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  1. Max Power


    Motorsport is not banned anywhere in the world for climate reasons yet. The fuels will get cleaner.
  2. Max Power


    What is the Isle of Man's minimal contribution to decarbonising going to achieve? Yet we are about to waste a fortune in adopting all sorts of token gestures when the real legislation and action will be done for us.
  3. It's all about control Pongo. They can run around picking up what the police consider to be 'low life scum' on drugs charges, which is easier than actually doing proper police work and getting people for real offences, which are only in the minds of the cops anyway. Low hanging fruit basically, it justifies their budget and makes the thick heads happy!
  4. I think the AA are the most prolific and offer some comprehensive cover. It's worth checking what is covered to avoid any arguments later in the event of a breakdown. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.theaa.com https://www.theaa.com/
  5. And he was even more confused when you told him you wanted it to watch the 'talkies'!
  6. MT seem to employ youngsters who are not trained to deal with the public. I wouldn't say that they are rude or intentionally patronising, but they are. I bought a new iPhone and asked where the manual was, 'nobody uses paper manuals anymore, look online!' was the curt replay. Quite a few of the lads talk in that smart assed, staccato 'Manx Scouse' which irritates the crap out of me.
  7. Infrastructure (The clue is in the name) The Director of Ports only manages the facilities.
  8. If what I'm hearing is correct then that is in process as we speak, how the eventual 'punishment' will be phrased or handled, we can only guess!
  9. What isn't widely known is the fact that Mr Whittaker offered the DoI a turnkey solution for the Liverpool berth. Something that they neglected to tell the Treasury, until they had blown millions and were asking for more! This amounts to criminal mismanagement in order to be managing a huge budget. Our CS mandarins do not act in the best interests of the island, they are far too busy playing egotistical maniacs at every bloody level. I don't see our elected representatives ever being able to rein them in.
  10. Which is true, but retailers should always be aware and asking for ID, there could be a good case for dismissal if the youngster involved looked over 21.
  11. Rumours circulating that this has happened today, with a high profile casualty! I don't think that this will be able to be kept quiet for very long!
  12. I'll jump into my time machine once again and regale you with a tale of my childhood. We lived in Douglas, our bin was located in the backyard with no back door, like all of our neighbours. Access was through the living room, down a flight of stairs, through a cellar to the yard. The dustmen would come through the front door with a zinc bath, empty the contents of the bin, which was largely ash from our open fire, where we burned a lot of rubbish (including tin cans, as the burning of the tin prevented soot build up in the chimney), and carted it back through the house to the, quite small, bin wagon, parked down the road. The 'rubbish was mostly ash, very little else, and it drove away in a cloud of dust. At the time, the rubbish dump was at Kewaigue, adjacent to the golf course where the brewery is now, there was another on the NSC site if I recall? There was certainly a lot of ash lying around back lanes in those days!
  13. Lives were lost due to incompetence but not strictly because government didn't react. We all knew how transmissible Covid was and yet we chose to behave as though it wouldn't affect us. If there is one thing to come out of this, it's just how much we are like sheep and depend on government to make every unpopular decision affecting our lives! At least we can blame someone else for all our woes and shortcomings!
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