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  1. Pretty confident that you're fully occupied with trying to stay alive, controlling breathing, keeping awake etc
  2. You only see what you want to see when reading press reports don't you? You seem to ignore any facts which disagree with your agenda.
  3. He was flagged down, told that he had the thing wrong, had the chance to put it right and drove on?
  4. He wouldn't be in trouble if he was. Too many inconsistencies in his story I think, and I'm not one of the flog 'em brigade. Genuine mistakes happen and I feel sorry for the way some people are treated, particularly when there is minimal danger of something happening due to their error!
  5. I'd probably have to throw some more stuff into the act?
  6. You never know, attitudes and posters change?
  7. I agree completely, I always said that it would be an awful lot easier and cheaper if I could inject myself with adrenaline and throw some Castrol 'R' on the fire while watching on board videos!
  8. Hardly a technicality, the barrier will be down to allow cars to be directed off the course at 2mins after closing. He got the time wrong, roads close 6pm, practice starts 6.20pm. That is more of an explanation for his misunderstanding, 'what time does practice start? 6.20pm sir!'
  9. Even though I'm labelled a 'TT apologist' I too find that phrase a bit galling. It is quite true that those who are killed racing are taking part in the sport that they love, the last thing on their mind is that they will become a statistic. The awareness that what they are doing is dangerous is always there but they have confidence that it will not be them who has a fatal accident. Really the phrase is to provide some sort of comfort to their family and friends rather than respect to the deceased.
  10. The last two fatalities at the FOM have been on bikes with around 60bhp as opposed to the 220bhp of the top Superbikes. They we’re running modern developments of their tyres, suspension and engines which should make them easier to ride and safer than in the 1950s when they had their heyday. Like F1 they have fuel restrictions etc to limit performance. Rider safety equipment is way ahead of those far off days as is trackside safety.
  11. Although the road was closed to the public, it wasn't a 'live' race track so to speak. It was being used as a normal public road would be, except that the traffic was being escorted along it. That is how the marshals always get into position when there is the one way system in place at the TT.
  12. No, they were travelling the right way, as instructed by the CoC.
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