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  1. I see things haven't changed around here. Forum members (including moderators) taking pleasure in posting private photos and mocking the people in them. May I suggest you do the decent thing and remove them.
  2. I've gone through the insurance. Should all get sorted now. Cheers.
  3. Okay, so my little boy just threw his toy at our TV, and he's cracked the screen. Yay. Screen won't work at all now - the joys of children. From what I read online, it seems that the screen can be fixed. I'll call Waltons, but I was wondering if anyone can recommend anyone else who fixes them? I'll be onto the insurance in the morning! TV is under a year old. =(
  4. This thread has been a cracking read. I don't pass by Manxforums very often anymore, but catching this topic has given me a few laughs tonight. What is this world coming to when there is such an uproar about something so minor? ah well. My oldest son came home from school and shared with us a great 'prayer song' that they sing before leaving the classroom. He loves to sing it every night after our family prayer. Fantastic. Very glad that some schools are still teaching great, inspiring messages to the children. Good luck with your protest.
  5. It is sad to see the 'debate' within this topic being used to mask discrimination... which in its proper name, is racism. Many of the comments being made on iomtoday are awful. In my experience, there is an awful lots of racism on this Island and it is terribly disappointing. Most of it is quietly swept under the carpet - I know of one such case at the moment.
  6. I would add myself to that list. I wouldn't call it 'bullying', but I was continually subject to abusive remarks and attacks when posting in the forums. Ultimately, that's why I very rarely visit the forum now. I gave up. Of course I reported it to the mods.. but they didn't care. They don't make any attempt to uphold the rules here, unless through personal motive. If the rules had been enforced, this place would be very different.
  7. Having a good laugh with all these results. We hear about change... but nope. Douglas North is so predictable it is depressing.
  8. I also live within this course, and I'm glad a colleague at work passed around the notice on Wednesday, because otherwise I wouldn't have known either. There have been no leaflets through our door. The signs are minimal, and only very recently appeared.. and for these signs, it normally takes a couple of drives past them before you have chance to read them. Additionally, they say nothing about the whole of the estates being blocked in.. only that a particular road will be closed.
  9. I lived in Tottenham for 6 months. A short time, but I was out there, speaking with the public etc and got to see plenty. The population is very heavily black and I recall a more turkish population toward the north. There were some trouble spots, but those were largely 'known' and best avoided. I did get into a few skirmishes.. as in, some lads trying to start a fight with me in broad daylight. Oh yes, and I remember a man chasing a woman with a knife, then when he saw me and my mate, he ran off again. Glad we were just lucky to be there (so he didn't carry out his intentions) - and far happier that he chose to run... rather than come towards us. In all though, a great place. I loved it there. Fantastic people. Real shame to see what's happened there.
  10. DjDan

    Mark Cavendish

    Very well done! Fantastic achievement.
  11. Ah right. See I have no idea how twitter works.. but I have been tracking your page for updates. Thanks again, and hope you keep it going long term.
  12. Like the idea of using twitter and facebook to give updates - especially at TT where up-to-date information is otherwise somewhat lacking. However, regarding the twitter updates, please can the information not link directly to facebook?? I've been checking the twitter at work where access to facebook is blocked. The twitter only shows part of the sentance, and the rest missing is then only found within facebook via the link. Could there be another way of showing the information rather than through the link to facebook?
  13. ah, so when Liverpool won the final in 2005, they were the best in europe that year? Man Utd's run to the final... Bursaspor, Rangers, Valencia (group stage) Marseille, Chelsea, Shalke 04 (Knock out) Other than Chelsea, Barcelona were the only top team they played.. and they were annihilated.
  14. Absolutely. There's no shame at all in being the second best team in Europe when the top side play like that! Man Utd are not the second best team in europe. Not even the best team in Premier League.
  15. DjDan


    Considering that this 'prediction' goes against what Jesus himself told us about his Second Coming... I doubt it. Only a small minority of Christians would believe the claims of this man. That said, it's seems the atheists are far more interested in what he says. Wonder why that is.
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