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  1. I never had the box unfortunately, does he want to buy mine back do you think?
  2. It seems that government is waking up to the fact that EVs can not be towed following breakdowns. https://www.motoringresearch.com/car-news/transport-minister-astonished-hazard-electric-car-motorway-breakdowns/ Imagine the scenario, mid winter 2035 and snow brings the UK to a halt. Thousands of cars stuck on motorways with their heating, radio and lights on. Batteries fade away and the cars grind to a halt. How will they clear the road and rescue all those people? Scenario 2, having been searching for a charging point, your car runs out of charge on a 'smart motorway' and grind
  3. Not at all, but it explains why he would be persuaded to become involved, as a way of getting revenge for his own problems. Yes, very strange.
  4. From what I have heard from people who know him, he had a bit of a chaotic upbringing himself.
  5. What does get me befuddled is that he seems to be making allegations against people based on the information he has been given by an alleged victim. The variety of people claimed to be involved stretches across the complete social scale, from top to bottom, which would indicate an active and serious paedophile ring or total or perhaps partial fantasy? If there is/was such a ring, surely more people would know about it, including victims who would have come forward by now? Has the victim, or others complained to the police themselves, and has any action been taken? All he is doing is maint
  6. I was thinking pretty much the same, some FB people are trying to get him to back off but there are some knuckledraggers egging him on and feeding his sense of doing the right thing. For his sake they should be helping him, not pushing him into possible further breaches of the law and jail!
  7. Yes, the final decision would be the AGs after reviewing the case put before him. But I'm sure the police can decide whether or not they feel confident enough to go ahead?
  8. This is the normal behaviour of the CS toward MHKs both in the house and in committees. Lots of information and as little time as possible to absorb it. Then its the politicians fault when it all goes wrong, as it frequently does!
  9. It's an emotive subject and people tend to flare up and say irrational things in support of a lynch mob. It's a mistake though to think that support on a facebook page means everyone agrees with your methods, it's generally people who know you anyway!
  10. Easily done , I don't have the best track record but I did leave a few years between accidents as a rule! To be fair, it's got to be difficult to prosecute on allegations and hearsay, especially where historic cases are concerned. This indicates the difficulty as the law states that people are innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof which is on the complainant must have been too heavy in this instance. People may have good alibis for dates given, have witnesses to back up stories, there may be holes in the story. Personally, I can't see the police refusing to prosecu
  11. Max Power


    At least our planning committee had the good sense to throw out the granite desecration of Peel, refusing to see it turned into another clone of many UK town centres!
  12. Max Power


    Tourism is a small part of an inordinately large GDP, without e-gaming and financial services, it would be a very large part of an inordinately small GDP! Heritage is part of our increasingly small 'buzz factor' when it comes to living here, as much as it is to our visitor economy!
  13. Max Power


    As soon as they get a sniff of that £68m of 'unexpected income' they are all queuing up to spend it! I really can't believe how brass necked they are, with no attempt to find a decent excuse for their incompetence! One day there will be a real good news story, but I'm not holding my breath.
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