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  1. I think an awful lot of people already carry the virus OTB, we just haven't been able to test them all. I wonder how many of the 60 have now recovered? I imagine that follow up testing will take as long as the initial testing and further clog up the system?
  2. You can see where they are coming from OTB, unfortunately the less investment in government owned attractions leads to less private investment in the sector. You would hope that increased government investment would lead to greater private investment, I just think it will take a lot for that confidence to return?
  3. And yet it is most likely their shops which are providing their income at this point! I wonder if they are paying their managers or charging any tenants they may have?
  4. I can understand that but there are certain things which we need to make the economy work which will never turn a profit.
  5. That never works out though Donald, what would you suggest would be a reasonable return on our ports, and how do you collect and quantify it?
  6. Well there you go, if dickheads use loopholes to bypass something which other more sensible people accept as sufficient, they can't complain when legislation is introduced to inhibit them in future!
  7. I think that until we become a police state, it is important that we do question authority and interpretation. I have no problem in being reasonable and law abiding but allowing people to make up the rules arbitrarily is not a path we should be going down.
  8. No, that is why I posted it. They don't want to legislate but the police are misinterpreting the rules.
  9. I don't think anyone is testing the boundaries of authority by being sensible. The whole thing depends upon the goodwill of the public, once that becomes tested, things begin to go wrong in a big way!
  10. I thought I'd quote this rather than it suddenly "disappear"....
  11. I think that little project may be part of our resurgence as a tourism destination. To drop it now would be very short sighted in my opinion?
  12. I'm not too sure, who would want to think about being pregnant with all of this still possibly going on? We have better contraception than we did during the 40s and 50s.
  13. We may get some practice for it if things drag on forever.
  14. Luckily I still have last weeks edition so I'll be ok.
  15. Rumours of our first death from the virus, I hope it's not the case?
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