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  1. Big Tech censorship: YouTube shuts down TalkRadio's channel for 'violating community guidelines' after presenters challenge lockdown policy A lot of the UK Cabinet have been on Talk Radio discussing COVID. What the hell are the Yanks doing interfering with our free speech?
  2. The Mail said 'Downing Street is the driving force behind proposals to hold refugees offshore ' so would that mean one of the 'advisors' ? Bear in mind that the Isle of Man was used for internment in past times. Presumably the powers to do such things still exist. I can see the logic in proposing Asylum processing centres in the Isle of Man. If they are proposed anywhere in the UK the local MP would kick off. The Isle of Man doesn't have an MP so is a soft target. My money is on this being a politicial distractor to perpetuate the illusion that there is an intention to do something about illegal immigration. The long history of illegal immigration is putting up with the problem. However, as we're leaving the EU I suppose things might change but, personally, I doubt it.
  3. Also reported in the Times and the Mail: Migrants could be put up in 'hostels' on Isle of Wight or processed on old ferries - as ministers also consider flying UK asylum seekers to centres in Morocco or Papua New Guinea The Times has been told that the Home Office held discussions about moving migrants to decommissioned oil platforms in the North Sea for Ministers decided that it was a 'no go' but the plan to move migrants to ships is thought more realistic and is being given serious consideration. Miss Patel is understood to believe the processing centres would deter migrants who hope to settle in UK towns and cities. 'Offshoring is still at the scoping stage and policy is yet to be decided,' said a Government source. 'But we are looking at all options to stop the small boats in the Channel, and offshoring is part of that. In terms of locations you could look at the Shetlands, the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Man, and those sorts of areas. 'There are also lots of little islands up by Scotland.' The source added: 'This is all fairly down the track and it's not going to be an overnight thing. It will also require changes to legislation. And if we were going to build anything at any of these places we would have to ensure there are appropriate services and provisions for asylum seekers who are sent there.' The source said any accommodation constructed on an island would not take the form of secure detention centres. 'We do not detain asylum seekers, they are free to come and go,' he said. Looks like it did actually come from the Home Office. UK, of course, writes immigration legislation . . . Anyone told COMIN?
  4. Could the Isle of Man be used by the UK Home Office as a base for processing asylum seekers (AKA illegal immigtants . . . ) ? The Sun seems to think so: MIGRANT ISLAND PLAN Asylum seekers could be housed in Outer Hebrides to deal with surge in migrant Channel crossings Looks like the UK is thinking of copying the Australian system were asyum seekers were sent to papua New Guinea awaiting processing.
  5. Covered here: Spotlight on the relationship between schools and top civil servants Beats me why they are, on the one hand having a review, and on the other hand introducing a Bill which flies in the face of the review. The DESC is seeking control of all education on the Island whilst it is being roundly criticised for the way it uses its current powers. It will be interesting to see what the MHK's do with this.
  6. The New Education Bill has its second reading in the Keys on Tuesday 30th June: EDUCATION BILL 2020 Then there is the: Review into DESC's dealings with Manx schools The board, made up of three industry professionals, will focus on two main areas: "The extent to which DESC is providing meaningful governance and oversight of schools and ensuring proper accountability." Is the Bill going to sort this problem or just make it worse?
  7. Tynwald questions next Tuesday: Lone concerns or a wider problem?
  8. That's not really what that sound clip says. It just acknowledges that some families have had issues. Don't kid yourself. They know exactly what the problems in social services are.
  9. Dudley Butt and Daphne Caine understand there is a problem with social services: http://147-5433bc3297b05.radiocms.com/news/isle-of-man-news/social-services-report-to-go-before-tynwald/
  10. Highly reccommend Boal & Co: https://www.boal.co.uk/pensions.asp
  11. Allan Norman's talk is on the PAG website: Part 1 https://youtu.be/z3x_uV2k-AE Part 2 https://youtu.be/m5TO9-xAjqc Well worth watching.
  12. I don't think Rodan agrees with 'if it saves just one life it is worth it' he was trying to see how you argue against it! Allan Norman's reply was basically that the biggest threat to children was deaths in car accidents but would banning children from cars be a proportionate measure to protect children? Of course not and you can only go so far in trying to protect children in their homes. In other words having a free society comes with some risk. The concern about Isle of Man social services is that they are overstepping the mark in the way they conduct their investigations. I.e. in trying to solve one problem they are creating another!
  13. Large crowd for social services meeting http://147-5433bc3297b05.radiocms.com/news/isle-of-man-news/large-crowd-for-social-services-meeting/ Very well received and lots of people were taking copious notes!
  14. >>What instigates a routine investigation by the way?<< Right question! The PAG guy says the DHSC could be asking the wrong questions: DHSC asks wrong questions of child abuse http://147-5433bc3297b05.radiocms.com/news/isle-of-man-news/dhsc-asks-wrong-questions-of-child-abuse/
  15. notwell wrote: Sure, there are hard cases that need dealing with. But that doesn't provide a justification for social workers treating families badly in the course of their routine investigations.
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