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  1. Public: "There's a climate crisis, government must do something" IoM Gov: "Here's something, let's do it"
  2. I brought this subject up on here months ago after a CRHS parent told me about it. I was shouted down by some and told it was nonsense!
  3. Look, we should listen to the Victorian Society and all these preservationists, then we should tell them to fuck right off! They are great at making life difficult, preserving total shithole eyesores, holding back serious development and destroying the future of the island!
  4. I believe he was there but sitting in rather than participating as it was his first meeting. ironically it appears that the true lay members were in favour, the dissenters seem to have been those with a civil service and planning background. Obviously used to toeing the line?
  5. I don't think it has anything to do with him? It is however a disgrace of the highest order, this sh@thole is going to hell in a handcart. Invest in the Isle of Man? Why the hell would you?
  6. As I implied earlier, we are paying the price for over regulation. Teachers are expected to do so much more than teach. There's something badly wrong in the minds of those who develop the working patterns for educators. They have to endure the almost complete breakdown of classroom discipline which takes a heavy toll when you are unable to do anything about the little disruptive scrotes who ruin your lessons! Money is only half the story, I don't think IoMG have the nous or the balls to deal with this, we are going to get into a real mess. This is symptomatic of the knife edge our government have been walking for years, kicking the can down the road in many areas such as health and education, travel and the general viability of the island. Well, the house of cards is about to collapse, "the white elephants are coming home to roost", in the words of a great politician!
  7. Not a chance, one flight a day to Heathrow is on the cards...
  8. Words of wisdom, from someone who appears to have a grasp of economics, unlike the new UK government!
  9. I can't believe the messing around with this, a classic deterrent to investment on this God forsaken, half arsed island. Whilst investment is shunned and obstacles placed on people trying to do anything, like organising events etc, this place will sink further and further into obscurity! We don't have departments to enable investment, we actually have them to deter it. They lose sight of what they are really there for! There's precious little left to protect, if that's what they think they are doing?
  10. I believe it was Douglas Corporation who changed their by-laws to allow the use of flammable Oroglass? It's actually unbelievable and nothing to do with hindsight!
  11. What, people so bored with looking at a load of old plants may find their way to Heysham and slip over for a few days?
  12. Summerland was a brilliant and successful concept, criminally ruined in the execution. It's a scandal on many levels and those responsible were never brought to justice!
  13. I think that we are opening the door to further demands from all the groups of the PS if the teachers demands are met. That will just bring about further dissatisfaction from the rest of society who will be left behind by the protected classes who seem to get everything! Quite frankly I think that the pressures of modern society with its over legislation obsessions have destroyed what were noble callings, where people were quite prepared to go that extra mile for the good of their charges, patients, clients etc. Now the satisfaction has been sucked out of being good at your job, it's been over regulated, over graded, over monitored, swamped with meaningless over qualification requirements and in short, nobody enjoys their jobs anymore, unless they are the ones making the rules! No, everyone wants paid for everything, and if they aren't, they won't do it. It pervades almost every part of our lives now, even voluntary organisations are crumbling under the weight of rules and legislation. We're doomed!
  14. As I said I was aware that there was something going on with an app, I haven't actually been following this thread much. My understanding was that, like the new Mersey crossing, you logged on and paid after you had parked and within a day or so? Not downloading apps before parking, that is the most stupid idea I have ever heard. How would anyone who isn't a complete knowall local twat know to do this? IoMG are just so out of touch and up themselves, how else could anyone explain the decision making behind this?
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