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  1. As suggested, it must be the car of someone very influential as with the narrow roads and streets we have and the ridiculous parking, there are broken mirrors everywhere!
  2. When the all island fast tram network comes in, we will need those tracks. That is unless the monorail is finally approved first?
  3. Max Power


    As I've tried to point out, this is not a TT gallery. It is meant to be a motorsport heritage gallery, reflecting the times when the island was an important place in most forms of motorcycle and car racing development. Personally, I don't like the idea of removing the folklife gallery to achieve it, saying that it isn't fit for purpose is IOMG 'group speak' for 'I want to spend lots of money'. There will come a day when all we have left of the TT will be museum exhibits and memories, just like our lost chances of the big time in car racing. We do need to collect those memories, memorabilia and everything together before they are lost in the mists of time. Like it or not, motorsport and in particular motorcycle racing has played a huge part in determining the island for over 112 years. It shouldn't just be allowed to slip into the annals without being marked and people in the future being able to see how a small island once punched well above its weight in organising sporting events which were world class. I applaud the efforts of local museum owners who have tried and succeeded in collecting all sorts of machines and historical items together, surely MNH can work with these people and the many friends of the island, including manufacturers, to create something hugely spectacular and successful, without it costing millions in purchases? Not that purchasing is a bad investment, but it ties up money which could be spent elsewhere. The ideal place for this has to be the TT grandstand area, creating a year round visitor attraction. No need for a new grandstand, just re model the existing area, creating better facilities for year round visitors and locals!
  4. If other events could use the facility it would make a lot of sense to build a multi purpose area. Maybe a lot of demolition around the Willaston circuit, widening run off areas and creating gravel traps and spectator areas to create a short GP style venue?
  5. Like I said it’s too small to be significant so better elsewhere!
  6. Me, I’m the source. Just from my experience of car dealerships who actually pay the PRS fees. I know some tight arses who don’t but I’ll bet there’s a car radio blaring away being ‘tested’ anyway!
  7. Radio is played in many workplaces and homes around the island, admittedly car journeys are short compared to the rest of the world but it does have its place.
  8. It would only be a smattering of TT, MGP, S100 and other bike racing history. They hope to include displays relating to our car racing and rallying history, the gallery is far to small to be significant!
  9. There was an informative programme with interviews from Alan Shea and several others with regard to the police persecution of homosexuals around 1992 the other night. It was quite shocking listening and well beyond what MR would have normally put out. Before 9pm too and 'ass bandit' amongst other expletives was used!
  10. Making an attempt to listen to the new MR, quite good so far, interesting interviews and will continue to report back if any change!
  11. Even more than it is now?
  12. We need some of them to have a degree in the bleedin' obvious!
  13. I guess that they would have to come back with something Roger? They recognise the issue with resources for post registration checks, it would be interesting to see how many of these HMRC have carried out?
  14. Well, promenades, Liverpool berths and Steam Packets don't pay for themselves! Nice to see the ranks of COMIN swelling to destroy democracy once and for all! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/cost-savings-being-sought-across-government-says-quayle/?fbclid=IwAR3L4frLGLIKzwvTtJgoL-hIHiMh13yGs7T8myoK25QkDG6InT8c8mRv-QU
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