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  1. Max Power

    TT 2021 ??

    Things change quickly, in February nobody thought we would be in this situation a month later. It would be stupid to declare at such an early stage when there is still the slim possibility that it could go ahead, even if it's in August/September. What's the problem with being optimistic, it doesn't cost anything? Or is it just the usual knockers who want to see the event and our tourism sector deeper in the crap? Don't worry about marshals, pectators and officials, they will be here because unlike some, they are enthusiastic and have been starved of their event!"
  2. 1500 divided by how many dentists? The hospital has similar waiting lists per one or two consultants!
  3. Anyway, much as it's fun to hear about everyone's little foibles, back on topic, what use is Ramsey Courthouse going to be put to? Cafe, restaurant, little Ramsey themed museum?
  4. A useful diversion of the thread as there's little to be said about BMW's new colour I guess?
  5. They are cheaper now since the introduction of a levy against the production of electricity using carbon, artificially cheaper really, although onshore farms would be cheaper to install and maintain. We would be applying a levy against Manx Utilities and paying it to...probably Manx Utilities?
  6. These turbines are dependent on government subsidies to be profitable, we are unable to afford to be in the same league.
  7. I'm all for good news, I believe that everyone in every country should be doing their bit. The difficulty is that many decisions, at the moment, are based on technology which isn't quite there. The storage of electricity, although improvements are being continually made, is problematical at present. The Isle of Man could easily fall under the spell of one of the many snake oil salesmen and blow what little cash we have available on one of the many failed generation systems which litter the world today. Is it better to work towards a carbon free environment, whilst observing what larger and more affluent regimes are doing? There is no uniquely Manx solution to this. Whilst we all must be aware of the fact that our climate is changing, we have to accept that mankind's contribution may not be the sole cause. We have only had a stable climate for the past 10,000 years, just enough for civilisation to develop. That period is nothing in terms of the life of the planet and could it be that our attention should be more towards combatting the effects of future climate change rather than what could be the futile task of trying to prevent it?
  8. They do realise that without affordable heating, people in Northern Europe's winter will die during any sudden transition to technology which is a bit iffy at the moment? If only life were as simple.
  9. Max Power

    TT 2021 ??

    It's not an impossibility but I can see it being pushed into August/September somehow.
  10. I recently looked at a degree course online with two UK universities, the same fees of £9250. That did include a couple of week long in house sessions but it still seemed a bit overpriced in my opinion. I still haven't done anything about it, I'll never be a neurosurgeon
  11. He was a year older than them and therefore a boy, a bit of context wouldn't go adrift! http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=57929&headline=Man+admits+having+sex+with+underage+girls&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020&cat=Crime&fbclid=IwAR0saao-sqVpQQrjt9bwggJmdZGmQ3mWdQKWPoJbjX0ksmvz6KHhkSoF_fI
  12. Isle of Man Green, do you like it?
  13. The politician is the CEO's sacrificial lamb, I don't think they bear much responsibility for anything, other than being placed in crap situations by their departments of incompetence.
  14. The buck should stop with the CEO, he's the one responsible and the one most likely to be driving things. Putting a politician in the firing line just suits these useless bastards fine. No accountability, no consequences for the mess they make, there are quite a few of them who should be gone!
  15. Here we go again, petty squabbles about the way people choose to post their opinions. Leave it out please, it's petty, boring and there's no need for it, it's one thing to correct an opinion but quite another to start this crap again.
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