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  1. Max Power

    IOM Gas Fields

  2. Max Power

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    I don't think that's the intention Declan, it's probably because the costs outweigh what they are able to charge, although it sounds a bit fishy. It sounds like a management issue to me, or lack of? In anything like trying to make money from a service, you need to be efficient and I can't imagine a government department's management knowing what efficiency means! it would appear that the consultants are able to make it pay individually, but I would imagine that most of what they are doing is a lot of minor work and consultations.
  3. Max Power

    Pussy to be banned?

    Pussy will not be allowed should the new hotel and apartment complex be approved on Fort Island? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=43404&headline=Dandara call for cats ban at Fort Island&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018
  4. Max Power

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Wrighty will know better than I but someone told me several years ago that despite charging for each room occupied, the use of hospital facilities etc, Nobles has always made a loss on the Private Wing. My insurance provider told me that they and IoM consultants had never registered with them as an approved repairer, to quote a motor trade term. Consequently they charge more than say a Spire hospital and the customer is chased for the cash by the consultants and the hospital and must in turn chase up the likes of Bupa and Vitality etc. Hardly helpful when you are recovering from some illness or other!
  5. Probably a bigger workload more like?
  6. Max Power

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Buster? Of course, I have no reason not to
  7. Max Power

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    BBuster has his finger on the pulse
  8. Max Power

    Court of General Gaol

    If you like yes.
  9. Max Power

    Housing Development`s

    If you visit San Marino, the lovely old walled town is built on a mountain higher than Snaefell. Granted it is in the Mediterranean climate though. Someone told me that there was once a settlement on the summit of South Barrule? There was also an hotel at the Bungalow, maybe we should investigate the possibilities?
  10. The advisor who suggested it I would guess?
  11. That was the reason given on the Panorama programme, the IoM will register it within a week but it can take a lot longer in the UK. If he has not declared the VAT status correctly, that is his problem and nothing to do with the IoM C&E, just as it would be in the UK with HMRC.
  12. Max Power

    Man waves knob at traffic

    He's obviously very proud of whatever he's got!
  13. I can't see that it would be possible to evade the VAT in this way, there doesn't seem to be a way of circumventing HMRC as you are completing their paperwork here, just as you would in the UK. We are just a collector of VAT due. Another reason to the one I gave you mean?
  14. Max Power

    TT Grandstand

    Correct Derek, and many involving two cars. They and Quarry Bends in 1988 were done purely for road risk, I and most competitors preferred them all as they were. There have been no other major realignments since 1972 when the Verandah was opened up after Parlotti's fatal collision with concrete fence posts, causing the TT to ultimately be boycotted by many and lose its championship status. They had enough warnings as this was a black spot but there we go!
  15. No, similar to a car used for business, the portion of business purposes a plane is used for makes it eligible for a deferred VAT refund. Vat becomes payable on the resale value when sold to a non VAT registered entity. HQ says that the IoM Customs and Excise have used the same tax rules as the UK HMRC. I think the whole thing is going to revolve around interpretation, which if wrong means a lot of private jet owners will be paying back dated VAT claims and our aircraft registry will probably close. The UK may well have been doing the same thing themselves so it will have bigger ramifications than just for us and Lewis Hamilton. This is probably why it has taken so long to define what should be a simple case of interpretation of the rules.