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  1. Am I the only person who feels sorry for David Ashford?
  2. A bit unkind, he's only been in the job a few months, and the cock ups are almost entirely that of the CS anyway, from the previous administration. His predecessor was seen off by the CS as the intended sacrificial lamb for their incompetence, although the CE did go, probably a first! There has been a huge swing to madness in identity politics and this distorts the voting patterns, the looneys don't always get in, but they take votes from people who probably should!
  3. Yes, agreed doc. The big problem in my opinion is the culture that runs through the whole of government. "Don't rock the boat, don't change anything, it's served us well for years" is the mantra. By "us" they mean themselves, heaven forbid that the gravy train should lose steam, well I think it's about to, unless they change the fuel!
  4. Cases have doubled in the UK, 20 now! We're dooooomed!
  5. Almost every damn thing which our government hail as an innovation or an exciting project, actually turns to shit! They then scrabble around trying to defend their mates from the indefensible. This case didn't require much foresight to realise what could happen, even I as a layman said at the time that there should be something to prevent people walking into the road, let alone a poor cyclist! Monumental levels of incompetence in the CS, and nobody is ever held to account.
  6. Perhaps we should have applied for the title 'Soviet Socialist Republic of Douglas'?
  7. Well, even if it is, social media is a fact of life, use it wisely but ignore it at your peril.
  8. Cue an expensive rebranding exercise, new letterheads, all signage, TV campaign etc!
  9. Max Power

    TT 2022 ??

    There's been a few sidecar racers in their 70s in the past, not slow either.
  10. I would think this is where it all falls down, we don't have anyone at all capable of negotiating anything!
  11. I believe that the majority of Manx people are in favour of Crogga's plans to extract a significant amount of gas in our territorial waters? Joney Faragher has decided to seek support from our other elected representatives to block it. I'm not sure that this is in the interests of the island at all, and runs against the wishes of the majority. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mhk-hopes-to-rally-political-support-against-gas-extraction-plans/
  12. And those twitchers, the pubs and bars are full of them, singing into the early hours, terrorising the island with their packed lunches and binoculars!
  13. They have Eagles and exciting birds, but I guess there's not much else to do there anyway? The exit interview always ends up with "What did you do on your Highland holiday?"...."Watched the bloody birds, what else?"
  14. 500,000 people all attracted by 'eco tourism' sounds a bit wank if you ask me? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/tynwald-approves-ambitious-tourism-strategy/ I'd rather have all my teeth pulled out without anaesthetic than go on an 'eco holiday,' at least we'd have better dental cover!
  15. I agree to an extent, I'm just not sure that there are sufficient private operators to handle the cruise contracts and their own work in addition? The way successive governments have presided over the demise of our tourism infrastructure is bordering on criminal neglect!
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