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  1. I know of a couple of people who are unable to open a bank account for one reason or another, they are getting very fussy these days!
  2. It looks like a good facility to be fair, but I heard everything has to be wrapped up by 10.30pm, including breaking down sets etc so the event could be over by 9ish?
  3. The Villa Marina is full to capacity for the TT launch usually, with quite a few people coming across the pond to attend. I have no idea why the venue has been changed, unless it's to give support to the Jurby venue?
  4. They'd be on Methadone supplied by the DHSS or on some other opiate obtained illegally, the other drugs are not a substitute when you are an addict.
  5. I discovered that someone I knew was dependant on heroin. It was unbelievable as he seemed to be such a switched on and decent bloke. He was able to make a phone call to one of several people who would deliver £20.00 worth (enough for one hit) to his door. He told me of all sorts of people who begin using it recreationally and end up hooked. He had been away to all sorts of places to try and kick the habit but once back home, the dealers move back in on their prey. He's dead now. There doesn't appear to be a shortage and there are increasing numbers of heroin related arrests. Maybe the drug rehabilitation charities could give you better information but I am reliably told that heroin use has increased 100% over the past ten years, it has a hold now and a lot of petty crime is heroin related. It is going to get a lot worse if we are not careful. Treatment amounts to putting people on a heroin substitute, all that does is keep them in the medicated hell that they are trying to escape.
  6. Cocaine is addictive to a degree and ecstacy is recreational. They do not destroy lives like heroin does, nor do they create the sociological problems which the island will suffer very soon if we don't get a grip on it. Peddling heroin is dealing in death and misery and we are beginning to see a lot of related crime committed by those who crave it.
  7. I think the answer to this is to make it easier for people to get their speed kicks away from public roads. Maybe use a bit of the spare tarmac from the prom to build a proper circuit somewhere which can be used for track days, a bit like the Nurburgring? It could double as a replacement when and if road racing is hounded off the scene, a driver training centre and a proper track for local sporting events. (Don't suggest Jurby Airfield, it's a boring place to watch and compete)
  8. If there's one drug which should carry a brutal penalty for trafficking it's heroin. The dirty bastards deserve to rot in hell!
  9. I tend to treat every other road user as an idiot looking for an accident, not that they are of course, it does work.
  10. It's to do with the fact that the engine has overcome the rolling resistance of the vehicle and requires a lighter throttle opening to maintain 50mph. Cruising at 70mph means the throttle is open wider to maintain the speed normally. Not sure that it works on the island as you are constantly climbing hills, cornering, stopping and starting but you can definitely save fuel out of town.
  11. I really don't know the full circumstances of either case Numbnuts, tragically one of them was only 22 years old apparently.
  12. I heard today of two other male suicides over the Christmas period, one of whom I knew. Apparently he went to the authorities asking for help a couple of days before but for whatever reason, he hanged himself.
  13. That won't suit the HNWs and their lifestyles, what will they spend their money on? I rarely drive particularly quickly anymore, but it's great to think that I could if it were safe and clear.
  14. This has only just been announced?
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