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  1. Perhaps I should add here, that as a Christian in the full meaning of the word (which simply means 'one who believes in Christ'..) I love Hop-tu-naa! Used to regularly go out singing to neighbours etc as a child, and I'll happily have my children do the same.
  2. It is banned at the Liverpool Royal Hospital. I imagine the same applies in many others too.
  3. Spook - What church / denomination / movement / belief / etc do you affiliate with?
  4. I love it when non Christians quote scriptural passages... when yet they know nothing about them. I see you've heard of the mormons too then! I take it you have.. but I'm going to assume you don't know too much.
  5. I love it when non Christians quote scriptural passages... when yet they know nothing about them.
  6. Though as you say, you are not the only one who reads these forums. Countless times I have explained things sincerely, only for my comments to be picked apart, taken out of context and ridiculed. While that is the nature of forums (and I too am not here to attempt to convert you) it doesn't exactly encourage me to go into the details of my beliefs.
  7. Chinahand.. I'm not sure why you need the long-winded response to a simple statement that you understand very well. It hardly needs explaining any further or looking into details of words ie. "man". As for your question about the doctrines of Christianity, it strikes me that there is little point in me answering when you have no interest in the doctrines nor the message of Christianity.
  8. So in your opinion, every Christian should sell their homes, clothing.. and live on the street - naked. Just so they can give their money to the poor? I'm sure you don't mean that. Christians take a common sense approach. Give and do what they can, yet at the same time, provide what they can for themselves and their families. Live in comfort if possible. Enjoy luxuries if you have money to. There's nothing wrong in that. Spook may be able to generate 'greater good' using his 'expensive broadband link' than he can in giving that money to the poor. It's not Christianity that your argument directs at, it is everyone who cares about other people. Many non Christians give money to the poor etc... yet at the same time, live comfortably themselves. There is no double standard. No hypocrisy.
  9. What I said is perfectly true. Not misleading.
  10. Afterall.. "God is a consuming fire"
  11. I've attended a session of the Alpha Course and the topic was Prayer. My own dislike of the Alpha course is that they water down the doctrines of Christianity so that they can suit everyone. In so doing, the doctrines become nothing. The speaker who gave a talk on prayer even suggested that 'to a Hippie, a prayer could be to say "peace God!"'. Christianity is falling away from the interest of the people - which is to be expected. We live in a secular society now where we are taught to reject spiritual experiences and only trust in what we are told by man. Much of Christianity has responded in generating "movements" rather than churches. This enables the various leaders to water down the doctrines even further. We also see a 'coming together' of various denominations - so again, the doctrines are forgotten and only the common ground is taught... so basically, only faith in Jesus Christ. The Alpha Course has in my opinion become a 'movement', and it contributes to the general lack of understanding of the real doctrines among Christians today.
  12. Sounds a horible way to go, but I'm curious.. was she devout to the day she died?
  13. awww don't get upset now.
  14. Just like Ghana outplayed you, and fully deserved to go through to the semi-finals? haha Still.. it will always be Uruguay 1 - 2 Ghana. No Suarez cheating can change that.
  15. Pat Ayres... that is a rather pathetic attempt at spewing out some anti-mormon drivel. All of which has already been explained before. As I've said before, I won't be debating anything here. If anyone has genuine concerns, they can PM me - I've already had a few conversations with people here.
  16. Hahahaha Uruguay. Cheating doesn't get you far does it? Uruguay will be remembered for how they cheated their way into the semi finals... and nothing more! Suarez.. the fool.
  17. Didn't hold out long did you? What are you suggesting? I haven't debated anything in this thread.. and I won't do so. As it happens... the topic about the missionaries appears to have ended - and the comments have shifted onto other matters now anyway. Hence the videos...
  18. Amadeus, you always make me laugh when you complain and mock missionaries going door to door... when you used the same method yourself during your failed attempt to get people to vote for you. You were happy then to knock on doors, yet you don't want other people to do the same.
  19. haha. This discussion ended long ago when you failed to read properly. Anything further is just a debate over whether Kaka actually meant to elbow Keita in the chest.. or if it was accidental. I have my opinion on that, you have yours. As for Suarez... I hardly need to say anymore on that. It was clear what happened there as well. So continue on, debate with yourself. I'm not interested in it.. nor your 'racist' assertions. Which have given me a good laugh though!!
  20. Challenged that statement? lol Let's not turn this into a debate over what did or did not happen. What you said above was that I was racist for saying that Kaka deserved the yellow card. A bit over the top don't you think?? Then you blagged on about how I hadn't said what I had said.. even after I quoted myself to show you! Since you have now accepted that I did explain myself earlier... do you also accept that you were wrong to claim I hadn't?
  21. Are you serious? I have to spell this out for you? Sarahc says: "Kaka only got that second yellow because he elbowed him in the chest" I say: "Absolutely. It was very clear what Kaka was doing." Put that together... and you'll see I have said that it was very clear that Kaka elbowed him in the chest. Hence the yellow card. Hence the sending off. If you need it any clearer than that, then I don't know what to do! edit: sorry.. I forgot to put it in bold to help you.
  22. Try again: Absolutely. It was very clear what Kaka was doing - and a yellow card was correctly shown. It is funny how much people compalin about Kaita... especially the Brazilian players - when they themselves are the biggest divers and cheats. Fabiano! Great foul+hand+arm goal. Great dive to get the Ivory Coast player a yellow card! But when Brazil get a flavour of their own medicine (Keita's theatrics), it's all screaming and whining.
  23. http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/104253 Far better version.
  24. In your opinion maybe. However, I and many others disagree. As it happens I've already explained my views.. you'll have to actually read the earlier posts.
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