seems that walkers have been emboldened by the announcement of the consultation, whilst drivers seem to be staking a claim. Groups of walkers four abreast walking in the roads with no intention of moving out of the way, glaring at car drivers as they pass, are out in force on the Marine Drive today. The lycra louts will soon have them running for cover once they get themselves organised though!
  3. We know that, it seems that our DoI don't unfortunately. Short of sabotaging them or getting violent, there's little we can do other than keep pointing out their follies in the hope that someone is listening!
  4. Yes they are, but advice is advice. You can take it or not, but some want all of their decisions to be made for them!
  5. Jesus, they had a COMIN meeting in the morning to look at the results from last night. It finished at around 1pm, they released the findings by 1.30ish and had a press briefing at 3pm. Howard explained the reasons, timelines etc, it all seems perfectly normal to me, but we still have to go through this nit picking process which is destructive. If we locked down every time we got two unexplained cases, we wouldn't know whether we were coming or going, can't people see that? It's a fine line between buggering us all up and keeping things moving!
  6. It seems everyone wants to be treated like a stupid child. We've been told what's happening and the suggested actions to be taken to minimise risk until they have more information. I'm sure we are becoming a race of helpless dummies who can't make a sensible decision to save our lives, literally!
  7. An interesting account of the Summerland disaster, part of a series.
  8. Oh well, back to hydrogen then! Amazing that our little island loves to suck the fun out everything instead of making improper use illegal. We'd rather be the only place in the British Isles where fireworks, Chinese lanterns and helium balloons are illegal, rather than punish those who abuse them! Twats!
  9. Yes, Britain used it to prop up ailing industries, keep all the aircraft and ship building industries going, build new steam locomotives invested in the bomb and kept rationing, leading to a stagnant economy. Germany abolished rationing and put the money into building modern industries, letting old ailing ones go to the wall. We got that one wrong
  10. It's been a bombsite for years. Why have we bothered with the horse trams when the destination looks like Berlin after WW2? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/douglas-doesnt-look-good-enough/
  11. I see the DESC are looking for help with revitalising the Villa Arcade. It sounds like a bugger's muddle once again, as when it was renovated in 2009, it seemed to lose the retail space ambience. A shame the Art Deco interior disappeared, but that's the Isle of man for you! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/help-wanted-revitalising-villa-marina-arcade/ So the following day they seem to have had the idea that it would be a great place for local creative businesses? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/creative-businesses-need-a-shop-window/ Whatever
  12. I'm absolutely convinced that this is Dandara's plan, prices going up and up, them tied to such low prices. If you could afford it, it would be worth holding them to the contract! But I can imagine the difficulties they would put in your way!
  13. No, just the usual contracts cock up that our government seems to be so adept at. They got an interim company in while they got around to looking at the G4S contract, that company didn't have any staff hence the chancers walking the streets in hi-viz without a clue. The G4S staff were put in a difficult position of either accepting redundancy or going with the new company for less money.
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