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  1. He must have put in the postcode of the Birkenhead terminal perhaps?
  2. Is this graph still valid though China? I would have thought that the steps taken in the UK and elsewhere over the past fourteen years would have reduced our CO2 emissions quite considerably?
  3. Where am I defending him? I didn't even know he existed prior to this case. What I am trying to do is explain why he has probably been treated differently to someone who planned or tried to arrange what took place. You need to learn the art of critical thinking instead of making ill judged assumptions that you know everything because you read a headline!
  4. Who knows? The court obviously thought that it was an impulse rather than a planned act, do you know any different?
  5. I think this is an attempt to demonstrate that we do not have a Ministry of Transport on the IoM?
  6. And as the report alludes to, it was an opportunistic offence, not premeditated. It sounds as though he has been in a situation where an urge to act impulsively took hold of him? Without proper reporting we may never know.
  7. Just for interest, the laws of unintended consequences? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-16/the-dirt-on-clean-electric-cars?fbclid=IwAR0XFKBOElGjii5HOCM_JJKeqPgib_itwkA7ubl3qOQLprv_izK6UHbdsfc
  8. I'm not sticking up for the stupid bugger but maybe the original charges were excessive? He may have just flashed it, which is inexcusable but you have to take the full story into account, which once again, we don't have for some inexplicable reason? The reason I asked what the normal sentence would be for such an offence was to try and get some consistency, that's difficult when we are not aware of how the offence arose. Do the posters who raised the subject actually know if he is a member of the masons, or is this just the usual claptrap that pops up when an establishment idiot is thought to have got off with something?
  9. It's rude to answer a question with a question. I assume that you don't know the answer but are willing to accept nothing but a severe sentence even though you don't have any facts?
  10. What would normally happen to someone who flashed at a child, first offence?
  11. I wouldn't say that, more relating in delays to them getting paid for warranty work etc.
  12. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/residents-in-victoria-road-area-receive-police-appeal-by-post/ Thought to be a stabbing? Perhaps the silence is fear of encouraging people to carry knives for 'self defence'?
  13. It seems that they are blaming the fact that they can't find staff who are experienced in such a multi franchised operation? They should know that manufacturers don't normally allow two franchises to be housed together let alone nearly thirty! Well, they had a lot of very experienced staff in the brands which they purchased from Donald Buchanan and Whitestone but they got fed up with being messed about. They then proceeded to fill the place with all sorts of spurious car brands like Jeep, Fiat, Ssang Yong etc etc etc which are not historically successful brands. Then they expected everyone to be able to adapt to every brand, some without any factory training in the systems involved. Salaries were based on sales, the market hasn't changed, we still have the same number of customers with more sales staff, people experienced in the core brands left, they recruited all sorts of strange types who don't know the island, they have a lot of admin done remotely in Mauritius which complicates processes, leading to all sorts of time and financial issues..... I could go on and on. My feeling is that they don't have the senior management experience to cope with the operation which they have created? One can only hope that the investors are very understanding! Perhaps they need a consultant?
  14. I think the matter of private practice is a complex one for our DHSS? They don't, for some unknown reason, make a profit on private use of the hospital and its facilities I'm reliably informed. They will not register with the major healthcare providers, who insist on a set rate for treatments and consultations. Instead they charge what they do and the insurer will refer cases to private hospitals and consultants elsewhere. I'm sure that they are missing a trick here, the insured becomes liable for chasing the insurance company for payment of up to six invoices for some treatments, including invoices for the use of DHSS owned facilities. It annoys me tremendously to get phone calls from consultants chasing payments who greedily charge more than the going rate because they won't register with BUPA etc. Just another indication of the mess our health service is in!
  15. You can bet your life that if someone had been allegedly downloading kiddie porn on his toaster or had supposedly raped someone when he was ten years old 30 years ago, we would know all the details in ten minutes flat!
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