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  1. I think it's 42, under one of the hotels. I've never been myself, I just saw some of their bumf on FB.
  2. Oh well, that's what I get for leaving it so late. Surely these things are stress tested, not had a problem in previous years?
  3. The benefit is that Killarney can piggyback on tours of the rest of Ireland quite easily, we have to get people here and convince them that it's good value!
  4. I visited Killarney a while back and talking to locals, their season drops off at the beginning of December and resumes in February. I didn't see a lot there different to what we have here, just that some of it is done a bit better and some nice hotels.
  5. https://www.kikis.im/store/p/extra-fancy-gift-card https://www.facebook.com/kikis.tikilounge Not the usual Villa Marina backslapping ceremony and parade of mediocrity anyway!
  6. Because my bin needs to be moved to the bottom of an unadopted lane, I contacted the council and was told it started on the 26th but they couldn't tell me the rota, I'd just have to leave my bin outside someone else's house and wait for it to be emptied. Then I'd know the rotation. Fat chance of me remembering week on week. My bin was emptied on the 26th, so I thought that was the first of the new regime. It now seems that my full bin won't be collected next week and I'll have to wait until the following week! I then pointed out that I'm disabled and don't want to be trapsing up and down an uneven lane in the hope it had been emptied. Was told that they'd send an application for a red bin lid, still waiting a fortnight later!
  7. Not at all Roger, past years have shown that many marshals and medics wanted to get home after the bank holiday, which left the Wednesday and Friday undermanned. A lot do the TT and MGP and struggle with holiday allowances. The new format reduces inconvenience to locals and makes it easier to get sufficient marshals, it also reduces the strain on competitors in financial and time commitment terms. Traditionally practice week had very few visitors and people came to watch the racing only. An adjustment to the pattern allows people to spend their seven days here for the whole event rather than just part of it!
  8. Quite honestly I'd be quite nervous living above a group of EVs being charged, but I believe the concern here is the electrical supply! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/residents-told-they-cant-install-ev-charging-points-at-apartments/
  9. If there's an agenda to kill off the MGP and the TT, it's coming from the likes of locals who either don't want the events or are widely spreading conspiracy stories, a shortage of marshals particularly at the MGP and a shortage of medics willing to man the event after the Bank Holiday. This is mainly due to the lower profile of the MGP to the TT. People don't give so freely of their time any more. The majority of competitors preferred the shorter event due to the ridiculous amount of time they previously had to spend on the island, almost three weeks after signing on and being able to get off the island! Insurers dictate a lot of safety expectations and the ACU as the governing body, are forced to impose them when licensing the course. Whether these impositions are effective or not is immaterial, they have to be followed. There was severe doubt this year as to whether the MGP would run for various reasons. Covid had caused many club riders to have lapsed licenses which could not be upgraded in time, the doubts meant that the racing was finalised late causing difficulties for riders in obtaining Mountain Course licenses, securing machinery and funding, in fact a whole raft of issues needed to be overcome in a very short space of time. There's no government agenda to kill off the racing, we just need to adapt it to the current racing and social climate. The only buoyant racing series in the UK and Ireland at present is the top level BSB, and even they are shedding some of their support classes for next year. Competitors are not as numerous as they once were. Many reasons for this, escalating costs being the major one. Unfortunately this year, many were carrying over bookings from 2020 and found themselves here longer than needed. If the racing was programmed to run at the old format, the Wednesday and Friday races would have been cancelled due to a shortage of officials.
  10. It just sprang to mind as someone had been talking to me about a person hole earlier.
  11. I don't pretend to know what's involved but that does sound extremely excessive? Perhaps it will be one of those miraculous projects "completed weeks ahead of time"?
  12. No I wasn't, you are. It just crossed my mind as I was typing it, wasn't really thinking.
  13. I guess some businesses would have difficulty with continuous manning (personing)? Working a nine or ten hour day would probably be a good trade off and may improve productivity. It would certainly give people a better balance in some occupations.
  14. I wouldn't think that qualifies her to be a fascist though, a lot of people are uncomfortable with the first two, she's wrong about the third because of 1 and 2.
  15. Bloody hell, he's been dead for 77 years? Which gay rights does she want rolled back?
  16. I know that of course, and that Hitler modelled the Nazi party on them. That doesn't mean that she is a fascist because she may have said that he was a good leader. Hitler was a good leader, Stalin was a good leader, their aims and methods were completely wrong and ridiculous but they knew how to lead. There's nothing to suggest that Meloni is a fascist by being nationalist as opposed to a globalist.
  17. I am no Mussolini expert but in some ways he probably was a brilliant leader, misguided and brutal perhaps? Most politicians are shits in one way or another, a few are in it for altruistic reasons.
  18. I know, it's sad isn't it! I can remember a poor lad who didn't quite make it to the outdoor toilets at Tynwald St infants. Every time I see him to this day, in my mind's eye I can see him bawling his head off with his crap filled underpants around his ankles!
  19. Are we scared? It seems that a lot of left wing news sources are, imagine having common sense views and rallying people behind you, is that what Fascism is?
  20. Public: "There's a climate crisis, government must do something" IoM Gov: "Here's something, let's do it"
  21. I brought this subject up on here months ago after a CRHS parent told me about it. I was shouted down by some and told it was nonsense!
  22. Look, we should listen to the Victorian Society and all these preservationists, then we should tell them to fuck right off! They are great at making life difficult, preserving total shithole eyesores, holding back serious development and destroying the future of the island!
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