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  1. I doubt Uruguay will manage that though. It's not like they are a decent side...
  2. Uruguay - Suarez cheated in the most deliberate way, that it even topped Maradona's disgrace against England. Suarez has even boasted himself that his was the 'real hand of God'. Maradona scored by cheating.. Suarez put his team through by cheating. The rest of his players joined in with that cheating. They carried him around the field as a hero... and boast themselves about what he has done. If they had any decency, they would abhore what he did, and simply allow Ghana to win the penalty shoot out - knowing full well, that Ghana won the game 2-1. If not for Suarez's blatant cheating. The whole team is a disgrace. Brazil - I haven't called Kaka a cheat for what he did. But I rightly point out that he deserved the yellow card.. and duly sent off. Again, you have demonstrated that you fail to read properly, and jump to your wild accusations. It was Fabiano who I called a cheat - and clearly so, seeing as how he used his hand and arm to score his goal - and later admitted it too. The fact that Brazil have a reputation for diving etc. is down to themselves... not me. I call it for what it is.
  3. Aye.. i point out that Kaka was correctly shown the red card, and then the fact that Suarez cheated - a fact that is undenyable to anyone who watched that game. Racist? I can only assume this is 'Declan humour' - an attempt to be funny.
  4. But if you do pull it off (Dutch aren't actually looking that great).. youll have Suarez in the final !
  5. Are you drunk? or just plain stupid? Go back and read my posts...
  6. having cheated your way there? deserving nothing? yes maybe. but it won't come to that. Uruguay 1 - 2 Ghana. I'm lovin it.
  7. better odds on them only getting there by cheating. Who could have predicted that? ...oh wait.
  8. ..or whether Ghana should have had a penalty before that one. There is no excusing what happened. No defying the cheat that Suarez is. Uruguay have no respect and deserve nothing. They are out. Ghana are in the semi's.
  9. Love how I don't understand football, because I've called this for what it is - cheating. That aside, Ans is right. The rules don't do justice, and there ought to be the automatic penalty goal. Suarez was not punished at all. A red card is nothing when there is no more to play for. It was the last touch of the game. The only thing he has been suspended from is the potential to play in a game which by rights, he shouldn't have the opportunity to play. There is no punishment. This is of course all in the rules of the game, but the rules are not sufficient. If this action prevented England from going through to the semi-finals.. we'd never hear the end of it. Every newspapers would be declaring war on Suarez. However, because it is another team, we're happy to ignore it. That doesn't however change exactly how bad it is. Anyone who mocks Gyan for 'bottling' it is clueless. There was more pressure in that penalty than any other. To suddenly have a knock out penalty thrown on you. Gyan did fantastically well, he had the keeper beaten, but just a little too much height. He's scored 3 penalty's out of 4 in this world cup. A great penalty taker.
  10. Disgrace. A one match ban? - could play in the final?...
  11. Aye, go on then. Tell me it's perfectly okay to cheat. I won't accept that though. At least you are acknowledging that's exactly what it was - and not a reflex mistake.
  12. Reflex? are you kidding me? He meant that in every way possible. You simply cannot defend cheating like that.
  13. Uruguay are disgusting. They deserve an international ban CHEATS! CHEATS! CHEATS! Worse than Maradona's hand of God. Worse than Henry's disgrace. This is ridiculous.
  14. Let me make it clear from the outset. I'm not going to debate anything here. You may as usual take the opportunity to insult me and mock the church... but I won't be involved. Any genuine concerns can be brought up by personal message. Thank you.
  15. The Mormons are always invading... nothing new there. You can use whatever language you choose, they're quite used to it and they'll move on. Nothing new there either. Don't get your pants in a wad. As for the behaviour mentioned by Hugh - it shouldn't be happening like that, and I apologise on behalf of the church that it is. I would appreciate it if any accounts like that are reported to me by personal message.. and I will take it up with them. In that respect, I'm talking real inappropriate behaviour (though I know to some, even them being here might be deemed inappropriate ) such as that mentioned by Hugh. One thing I would point out again - these missionaries are individuals. As with any organisation, you do get people who misrepresent and go to far. That's true in sales, marketing and even charity work. Whilst the church cannot watch the individual missionaries at all times (and so cannot physically ensure that they are acting appropriately and courteously) we do try to keep a watchful eye as much as is possible. The work will always go on - and you'd be surprised about how useful it is. Though naturally, I don't expect you to accept that. If you're not interested, just ignore them. They don't target you - though I can appreciate, it may feel that way at times. It is accidental if they appear to do so. But most importantly, they should be respectful.. and act appropriately.
  16. At half time I wondered if the Germans would have the decency to allow England to walk the ball into the net... make it fair. You cannot compare this to the 1966 goal. 1. England scored both 2. 66' was debateable... but this one was a clear goal. Everyone knew it, including Germany. England were abysmal.. but that was a goal, and at 2-2... who knows.
  17. Absolutely. It was very clear what Kaka was doing - and a yellow card was correctly shown. It is funny how much people compalin about Kaita... especially the Brazilian players - when they themselves are the biggest divers and cheats. Fabiano! Great foul+hand+arm goal. Great dive to get the Ivory Coast player a yellow card! But when Brazil get a flavour of their own medicine (Keita's theatrics), it's all screaming and whining.
  18. I follow Richard Murphy's blog - taxresearch - for amusement. I like to add to the fun by reading through Tim Worstall's blog http://timworstall.com/ He enjoys 'ragging on Ritchie' as much as we all do.
  19. Uruguay were diving all over the pitch today. Until it is stamped out... the theatrics will go on.
  20. Red Card. That's what he needs, and the only way to stop him. He made two blatant dives in that games. So that's two Yellows.. and he's off. Had to be. Instead it's the other player who gets a yellow.
  21. The schedule from IOMTT.com has it listed for 7:30pm... but another official tt schedule doesn't have it listed. Does anyone know if it's on today? Cheers
  22. Shame they don't give some indication of the reason... Kidnapped? Stranded & Lost? (Ramsey is a harsh environment) Personal reasons?
  23. We'll be seeing some of this then.... Argentina 1 - Nigeria 2
  24. Thanks for that. Wouldn't it be nice if they had a cam at the Grandstand... (or do they?)
  25. DjDan


    Serial liar? haha. Good one racist.
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