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  1. I think that’s a mistake as 1st Douglas own the freehold of their HQ and car park. I can’t see them giving that up to share as their place is in use every week night and some weekends?
  2. For fear of being cancelled by the Alphabet Spaghetti community, I must point out that my grandad was a thespian who counted Arthur Lucan amongst his mates. I have his autograph somewhere.
  3. I've no problem with Trannies, I don't see them as good, wholesome family entertainment though I'm afraid. I don't think the Guild is the place for them to perform, but there again, I never go to the Guild?
  4. No they didn't. I don't know why MM didn't tender, @NoTail intimated that the requirements had changed making the supply less lucrative? I'm guessing that's a possibility but there's nothing to indicate what the changes to contract were? If a UK company wants to do it, they must see an opportunity for profit? I think Roy Wilson is in his eighties, his daughter must be around retirement age, do they really want to be messing around fulfilling orders via China and running a shop in Strand Street which they can rent out for a good return?
  5. I think the financial advantages are long gone, the vibrancy is gone as discussed elsewhere. People have to make their own choices about what they enjoy about living here, but for many that I know personally, they have left. I think it's familiarity and the TT and MGP that keeps me here.
  6. Tourism can create and sustain the infrastructure which keeps a place vibrant. The Lake District has a particular type of tourism, quiet and tranquil seeking clientele. If that’s what we want, we won’t be attractive to younger people anyway!
  7. Some good motorcycle road racing in Estonia too!
  8. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/population-rebalancing-report-says-the-isle-of-man-lacks-social-vibrancy-589097 Well Whoop di Doo! I've been saying this for years in my failed Keys campaigns and elsewhere, It's taken years for an actual study to bloody prove it to the idiots we have in power! We're never going to be Ibiza but we are a dead hole as far as anything related to nightlife or entertainment is concerned. We listened to the grey haired judiciary and chief constables who couldn't see a balance in having a vibrant nightlife and being a Methodist shit tip, now we know the costs! As I say in another thread, a vibrant society is good for both tourism and locals alike, but we have actively clamped down heavily on this to make life easy for police and other government agencies. Young people want vibrancy, where is it?
  9. Nice Bay, nice Beach, Railway Cafe closed.
  10. I commented on this in another thread, I agree, the place is a total disgrace. Crappy shops, nail bars and dirty frontages, wheelie bin city, piles of crap. Nowhere to get a cup of coffee even, it's taking over from Douglas as the island's biggest sh@hole!
  11. The SPCo were clearing £10m profit pa prior to the takeover. I don’t think that they need a subsidy in view of the increases in fares since then? I know costs have increased but as I say, a strategic fares policy would maximise the use and profits!
  12. Isn’t it 0% tax on profits up to £500k for every business and 10% thereafter, irrespective of what the business is? Not many businesses on the island would be capable of that level of profitability.
  13. I take your point but it is a very large government owned site interspersed with a few relatively small and low value privately owned sites. To make it a viable proposition I suppose it would be in order to do this, otherwise we'd be left with a cocked up mish mash, like a lot of non developments on the island?
  14. There's only James Caine's, Keith Lord, Abrahams and the Scouts, the rest is all government property. The businesses would benefit from moving and I'm sure there are suitable places to relocate to already available. The Scouts seem to have a building within the development?
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