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  1. I would imagine that for a relatively small place like the IoM, we could produce accurate figures for those hospitalised for other reasons but tested positive once admitted but without symptoms?
  2. Yes, although I was frighkened to to point it out
  3. A strange Courier headline stating that a nurse was intimidated by a pair of c.20yr olds outside Kinrade's Pharmacy? These young men in T shirts and shorts, accused her of taking all the lateral flow tests, leaving none for them? This is totally unacceptable but it certainly sounds strange in that we are now at the level that young men are so wound up by the virus that they would intimidate a nurse in uniform at a pharmacy? I could believe it if the pharmacy had run out of Methadone but LFTs???
  4. The failures began with the last administration. The fact that we are seeing the fruition of them now is just Baker's bad luck really. Every Minister inherits the misdeeds of his predecessors, which usually have their root cause in the departmental executives. These mandarins escape all the consequences of their lack of ability and control. Realistically, how on earth do we expect one elected representative to have much control over these long term incompetents? They can't sack them, they get blamed for all of their failures and lack of acumen and drive and get accused of bullying if they start throwing their weight around. I've met Tim Baker once or twice and he seems a pretty decent guy with a lot to offer, he's just frustrated by a department which is all over the place, has too many responsibilities to carry out, it's just a Manx monster and should be downsized. Those responsible are those who allowed the DoI to become the size that it is, and managing such a huge budget where millions are treated like hundreds!
  5. You never hear much from them anyway but I'm sure I heard Rob shout, 'Meat pies have come'
  6. We seem to have been trying to push business studies and IT through the business school and college. This assumes that we have a realistic chance of being a centre of excellence, I don't think we do, we are just lining up fodder for the dwindling band of financial institutions which the island attracts. Agriculture, fisheries, geography, geology, hospitality, port management, nursing perhaps, a good one would be project management going by recent events!
  7. Pathetic really. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=300740368511516 I think if I'd been there I'd have been tempted to have knocked his nose into the back of his head. What an annoying little man.
  8. Thanks for that, it puts it in context quite well. I didn't leave the island for education but many of my friends did, most of them didn't return. I did work for a few years in Chelmsford and found the whole Essex area quite insular and similar to the island in some ways. Its saving grace for me was the short drive to London so you could be right about the island's appeal to young students. It may depend upon the type of courses, agriculture, geography, geology perhaps could be specialities? Maybe I'd better shut up about it now
  9. I wasn't thinking of local students, mostly from the UK and abroad. This to give us a temporary youthful and vibrant population to benefit the economic growth in leisure and tourism.
  10. In the late 60's and early 70's I think the troubles would have put a lot of people off too? I remember my mum wasn't too enthusiastic about visiting her in laws, maybe that was an excuse though. I think a lot of people would perceive that the IoM is a safe place for their children to be for their first foray away from home? Yes, University College is a beginning, perhaps it could be expanded on?
  11. I didn't realise that it had been considered Roger, how short sighted! I do believe though, beginning small that something could be grown which would eventually benefit the island. There would be a need for new accommodation, more vibrancy and sport etc etc. This could be transposed to the tourism sector in summer, growing both over a period of time. There could then be an influx of businesses related to the courses offered. I think the key is to start small, but start soon!
  12. It could be the preferred choice for students eager to get away from the bright lights though, or their parents? We may even have our own bright lights?
  13. We need a university here to give us a young and vibrant temporary population, the economic benefits would be a boost for locals and tourism!
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