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  1. It would be interesting to see how many vehicles are used in a single day? I wonder how many valid driving licences there are in circulation?
  2. Many of those will be cars and motorcycles sitting in collections and people on the mainland who have Manx cherished numbers. That would be a problem for them if an MOT is introduced, it's a nice little earner for IoMG with no downside?
  3. The simple answer would be to have a test of mechanical components every two years, that should be sufficient to predict any items which are going to wear out. Lights, wipers, tyres etc are, or should be, checked by the owner regularly and can wear out or be damaged between tests no matter how regular. @Rog Every time I see that you have commented on this topic, I get all excited waiting for this DVLA response!
  4. The person who told me this was certainly in possession of all the facts John but I'm only repeating what I was told. What you say makes sense too though.
  5. I was told by someone involved that they couldn't make the private wing pay, this was about three years ago. The DHSS wouldn't sign up as a private health supplier with the big insurers as they would have to offer preferential rates to them. Perhaps a lot of private stuff was diverted away from Nobles in favour of UK suppliers? (This is the reason that the hospital was billing the patient and not the insurance company).
  6. Quite a few hospital appointments cancelled then I guess, unless they are able to get to Manchester?
  7. Do you know, I have often thought that. I thought the same thing about my business, the franchised motor trade, quite a lot too. I put it down to the differing characters involved in trying to provide a service. Unless you have a passionate and hard working person at the helm, the ingredients are there for one of the disciplines to overshadow the others which can lead to discontent amongst the troops. I imagine the medical professions to be very similar, perhaps even worse?
  8. This was my gripe, invoices coming in from all sorts of random sources, despite them insisting on your insurance details prior to treatment. I had to forward them all and then chase up the insurance companies when payment was late. When I asked one specialist why I was being harrassed, I was told glibly, 'you're the patient'!
  9. I'm guessing that pensions, child support and disabled allowances are in there too? A big shock for Conister when all those motorhome and speedboat repayments don't go through eh?
  10. Actually, I have been watching a few YouTube videos of 60's and 70's politicians being interviewed and put on the spot, not much has changed with regard to the depth of content in their replies. I'm actually sick to death of listening to the meaningless tripe which they are all spouting at this election!
  11. I wasn't comparing their plights Willy, you are right of course. It would be a huge uplift for the few families we could probably manage but I can't help thinking it's tokenism. The problem is a huge failure of politics and the UN. I wish they would sort it out once and for all!
  12. It seems that everyone is well informed and that all food bank recipients are scroungers. You obviously haven't a clue what is happening on this island, or how the food bank system works. There really are people out there struggling to make a living wage due to the way that the capitalist system has developed in recent years. Take some time to do your own research. Just because there are differing levels of people in public sector housing doesn't mean that they need to be on the breadline to live in them.
  13. Ah, so they were making assumptions then, friends of yours Foxy?
  14. It would be nice if the island could become a refuge for Muslim reformers, it would however lead to us becoming a target for the backward and ignorant extremists.
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