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  1. @jen ramseyI dont know about bikers speeding but last night, two police cars were going so fast down Ramsey prom may have been heading for last nights accident but when they were tearing along prom it was busy with kids about who had been on beach, if anyone had been on Zebra crossing they would not have stood a chance. fom jen ramsey
  2. hello how are you I am new to this and still trying to figure things out. from jen ramsey.

  3. info as follows. femail,birthday jan15.bookworm,always out with dog,which is small poodle bichon,like hearing kocal items

  4. hello to all enjoyed thigs i have read new to this trying to get hang of things just me and the dog always out trawling around I wondered if the coffee pot cafe will also reopen. I used to think I was in little nashville seeing chavs in tight jean and white high heels doing the ramsey crawl from pub to pub glass in hand before hitting nightlife it will be like having a time warp from jen ramsey.

  5. what with the bowling and now nightlife ramseys really going to rock.how will we get used to it after being in a sedate state for so log and it will mean a lot of extra work for the police and further to go from new police station. from jen ramsey.
  6. I am interested in Illiam Dhone book I am a book worm and collect for pleasure
  7. what are you militant about

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